[Price Error] 3x Packs of 12 Bundaberg & Cola 640ml $20.01 + Delivery Or Free C&C (Usually $90 each) @ First Choice Liquor

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Add a minimum of 3x Packs to your cart and the discount automatically applies. Works out to $6.67 per pack. Normally $90 for 1x pack!! Delivery for me to metro Melbourne was $6.95. You can add up to 10x packs if you feel obliged. Enjoy! Not usually a huge fan of rum but at this price it's a steal!

*Update apparently you can click and collect provided your store has enough stock. If no stock, try changing to delivery.

Product Details

First distilled in 1888, made from 100% Queensland sugar cane shows evocative flavours of molasses and caramel. Now available in a convenient 640mL bottle, you can enjoy the unique smooth Bundaberg blended with a special cola at a fantastic price. RTD

• Carton of 12 x 640mL Bottles.

Mod: Price error. Orders are (slowly) being refunded, it appears.

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    Received refund notification from PayPal now. Didn't contact PayPal or FCL and no communication from FCL but finally got it.

    • Same

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    Raised a case with PayPal and got refund notification within 30 mins. I suggest y'all do the same if you paid by PayPal.

  • Can there be any side effects with claiming a refund from PayPal such as a banning of your account (whatever store you bought from) or a double refund?