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[NSW] DiDi Free Rides $5-$15 off per ride - up to $50 discount (New Sydney Users only)


Got this voucher on Parramatta station, looks generic for all New user.


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DiDi: random (657)

Referrer & referee get 2 x $10 + 4 x $5 ride vouchers

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    Syd users only.
    Better if its in the title

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    It's a misleading voucher because it's actually a combo of $5 and $10. Plus $15 on special days. It's not $50 off one ride.

  • Your 1st ride vouchers and showing 2 women, yeah this seems legit.

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    The app sucks, I can't event get past the registration step.

    Edit: OK, got it working but I still stand by my comment above.

  • Tried4 times to book, everytime wasted 30 minutes and never got any driver assigned. Had to use Uber afterwards

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    Coupons expire 14/11/2020 after adding for me.

  • this is the same as a regular referral code - the dididay codes are for anyone

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    Yeah… scam offer (not actually $50 at once). Not a fan of companies who are doing this now..

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      Not really a scam offer at all. Actually works out better for people that take frequent short $10-20 rides.

  • isn't that similar to code "trydidi" for most new user.

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