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Tile Sticker (2020) - 4 Pack $58.53 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


FIND REMOTES, GADGETS & MORE — Tile Sticker features an adhesive back, making it easy to stick onto your remote control or other gadgets. This finder and free app work with iOS and Android. Keep track of more for less or give them as a gift.
FIND NEARBY — Use the Tile app to ring your Tile Sticker when its within 150 ft.
FIND FAR AWAY — When outside of Bluetooth range, use the Tile app to view your Tiles most recent location or enlist the safe and anonymous help of the Tile Network.
FIND YOUR PHONE — Use your Tile to find your phone, even when its on silent.

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    Thanks OP, ordered

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    Built-in 3-year Battery.
    not replaceable, in case anyone wants to know.

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      One of the reviews said lasted 3 months 🤔

      I wonder if their 3 years is based on some n-minutes per day rating.

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      wow so its a disposable item …what waste

      • Agree. They do have a battery replaceable version.

        • thats a better option then trishool

      • yes this is just going to end up as landfill.

  • Can I put it in under someone's car to track where they are going?

    • As far as i know this thing work off Bluetooth, so you'll need to rely on someone else in the vicinity with Tiles

    • Not really. They tout the "network of other Tile users" as being able to help pinpoint the devices when they're out of range but in practice that doesn't really happen due to how few there are. I have several Tiles and they're pretty good for stuff in the house but that's it.

      • What about putting it inside your car so that you can easily locate where you parked in the shopping centre?

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          The range is not great to be honest. Apple are going to release their version of it soon. It may be better. Probably retails for $199 AUD each.

          • @DanD: well that's disappointing…can't find much use for it then

        • +3

          I just take a photo of the pillar showing parking level and section before I begrudgingly leave the car alone in the wild.

          • @lomie: Why everybody else don't do this is beyond me. Its such a handy tip. Takes seconds to take a photo with your phone.

            • @xoom: Too busy on social media to look up and take that photo.

              • @lomie: And someone supposedly time poor are then wasting time having to look for where they parked the car.

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      Absolutely you can, if you tether it to an iPhone over bluetooth and then also put the iPhone under their car, you can track where the tile is through Find My iPhone.

  • Waiting for apple's airtags. It'll probably connect with every iphone out there making it instantly more reliable than tile.

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      Apparently future Apple tech will be built with range finders or something, and the tags will be compatible with it and it'll tell you exactly where the tag is in the room, your Apple TV will where all the tags are relative to each other, look for lost tags with AR mode on your iPhone camera, etc.

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    Thanks for this.
    Sick of the kids losing the effen TV remote.
    Last time, it was out on the trampoline.

    • Lol. What a nightmare.

    • Kids playing "change the neighbours TV channel"…..boing-click…. boing-click……heehee!

      Neighbour shouts - what's up with this effen television.

  • dah think back up to $93.60