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Bonus Store Credit - $40 with $200-$349 Spend, $60 with $350+ Spend @ The Good Guys


Received this offer in email. Available for all customers. Online only. No claim required. Store credit will be sent on 12 November.

To get the best discount, hit the $200 spend and get $40 credit back, effectively 20% of your order.

Transaction Value Store Credit
$200-$349 $40
$350+ $60

T&C here

Enjoy :)

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    I got the good guys to price match Appliances Online for the Sunbeam EM5300 coffee machine for $350. Thought that was a bargain… if you were to do it now you could potentially get it for $290 with the $60 store credit. Now that’s a real bargain if anyone was considering buying one. I’m considering getting another at that price.

    • Will the good guys price match out of stock items?

      • Depends on the salesman at the end of the day… I’d be trying my luck if I was keen to get one. This machine makes great coffee with a little practice.

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    Store credit will be sent on 12 Nov 2020 but it expires at 23:59 18 Nov 2020
    Must used within 7 days? is this a joke?
    imo it's just meaningless as it can't be used on Black Friday

    • Surely this can't be true. It's a joke if it is.

    • Standard practice for TGG.

      Would be reasonable if you're getting a PS5, even though TGG are charging full RRP for all PS5 items so far as I can tell.

    • I'm sure most people don't realise their date has elapsed until its too late. Its pretty obvious its deliberate.

  • Credit for Online purchases only . Won't be eligible if price matched

  • They never sent my store credit and when I asked them they didn't even respond. I tried again after a few weeks, they said 'We sent it, you didn't use it, nothing we can do'.

    Look at similar posts, people are still waiting for their store credit and most are forgetting about it. The short window they give to people makes it impossible to follow up. I don't think we have any rights in this either?

    • you negged and reported my post because you didn't receive store credit? I think thats an issue between you and TGG.

      when I asked them they didn't even respond. I tried again after a few weeks

      did you try calling them for an answer on the spot? Ive checked the other threads and someone mentioned their customer care line provided them with store credit when they queried about it. And based on the replies in the other thread, many people did indeed receive it (some received it late, but their expiry date was extended)

      • +1

        What customer care line?

        • +1

          see reply from another ozb member from the other thread

          Tips if trying to contact TGG regarding missing credit.

          Call Customer care line (1300 4663 4897) select 'online order enquiry' Option 1 (don't go to 'promotion or bonus offers' option 2, because they're not taking calls re. promos) Enter mobile number when asked to get a call back. I was called within ~10min and had credit emailed through immediately, with 31/10 expiry!

          I think the reason for my MIA credit was partial collection due to TGG stock issues. The total was processed as one $98 order and one $25 order, so didn't trigger the credit for >$120 spend. Latitiude pay might have confused things too.

          Don't bother with online enquiry. I tried 2 weeks ago, when I suspected there might be issues due to partial collection, and still haven't got a reply.

      • The user has used the negative vote appropriately.

        Negative Vote Guidelines

        Appropriate uses of negative vote

        Issue with retailer (For example:)
        Previous purchases were not received or the shipping time exceeded what was expected. Example 1 Example 2
        Issues arose which were not rectified in a satisfactory or timely manner.

        • ok thats understandable. thanks mod.

          im still yet to cast my first neg

      • I think you are taking this personally which is not the case. TGG is not honouring the deal. I also tried to reach them with the phone/message and had exactly same experience the other poster had. However in my case I didn't end up talking to anyone and they did respond to my message, after a month, and said 'nothing we can do'.

        They deliberately keep the credit window short, something I find bad business practice. I think you should update your post and add the phone number info, in any case I don't recommend this deal, therefore the neg (which I only used for an UGG Australia deal before).

        • I had the same issue, I had never heard of store credit that expires a month after receiving it! When I went to use it (2 x $100 store credit vouchers) it said the code is not valid. Only then did I realise it was a one month window. Terrible way to draw in more customers quite unethical IMO. They should clearly state in all their promos store credit expires in 30 days!

    • How do you contact TGG? They are ignoring me over $500+ worth of store credit and have shut down their helpline and are not responding to my online inquiries. When I talk to staff they just stall so I assume they are just waiting for me to give up.

      I'm trying to decide how to escalate this as I've been losing sleep for weeks over it.

  • T&Cs state you have to be opted in to receive marketing materials until 12-Nov, are you auto opted in when you complete transaction?

  • I have also had poor experience with the bonus. Got the wrong amount, slow response until credit expired, finally after second time i was given the right amount. In summary, not a straight for process and more painful then you may expect for anyone who sees the offer as per their ads and at times during the follow up, I did feel I was without any options.

    It's good to let people know that this may be the case so that their expectations can be realigned and this should be part of every one of these credit back posts until the good guys turn it around to the point that these negative experiences are few and far between

    And yes please review the TCs in detail before you buy to avoid disappointment

  • Remember you can combo this with the 5% cashback on the TCN Home Gift Card via the Shopback App.

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