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ASICS Gel Kayano 27 $182 (RRP $260) + Free Shipping @ The Iconic


Shoe sizes are selling out fast so get in quick.

ShopBack is also offering 25% cashback capped at $35 and would bring this down to $147.

Alternatively Cashrewards is offering 8% cashback.

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  • Would I be able to go to Asics to price match?

    • Rebel offer pricematch but not sure if they would price match Iconic. Worth a try

      • +1

        Can they pricematch plus 25% cashback? :)

        • +1

          Cash back is never guaranteed with Shopback, few of my recent transactions with them haven't tracked…If you have access to Rebel gift cards you can use that too

  • +1

    Down to $136.50 after ShopBack ($260 x 70% x 75%)

    Edit - disregard, maximum cashback is $35 as clearly stated above. My apologies!

  • +2

    Damn.. just paid $230 last week and thought I got a great deal..

    Shoes are great, difference is noticeable from 1 year old Nike React Flyknit

  • +3

    Lol i just told my fellow nurse mate id buy this one if it goes down $180 last night.

  • +2

    And ordered! Christmas gift to self now sorted šŸ¤“ šŸ˜†
    First time buying a pair of shoes for more than 100$… hopefully, ASICS doesn't disappoint.
    Thanks OP!

    • +3

      They're cracking shoes..

    • +2

      Hope they are the right shoe for your kind of foot.
      If you buy expensive shoes that are not appropriate they are worse then a pair of volleys.

  • Perfect, picked up some replacements for my K23's. Thanks Op

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Picked up the Platinums for $154 after cashback. Crazy price.

  • Awesome, my k25's are starting to show some wear. will be perfect to pull these out next year.

  • +1

    Paid full price on them during lockdown
    Great shoes !

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Wife wears the men's versions, just got her a pair ugprading from the Kayano 24

  • How does the Kayano compare with the nimbus? Simmilar level of support?

    • -2

      Kayano gives max support and cushioning . Like running on clouds

      • as you mentioned running on clouds.. i have the kayano and the on cloud.. honestly i don't understand what's the hype about the kayano.

    • +9

      Kayano is a stability shoe for overpronators

    • There is apparently science behind it but I have found both just as good.

    • I run in Kayanos but find Nimbus give me sore feet after a few kms.
      I knew they were designed for different running gaits but they were really really cheap so decided to give them a go. They ended up been my work shoes so went well there.

    • Kayano gives more support. Nimbus gives more cushioning. They are top shoes of their own lines so i'd say same level.

  • Wanting to buy for my partner, size completely out on both 26s and 27s all colours.
    If they get more stock on 11.5US can someone message me for the blacks…

  • First time trying out Shopback. I clicked through the link from Shopback (after copying the code), applied the code in checkout but it says it the voucher doesn't apply. Do I get the credit separately from Shopback (and not through Iconic)?

    • +1

      Yupp that's right. You'll get an email with a Shopback transaction confirmed within 1-2 days and then after 90 days, you get the credit from ShopBack which you can withdraw as cash.

    • What code did you apply at checkout? There is no code for the 30% off or the ShopBack cashback.

  • +1

    nvm, just saw with cashback these are $147. Great deal.

    Damn, nothing in my size

  • there's actually some real bargains for dress up shoes, I've seen some with the original price 270 already down to 100 110 then take 30% and the cash back your laughing

  • Thank OP! bought for myself and my wife. I almost never see 11.5 size on special so I didn't even think twice.

    • which one? also looking for this size

    • +1

      Nevermind managed to get some as well. Thanks for posting your comment

      • Which colour did you get? My wife and I got the black and pure silver. free express shipping as well.

  • Awesome deal, thank you for sharing OP.

    Unfortunately couldn't find any of my sizes! will wait for next sale (hopefully!)

  • Damn, out of stock in my size. I really wanted a pair

    • +4

      keep checking back, they update their stock it seems

  • +1

    Thanks OP, snagged the last in my size in the colour I've been after for a while too

  • +2

    Thanks OP, impulse bought the last one in my size for the Black & Pure Silver colour

  • Got one last last year for $180+ from Kogan, love and make sure you have tried the size before buying it.

    • They say with Asics you usually gotta buy 0.5 size up from your usual size.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, upgraded from Kayano 21!

  • Ordered twice, how do i cancel one order? Call them or initiate return process on website?

    • +2

      Start a chat on the website with customer service

  • I assume referral or new subscriber code doesn't stack?

    • you're right, it doesn't

    • I believe it's only valid on full priced items. So won't stack.

  • +1

    These are really good runners. Got a pair that I'm in at the moment that have just clicked over 600km and still going strong (I've recently been through a few fairs of the Asics GT-2000s and struggle to get any more than 600km out of them). With 25% cashback this is a really good deal.

  • Bought but did not get email confirmation

    • It took a few hours for my confirmation email to come through.

  • These are good if you want a stiff, heavy, motion control shoe.
    If you want a light shoe thst allows your foot to move naturally then not so

    • Any recommendation for that?

      • +1

        I am a believer in the best shoe being the one that fits and suits you the best. Everyone is different

        Personally I have run most my marathons in Saucony Kinvara and also wear New Balance Zante

        • Agree
          Went into a shop fully intending to get a pair of Brooks based on reviews etc.
          saved $100 and ended up with a pair of saucony Omni iso 2 from out the back of the store. The comfort and fit for me was superb… just try stuff on before buying

  • Does anyone else find the Kayano 27s have a much firmer sole/cushioning than previous models? Iā€™m hoping it softens up with more use but at this stage I prefer my 24s. Nice looking shoe though.

  • Discount isn't being applied for me at the checkout. Anyone else? Is there a coupon code to use?


  • All except Magnetic blue colour on special šŸ˜”

  • No Sizes in the colours I want Black or Black with white sole.

  • I'm thinking of getting two pairs. For Shopback, can you put through 2 separate transactions and get cashback for both? Because if I order them together, it'd be subject to the cap.

    • +1

      Yes you can, did the same

  • Oh no, no 2E version.

  • +2

    Super quick delivery, these arrived already. VIC! Now just have to wait until January for the cashback LOL.

  • Did anyone else get a rejection of the ShopBack cashback on this deal? Mine was rejected even though there was ZERO correlation with their plethora of possible reasons, which seems about as dodgy as it comes.

    I'm genuinely starting to think ShopBack is frauding customers when it comes to larger cashbacks. It can't be a coincidence.

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