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Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter $24.95 Shipped at Studio Proper


Priced $29 elsewhere and at Apple. Apple authorised reseller.
Free Express Nationwide Shipping.

Also sell a couple other accessories for $5 cheaper than Apple, e.g. MagSafe Charger - $59.95 ($65): https://www.studioproper.com.au/products/magsafe-charger

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    I personally haven't had the best experienced purchasing from these guys. Their courier left $1800 worth of Apple goods on my front door without notice.

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      Ahh, that's no good! Small item though, so I can't complain for this one, but i'd be pretty disappointed in your situation too.

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        Mate I am in Melbourne like them in lockdown for the last three months. And they took ten days to get back to me on an order I placed. Personally I am pretty disappointed with this mob. I've emailed them with this complaint.

        No reply. I expected better.

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          I ordered something through them a few months ago. After waiting a few weeks the item was still not dispatched, and no replies to emails, no phone number to call. Lodged a paypal dispute and got a refund. No idea of their fulfilment rate, but if you want something delivered in a reasonable time frame, I would suggest you google some reviews of them. In my experience it was a waste of time and effort.

          • @5c collector: man I jumped the gun and purchased the charger..hopefully gets delivered :|

            I just read all the reviews my gosh ….

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    Price Beat at OW?

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    I think you should include Apple in title as some people may get it confused for generic charger.

    Edit: fixed

  • Price match at OW could be a better option to avoid delivery issues…???

    • Does OW stock this charger though?

    • +11

      Why bother? Just buy it here and get free shipping. The time to drive to OW and factor in petrol and chance of catching corona, rather just buy it online.

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    The mythical charger that should but doesn't get supplied with the phone you paid over $1300 for.

    Yep it's a bargain

    • But Greta Thunberg likes this approach.

      • Greta is anti-spin.

    • The forbidden charger

    • The reality is if it was included, it would only be included for the pro model only, just like for iPhone 11.

    • +3

      I think people need to chill keep commenting on Apple ditching charger. Yes it's a fken dick move by them but at the same time price of the phone is cheaper than last year and the charger is cheaper too.

      I hated when they claimed to save the environment when nobody has a bloody usb c charger.

      Also I personally have not used any earphones included for the past 4 years ..I think the price of the phone would have been more than $29 if a charger is included :)

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        Shh Shh let 'em hate

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    Alright discount, but I got one these
    Pretty good price and ideal for travel with multiple port types and adaptors

    • Is this good for charging iphone 12?

    • +1

      I wouldn’t charge any device worth more than $100 on that thing, I doubt it has ever been properly tested to be compliant with Australian Laws, probably voids your house insurance in some cases too if something does happen.

      Why do people cheap out on power supplies? Get a half decent brand like Anker/Satechi, things are always all good until it’s not. Save 10 dollars to lose 1000…

      • Hmm I'm sure it's not that bad, better than slow non of Bekins for twice the price. Slow charging from your computer probably isn't great for battery life either. If I got it tested and tagged next time the safety people are in the office would be fine.

        I looks like the same input/output spec as the anko Multi Port charger, are the ones in Target made in Australia or something?

        Ps I have a pixel 3xl and two genuine chargers, always best using the one that came with it but this looked appealing. Got two Romoss PD type C power banks too that are excellent.

        To be fair i thought it was a Qualcomm brand, perhaps that's used generically now. There's also this one that looks exactly the same all probably come from the same factory https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/274031953769

      • This thing I got is a beast, phone was on 30% , up to full almost in about 15 min. Would take all day from a PC cable

  • Dear lord. Can't wait until we can charge phones with our brain waves.

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      I’d love to charge mine with comments on OzB.

      • I like to charge mine on the fomo and disappointments of missing out from OzB members. Should charge faster than than a PD charger.

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      These guys are running a racket

  • Nice find OP, superior charger to TGG 18w deal at the same price, and don't have to go in to a store to get one

    • +1

      Apple product does not support QC charge. It has to be PD charger. So essentially, you are using it as a 12W charger on iPhone/iPad (5V/2.4A)

      • -1

        Also looks like a potential fire hazard.

  • This Blitzwolf bw-s12 27w would be good it’s on sale for $15.47


  • +6

    Can confirm fulfilment issues, I bought an apple pencil 2 from proper back in April, they had a one week lead time on their website and it took approx 5 weeks to ship with practically no communication in the interim.

    Would not buy from again

  • Does it really matter if one use apple original or ravpower, xiomi fast chargers?

  • Good deal for something that should have come in the box.

  • I read somewhere with 18W Anker USB-C charger, the megsafe wireless charger cannot reach 15W. Only 20W+ charger like this one can do.

  • -1
  • Both MagSafe and 20W USB-C charger are a mere $5 difference not worth the wait and petrol spent going around for Price match or no guarantee on set time for delivery.

    Order via Apple is better and safe and guaranteed and on-time delivery. ( TNT) no OZpost.

    • +1

      Well, hate to break your bubble Apple are using OZpost too, for accessories orders and its friggin taking very long!

    • tnt is arguably worse

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    Got price matches at JB for $24.95

    • how to get it matched? online to call and match it?

      • +1

        In store, grab one and ask price match at check out

        • oh, ok. Thanks. I am in Vic and the store is no open yet. will check it this week if store opens.

    • Do you mind sharing the receipt? would like to price match as well, thanks!

  • For our Melbourne friends, Apple stores are open again. I have ordered a pick up in store for both magsafe and power brick to be picked up tomorrow. More reliable option.

  • Has anyone received shipping update lol. Haven't heard a thing

    • Nope, I have a bad feeling…

      • I got mine yesterday btw

    • I've received a tracking number, notification through the shop (shopify) app. Only parcel data submitted to courier (Sendle) at this stage.

  • +1

    Arrived today to my surprise. No shipping notification or anything

    • That's odd. When did you place the order?

      • 26th oct

  • Mine arrived today but for some reason the quick charging is slower than my normal lightning to usb cable. I don't know why this would happen. It is sharing power with my other devices in a 6 plug outlet, would that be the issue? My charging cable is an official apple one and the phone is an iphone se 2020.

  • Got my charger yesterday. They use sendle, worst delivery company lol. Guy never rang the doorbell never left a card then I received an email to collect from a supermarket nearby.

  • Cheers. Price matched at JB.

    • Went into JB they refused to do price match. They said never heard of this website 😕

  • Does it really matter to use this or any third party like ravpower/ xiomi?

  • My 20W adapter is twice as slow to charge as my previous one. WTF? Does anyone know what is the problem?

  • It been over more than 10 days since I ordered and haven’t heard anything yet…..

    • Mine was delivered earlier in the week

      • Mine has been 13 days since I ordered and 3 email, still haven’t heard anything back yet

  • Received the 20W USB-C charger, but still waiting for the Magsafe charger.

    Sent multiple emails to Studio Proper, no response.

    Worth posting to their FB page ?

  • +1
  • OW stocked some of Proper’s products too

  • Yikes. Just placed an order without reading the comments. Fingers crossed it arrives.

  • I've waited four weeks for my order. Still nothing. No response from Support on two attempts at getting in touch with them. 👎🏻

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