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Dell Inspiron 14 7400 Laptop 11th Gen i7-1165G7 16GB RAM 1TB SSD GeForce MX350 $1623.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Currently the price of your first born on the Dell website, this laptop is priced somewhat reasonably on the Dell Ebay store with the 20% off coupon.

11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-1165G7 Processor (12MB Cache, up to 4.7 GHz)
Windows 10 Home (64 bit) English
NVIDIA® GeForce® MX350 with 2GB GDDR5 graphics memory
16GB, onboard, LPDDR4x, 4267MHz
1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive
14.5-inch 16:10 QHD+ (2560 x 1600) IPS AG Non-Touch, 300nits, 100% sRGB
English International Backlit Keyboard - Silver
Intel® Wi-Fi 6 2x2 (Gig+) and Bluetooth
4-Cell Battery, 52 Whr (Integrated)

Soldered RAM but atleast its 16GB.

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  • Damn look at those specs!

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      No comment !

      But you just commented

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    the cheaper config with i5 is $1200 delivered

    • That one uses the integrated graphics I believe.

      • And it only has 8 gigs soldered. Still fine for many uses.

        • So not upgradeable? I find it hard to find information on it :(

          • @saintza: 99% sure the ram is not upgradeable.

            Would be a great surprise if it is

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        I think if you're looking dedicated graphics, you'd be wanting something with a 1650 Ti or above and a chassis that can handle a higher tdp processor.

        Edit: Xe falls short of expectations.

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    2560 x 1600 screen

    Nice, this is a good compromise between sharpness and power / GPU needs.

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    Considering that the 13" Dell XPS with Tigerlake has had pretty disappointing reviews so far and their new XE graphics has not lived up to the hype they generated, I think this laptop is going to benefit from the Nvidia DGPU. Watching UFD Techs review of his XPS 13, Tigerlake based laptop and seeing Fortnite really stutter at 720p with just Intel Xe graphics is a big disappointment.

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      The synthetic benchmarks look very good for the xe. Do you have some real world links?


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        In relation to the Dell XPS 13 Tigerlake Xe graphics performance, the most recent online review was UFD Tech. You can see Fornite, at 720p, at minute 5:50 mark.


        There is also a review by Just Josh of the same laptop. You can see the BF1 and Borderlands 3, low settings, from the minute 8:20 mark.


        To me it looks like they made it look good in synthetic benchmarks, with the sample Intel sent around, but did not deliver in the majority of real world games and applications when it comes to laptops you can actually buy.

        • Cheers for info. That's quite disappointing! The fortnite one is clearly messed up. Something going wrong there as it's not a demanding game.

          One thing I do find is performance is often dictated by thermals rather than chip. I have an old msi laptop that can't handle idle CPU + gpu at 90%. It runs into the thermal limit after about 5mins. The xps appears to be passively cooled, so I'm hoping that the inspiron I grabbed with active cooling will be a tad better.

  • Wow. I just bought it one. Good price.

  • is there much difference between mx250 and mx350?

  • I had this and really nice ,handy. However after 3 months use had issue with Miracast after dell automatic updates ( doesnt work properly home tv and workplc projector) . Dell is aware this issue and advise it did affect all inspiron machines. took back machine and fully refund given..

  • Can someone confirm if this is 2 in 1?

    • It says non-touch screen, it is not a 2-in-1.

      • Thanks. so tempted to upgrade my old dell (5 years old). i was thinking to get 2 in 1 but this price has very goo price with high specs. need to toss the coin :)

        • The 2 in 1 version is ~$1700 (RRP I think) on the Dell website with same processor and ram. From what I could tell the differences were 512 SSD and no dedicated graphics… Unsure if that's all and that justifies the
          2900 RRP of this laptop, I thought the 2 in 1 version is usually priced a little higher than the non convertible one.

  • Is this good for editing 4K videos?

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      Not really designed for it. Both CPU and GPU aren't really anything extra for 4K. It's fast but you'd be better off with gaming laptop or desktop.

  • Struggling to get a good gauge on if this is a good deal in comparison to the AMD Ryzen 4000 processor laptops. Could anyone give some insight?

    Important for me:
    -Lightweight ~1.3kg (this Dell laptop seems to tick that box)
    -I'd like to have the option of casual gaming. Again this seems like a good option considering thunderbolt compatibility making an egpu possible.
    -16GB RAM (tick)
    -Fast processor for coding/compiling
    -Not noisy or extremely hot
    -Decent battery
    -Decent screen 300+ nits (tick)
    -Budget $1600ish (tick)

  • Does this machine comes or have sim card slot?

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      It doesn't look like it, it's not listed anywhere in the ports. This is the only video I have been able to find that actually shows the device (it's all in mandarin but at least you can see it)

      Also doesn't look like there's any SIM slot in that video

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