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[Android, iOS] Free - 12 Month Subscription to TomTom Go Navigation Service (Was $22.99) @ TomTom


Finally got around to testing this deal. Subscription covers turn-by-turn navigation, traffic and speed camera functions.

Steps -
1) launch OP link. Stay in the German site ie don’t change over to Australian site as promo code won’t work. No VPN required.
2) sign up or log in using an existing account. If you’re signing up, you’ll need a German address. If you’re using existing account, you’ll need to migrate your account over to Germany to get the free 12 month extension.
3) download the TomTom Go app to your phone. Sign-in to 'TomTom Services' via 'Settings' to confirm subscription for 1 year.

Credit to mydealz.

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  • ) download the TomTom Go app to your phone. Sign-in to 'TomTom Services' via 'Settings' to confirm subscription for 1 year.

    Followed all the steps but in app it still shows trial and valid for one month only

    • Try force exiting app and reloading, it worked for me that way.

  • Where does it say 1 year subscription on app after install?

    • Exactly, can't find it.

      • Í can't even find how to log in to my account, once I go to settings. I only see the free trial and no log in section.

  • +4

    This wouldn't gain much traction even if it was permanently free. There is nothing compelling here vs Google Map, Waze, Here and OSM.


    • Yup. Like someone said before, it would have been a great deal in 2007.

    • Yes that's exactly correct. I've had a free TomTom Go subscription for I don't know how long and never used it, and deleted it the other day because the map data was using way too much memory on my phone. I use Waze every day of the week.

  • I got their GPS device 4+ years ago with a lifetime inclusion for map updates, speed cameras and live traffic updates over Wifi and Bluetooth. It's fairly good and I still use it for long distance drives or when going to places I have never been before.

    The thing with Google maps is that it will do two very annoying things which rarely happens on this GPS.

    1) Asks to make a U-turn in the middle of a road (where it's not allowed for e.g. NSW) and

    2) Asks to make a right turn on an intersection without traffic lights on a very busy, two way, multi-lane road. May be legal but almost a suicidal right turn. This rarely happens in the GPS device.

    Also saves phone battery on long drives.

  • I use Waze for my Motorcycle ride. Last time I checked this didn't offer a similar feature.

    I don't use Google Maps and prefer Here for my car travels.

  • Someone provide us all with their German address to use…

  • Thanks for the clear instructions. Worked well for an existing user. Just had to google a random German address.

    • I used German Parliament's lol

  • Is anyone else stuck on downloading data 10%?

  • Do I need to cancel the subscription after one year? Don't want to pay anything

    • +1

      You should be cool if you didn't add credit card details.

  • Thanks OP!

  • I bought the app for $99 back in the iPhone 3Gs days. A big purchase, but over the years it has saved me a bit in speed camera fines. Sucks ass that it's now a subscription service like so many others.

  • +1

    I had an existing account and migrated it to Germany but it did not add 12 months to my existing subscription. Any idea on what I need to do?

    • Yes the same happened to me, I don't know how to add it to the 12 months.

  • Does it have mobile speed camera alert similar to Garmin Cyclops? Garmin Cyclops alerts you regardless if there is mobile speed camera or not for known locations.

  • +1

    Worked, thanks Dealbot.
    Downloaded and tested - not very accurate. Led me to a no right turn street and a longer way around that I normally go. Not for me… will stick to Waze and Google Maps.

  • just wanted to add something and hoping you guys can point out if google maps has this function.
    I need GPS not just for routing but for Speed Limit warnings, Lane Guidance, Speed/Red Alert Camera's which I find Google Maps lack. I tend to save my own POI locations and use offline. If I keep downloading offline maps while I am near wifi connection it defeats the purpose of being agile as I have to keep reminding myself when the offline mode disappears including the fact I may have to save my POIs in google multiple times .. no such method of searching for my own POIs offline

  • Voucher no longer works with or without VPN

  • yeah nah :) i still think having a dedicated GPS trumps using your mobile - mainly as it's always there, always on, a proper mount, no fiddling, no battery - start your car and go. Also the screen I am guessing is optimised for looking at in a car from a glare perspective.

  • Looks like Android Auto is finally paving the way for third-party navigation app support, as this is one of the improvements the company has been promising for ages. This is likely to happen next year in version 6.0. Several companies out there have already announced plans to add support for this feature in a coming update.

    SK Telecom, one of the three large mobile carriers in South Korea, is one of them. T Map, which is SK Telecom’s super-popular navigation app, is projected to go live on Android Auto in beta form by the end of the month, while a production version is due mid next year. Currently there are 12.5 million monthly active T Map users and just like Google Maps, it comes with a super-advanced feature arsenal, including real-time traffic information, a built-in AI engine, as well as integration with other services launched by SK Telecom - such as an app aimed at providing parking information.

    Let's hope that TomTom can get in soon.

  • This worked for me a few months but has Stopped working now. says i need a new subscription

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