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[Kogan First] Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" Freesync Monitor $509 (Grey Import) | Kogan 24" QHD IPS FreeSync Monitor $199 Shipped @ Kogan


34” 21:9 UltraWide SVA Curved display
3440 × 1440 WQHD resolution
AMD Radeon FreeSync technology
4ms response time
2x HDMI (v2.0) and 2x DisplayPort (v1.4)

Kogan 24" QHD IPS FreeSync 75Hz Monitor (2560 x 1440)

Stunning 24” display with QHD 2560 × 1440
Up to 16.7 million display colours
Rapid 75Hz refresh rate
Eliminate tearing and stuttering with FreeSync
VESA mount compatible

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  • Is it AU stock or Grey import ? Also you can get 2% cash back from cashrewards

  • says 569?

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      Two lines below that

      • yup, im a dumbarse lol went back to edit but you had replied lol

        • You can always request mods to remove it by reporting :)

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    Be wary, these panels have been reported for heavy light flickering with gsync.
    Most recently reported here. But theres also been lots of posts across the internet on similar issues with this VA panel.

    • But the monitor does says it's, AMD FreeSync Premium technology, does that mean gsync should work?

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        Yes g sync works. Mine works perfectly too as well.

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          I have seen mine flicker once or twice with gsync but majority of the time its perfect with the monitor set at 144hz and using the packed in DP cable. It seems like it differs a lot from monitor to monitor

  • Grey import, only one year warranty? wait for Black Friday to get AU stock

  • Terrible calib on the 24"

  • Thanks ordered, good use of the $500 voucher from their credit card deal.

  • 14ms response time on the 24" … What

  • Buy now or wait for black friday?

    • +2

      If you are not desperate why not wait? it’s just one month away, if you have no screen at all go for it.

      • Miss out on the $470 something price for the 34" recently. Will wait for Black Friday or Singles Day 11 Nov)

  • +3

    Kogan first biggest scam going I reckon.

    • what on earth does that mean?

    • Dunno bout scam, but let down yes - they're version of Prime day (being today's Kogan First day) is a bit crappy at best.

    • +2

      Bigger than Club Catch? Big call dude.

  • I'm still waiting on mine to be dispatched from the previous presale (think original dispatch date was Oct 5)….

    • yes. Kogan is not doing it right… if you buy presale it's like that.. and they said no stock and wait for next shipment but if you buy non presale they have stock to ship… WHY?
      I ordered first presale.. after two times delays i cancelled

    • Yeah same here. I ordered when they first offered presale at $569. They delayed twice, giving me $20 credit each time, with the latest 'delivery' scheduled for Oct 22. Msg them over the weekend and they said it's delayed again until Nov 2.

      Rather than getting pissed off, i got even …
      Cancelled my ordered at 10am this morning, for store credit, msg'd them to hurry up, and by 4pm got my refund and ordered again at $509!!!

      So WHEN i eventually get the monitor i would be $509 - $20 - $20 = $469 (2 sets of credit for their delays)

      Given i started with $320 credit … not a bad deal, if i get the monitor delivered!

  • +2

    I brought the 34" curved Xiaomi for $480 with the recent Ebay plus deal from mobile city and it's pretty good. The only issue I have though is that for the full resolution display port 1.4 can't run 144hz with full RGB. At 144hz it switches to Ycbcr422 which gives weird font coloring. Instead I have it at 120hz for the full resolution and full RGB. Apparently it's just a limitation of the technology or maybe I'm majorly missing something. Oh and the thing about ultrawide is the 34" is mostly in width so the screen isn't actually that tall especially if you were imaging a 34" TV.

    • I have the exact same issue with the weird font colouring when i move up to 144hz so I have left it at 120hz. Also interested as to why this is. But other than that really like it so far.

  • For a 34" ultra wide of this resolution, do you pair a 27" or a 24" monitor to get the same screen height?

    • 27" QHD, most likely the Dell which goes on sale for ~$240

  • Can anyone from experience compare this unit to the Acer X34P ?
    I’m not to keen on staying in the Gsync walled garden for the upcoming round of GPUs incase i change teams to AMD.

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