Moved into New House with FTTN and Ethernet Ports, but Cannot Setup nbn on NetGear Modem

We’ve just moved house and the place we’ve moved to has only Ethernet ports (not the standard phone line port) to connect my modem (Netgear D7000) to. Whatever I do, I can’t get the Netgear to pick up any internet. I signed up with Mate at this address and the service was activated almost immediately, I have connected a CAT5E cable to the Ethernet port in the house and the internet port on the modem. I have tried manually setting the correct info as was given by Mate, and also allowing the Netgear auto setup wizard to do its thing, but no luck.

According to the previous owner, they did have NBN here and connected through the Ethernet port.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


  • Are you sure it's FTTN?

    • There’s no other box in the house apart from the small box outside that has a Telstra logo on it, so pretty sure it’s FTTN.

  • Call your service provider. They'll help take you through the steps to connect properly.

    • Will do, just in the process of moving so didn’t have time to do that yet.

      • Another thing, does the port have NBN written on it? I have HFC and the plate with the port has the NBN logo. Perhaps there is a second port hidden somewhere in your house?

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    Just because it's an RJ45 socket in the wall doesn't make it ethernet

    Anyway you could easily sanity check by taking the socket off the wall and confirming it's a twisted pair copper connected to the back. Unlikely to be a fully wired socket if it's the phone/fttn line

    • Ethernet is just what I’m used to calling it because it uses an Ethernet cable 🙂

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    Did you double check your NBN type on the nbn website?

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    A lot of variables to check.

    1. My modem asus worked out of the box for my NBN HFC connection at one house. But when I moved houses and it had NBN FTTC, aftee connection the modem wouldnt connect. I had to change some of the settings/protocols for it to work.

    2. The second house on the above has what would appear to be rj45 wall ports but the ports act as both ethernet and phone. It wasn't until I looked very closely did I see the 'phone' symbol on what I thought was Ethernet only.

    3. Check, but it may be that you the port can accept both rj45 and phone cables as I believe you would need a phone cable to connect to the modem/router via it's WAN port.

    4. Also, in one of my rentals, the outgoing tenants accidentally packed and took with them the NBN modem. The new tenants were in a similar situation as you trying to connect the router to the wall port and get nothing. I had to arrange for the modem to be returned - basically, no modem does not automatically mean FTTN

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      You are a genius. Thank you! The ports are RJ45 but they also take the standard phone cable too. I didn’t even try that. I have it working perfectly now. Thank you!!!

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