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Nike Air Max 90 $85.99 (RRP $170) + Delivery @ Nike


Virtually half price on the Turquoise model of Air Max 90.

Plenty of sizes available at the time of posting.

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    $95.94 posted.

    Good find OP!

  • Thank you. Ordered a pair

  • another one to add to my air max 90 collection

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      I hope you are balancing the number of left and right sides that you are purchasing to make up pairs!

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    Great deal - just copped and managed to use my 10% off birthday voucher the day before it expires. Thanks OP.

    • When do you get this birthday voucher? My Birthday is literally in 3 weeks :)

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        I received mine on September 1st even though my birthday wasn't until the 25th. I'd say you'll probably get yours tomorrow on the first of the month.

    • Just copped too but it didn't like my 10% bday voucher because the item is on sale.

      FEEL SAD
      Promotion ineligible due to product restrictions. See promo terms & conditions.

  • Gahdammit i bought them for $170 2 weeks ago. Might just double up. I got the volt paor and the purple. Such a clean colourway. The infrared 90s are due soon too wooo.

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      Ozbargain tip:
      1. Buy the same sizes
      2. Print your return label for the original order
      3. When you get your new order, return those shoes using your already printed label from the original order

      Hope that makes sense. Ultimately means you got the shoes for the discounted price, but you'll get a refund on the original price you paid :)

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        similarly, i order >$200 to get free shipping, and return the unwanted items. $10 is $10.

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          This is the ozbargain way
          For only $10 you can, 1, abuse the promotional offer, 2, waste people's time, 3, pollute the earth a bit more

          • @Exorcist: Lot of time and effort
            If he's got different colours he's sol.
            Or could buy the new one and return the new one lol

      • -6

        Hi, just wondering if this tip really works? Will they reject the return due to the difference in color when comparing with the invoice?

        • +7

          Obviously they have to be the same colour jesus how does this need to be said.

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            @Ajax45: Wow.. Thanks for answering that one Ajax45. Far out, obviously has to be the exact same item. Thought that was common sense hey?

    • Infrareds dropped at the boutique retailers last week and sold out in minutes. I don't think the big stored like JD and Foot Locker are getting them.

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        Yeah man missed out on subtype and up there store. Main release is next week i think along with international sites.

        • Any ideas on where you can get them locally?

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            @teeshiu: Footlocker, nike and jd should get them just check their release calendars otherwise end or size are my go to

        • Or just wait a few months. I got my pair of Infrareds at a nike outlet couple years back, they had heaps in stock.

      • Copped at up there they’re 🔥

      • They’re not. They will be at Nike.com though. If you’re desperate stock x isn’t too overpriced right now, which seem strange. That Will probably change once they release globally

  • How are these compared to Asics Gel Kayano range?

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      Not really comparable, 90's aren't runners (any more)

    • am90's are a lifestyle shoe. you won't get the same support (esp. for your ankles) that the Kayanos provide

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      dont run in these…

      unless u hate your knees/ankles…

      the foam is stiff as.

  • Dat colourway doe

  • Bought a pair. Thank op

  • -2

    Do these offer any motion control at all?

    • I guess no pronation control then

  • Eh, I think the triple black looks better. But it's a good deal nevertheless

    • Triple black is 30% off on theiconic and also cash back a further 12% saving if you were interested. Insane price

      • It's actually 30% off and then 20% CR and free shipping. I also signed up for the $10 Spooktacular bonus(not tracked yet) in CR.

        I ended up paying $87.36 delivered the next morning at 9am. Talk about service!

  • Oh man these are nice.

  • Cheers OP, copped

  • Any laser blues?

    • Selfridges has them for $108 but $45 shipping

      • Better than tiffany lol

  • Thanks OP..

    Grabbed a pair.

    Not my first colour choice, but for the price you can't go wrong.

  • Is anyone as upset as me that they changed the stitching? and it now rans over the swoosh!

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      these are the air max 90 recraft, they copied original pairs from 1990 and replicated them as close as possible even the box is based on the original, this is to celebrate the 30th anniversary. this is why the stitching is different on these pairs

  • Thanks OP.

  • Are these the ones with a suede like material or the rubbery?

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    Any way to get free shipping?

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      Free shipping on over $200 spend.

      • +1


    • order more pairs in different sizes to your usual then return the unwanted shoes. takes a bit of your time but nike.com have an easy returns policy.

  • How are the sizing on this? TTS or half size up?

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      TTS IMO

  • damn already own them, should i double up???

    • are they looking good?

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        yeah cus of covid havent warn them much so still have a lot of life in them. thinking of getting another but just unsure… the colour in person tho is freaking amazin, online really doesnt do them any justice.

        • +2

          ordered one, thanks for your advice:)

    • treated well the shoes should last a few years…. the fabric will wear out before the rubber sole wears out. Double up

      • yeah you 100% correct, uhh i dont know i really shouldnt but i want to haha

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    Is it just me or has Nike started making some really uglyass, tacky, plasticky shoes. These look like kiddie shoes in those colours. Just needs some flashing leds in the soles.

    • great idea…i wish the air max unit would light up with each step lol

      • They did a glow in the dark version a while back….

        • i need this.

    • Bruh these are air max 90s using the classic of infrared and laser blue colour blocking.

  • are they still charging international transaction fees?

    • i ordered a couple of months ago on my amex and wasn't charged an international fee.

  • Thanks OP.

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    Just fyi the normal price is $120 . Nike says it is 20% off

    • +2

      RRP is $170

      • Click on the link and u see $120 crossed off and $85 as the discounted price. No sign of $170 rrp

    • +1

      No they arent $170 is retail, $120 is on sale and this is further discount.

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    Good deal OP, Don't have a pair of AM90s in the collection but have so many unworn pairs now it's hard to justify.

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    Is it ethical to price things based on colors?

  • Port power colourway. Hard pass

  • Sorry that code was one use

    • Says already redeemed.

      • Yeah, sorry about that. I read the terms and I didn't see it was one use.

        • No probs. Got me excited for a sec though. haha

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    Bought one for missus chrissy present and one for myself as I've been waiting for ages for sales. Don't forget 3% cash rewards or shopback.

  • Are these good for comfort? Or just for style? I want something I'm comfortable to wear everyday but also run occasionally in.

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      if you need to jump a couple of back fences you can't go past these, however if you're taking about jogging for fitness purposes then they aren't suitable for that

      • +1

        Thanks for the advice, I'll look for something a bit more fitness orientated then. I don't run for fitness per say, rather I run a lot in my everyday life cause why walk.

    • +1

      90's are sooo comfortable for walking/daily use. Not for fitness I'd say (might get away with gym)

  • I bought a pair got my brother for $85 plus 10 for delivery a few hours ago and now there $95 plus 10 how does that work?

    Maybe I should have got 2 pairs before lol. I wear a 10 in new balance so would you got for a 10 in nike? Ty

    • Still showing $85?

      • strange was $95 for me with 10 shipping. maybe they changed it again.

  • +2

    Not lying, I bought 2 pairs (black n white from hype) $30 a pair 🥰 I bought it for my two girls last year and gave it as Xmas presents. Sold out very quickly but I managed to score 2. Then i get ridiculed by the in-laws saying that I'm a dumbarse, should have bought the whole lot and sold it.. Nah mate, I'm not all about money 🙄😒

    • +4

      In laws being Mr and Mrs Broden?

    • i give you props, i hate people who resell sneakers really cannot stand it

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    Great price but not so sure on the colour 😔

    • +2

      The colour is beautiful!

  • Thanks OP! love the colour

  • Anyone know what the delivery time frame is from Nike?

    • Just realised my package got shipped from Amsterdam NL…. so might be longer than you would like but should only be a week total

      • That's why I was asking…international shipping might not be ideal, we'll see.

      • Mine just touched down in Sydney today. Hopefully delivered tomorrow.

    • +1

      my last order with them took 12 days by fedex. also out of NL

  • What's the width like? Max's used to be a little wider than average? Can't find any decent priced Nike 4E wide shoes in Australia…for years now.

  • Has anybody's order arrived yet? Mine arrived at Sydney on 4 Nov and hasn't seen movement since. Do international parcels need to undergo quarantine too?

    • Australia post is useless

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