This was posted 1 year 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • out of stock

DBA HD 5000 Drilled Slotted $62.86 + Delivery from Sparesbox


Hey guys first post.
Probably a price error.

DBA rotors for many different cars on sale.

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    $1200 discount haha.

    Let us know if you get it delivered!

  • +10

    What a strong first post. Popping in orders now…

  • I think they're good for Ford only 🙁

    • +1

      Use the link in the post and chuck your car in mate.

      • I see them now and it's too late 😢

        IT'S A CRUEL WORLD 🙃

  • wow that sa great price for great rotors

  • There is a lot of heavily discounted rotors on the site currently

  • +3

    Damn… I fitted new rotors for my liberty this year, but the slotted and drilled DBA rotors are such a deal I am tempted to get them anyway.

    Completely unnecessary, but so cheap!

    • +4

      slotted good but drilled a waste of time.!!!!!

      • Might be true, but they look good

  • Surely this is a price error..?

  • seems to be model specific

    my lancer is $292

    My VE commodore is $58 and claiming to be massively discounted from $470

    • T3 5000 showing as $1317.95 for my 350z. The HD 4000 are $225

      • Sorry, we have sold out of DBA HD 4000 Drilled Slotted Brake Rotor Pair Front DBA42026XS. This item was removed from your cart

        and like that - nothing more to see

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    Ordered some T3 4000s front and rear. Lets see if it gets honoured, wishful thinking but you never know.

  • +1

    2pc rotors for $66 delivered worth a shot lmao

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    I bought a set of T3 4000 rotors when they were on sale not long ago for $400 a pair. Too good not to at least try.

  • Thanks OP. It was so cheap I thought it was per rotor when I placed my order.

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    Surely there must be something up with their site? I'm seeing brake rotors for as low as $7.

    I'm tempted to buy a pair to use as frisbees at that price

    • +19

      This is why we can't have nice things.

  • So giving this another crack, that order also got stuck in ‘in-review’ so that’s what happened to your order(s) if you don’t receive an email confirmation.

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    Yeah nah highly doubt they'll honour this lol.

    • +1

      Gotta be in it to win it…

  • Looks like DBA pads are on special as well. Costs me the same amount in shipping as it does the pads. Strangely only the rear ones are discounted.

    • +1

      and ordered - although it looks like the site is becoming ozbargained.

  • This isn’t just limited to DBA stuff, even Zimmerman/Meyle gets discounted too.

    • +1

      My Zimmerman rotors were 2200 down to 260….missed out with the rest.

  • I ordered some front discs and pads, fingers crossed but not holding any hope this will be honoured lol

  • fingers crossed they honor my order.

  • It says its only compatible with Fords… Or am I missing something?

    I got a Subaru idk if its universal haha

  • Error 404 this part is no longer available. :(

  • Looks like the show is over. Getting a 404 error now on the items, and the rotors I had in my cart are gone:

    Sorry, we have sold out of DBA T3 4000 4x4 Slotted Brake Rotor Pair Front DBA4573S. This item was removed from your cart

    • +1

      Ha, the same ones I was trying to get

  • +1

    Looks like they killed it, too many got greedy I reckon and none of the orders will ship

    • +1

      What did you expect when it gets posted here. Even if everybody only bought 1 pair, same outcome would happen due to the amount of orders.

      • +2

        Hard to say for sure, but when people order for their shop or to resell it gets noticed quicker and they take it down sooner.

        If there isn't such a massive surge in purchases maybe some get through.

        • 1000 clicks in since posted 1 hour ago. Several hundred people would be ordering in 1 hour which is a huge surge already. The site slowed down due to the amount of people using the site.

          • +1

            @8azinga: Clicks don't equal purchases.

            What if only OP ordered and didn't post, it gets honoured right?

            Now apply that logic to people only ordering a max of one, might not get honoured but we are closer to just the OP ordering vs multiple people ordering multiple rotors.

            • @TEER3X: The site was getting hammered and not loading properly and orders weren't going through properly either due to amount of traffic. That wouldn't happen if it was a few people ordering high quantities.

  • OOS

  • Placed order for a pair, but no email yet. Lets hope our goes through.

  • +1

    Item show as out of stock when added to cart now

  • +2

    OzBargained! Can't add anything at all now to your cart.

    Guess I'll have to live with the shuddering when breaking until the next sale

  • everything is out of stock for my car..

    • Yeah me too for both my cars. How inconvenient!

      • +2

        Karen07 says:

        How inconvenient!

        Username checks out
        Maybe you should talk to the manager for all the inconvenience you went through

        • +10

          I am being victimised because of my name. I demand to talk to the person in charge.

  • Out of stock, refreshed and price has gone up. :(

  • Nice found OP. Ordered and waiting for confirmation. Hope it will go through

  • +2

    I think Sparesbox have caught on due to everything out of stock

  • +1

    $1500 off two piece discs..

    This isn't going to go through 😂

    Note to any VW R36 owners - they have the wrong discs listed for the standard ones. They should be 345mm and not 312mm.

    Luckily I have some AP Racing Calipers that need discs..

    EDIT: Now states all of the discs that I can use are out of stock.

  • +1

    The 5000's are awesome, had them on my GTS for about 7 or 8 years. Much cheaper than the AP equivalent. Only have the replacement rings available for but still a massive saving if they honour it.

    I'd recommend checking part numbers on the DBA site though

  • Seconds before payment was placed went out of stock for my selection.

  • Nothing is on sale for my 13 ISF :-( though likely to be price error and wouldn't worry if it is not honoured.

  • Dammit was making lunch and came back and now out of stock

    • +4

      if you see a bargain you bloody can tell lunch to wait.

      This is the true Ozbargain way.

  • Had 3 different sets of rotors in cart ready to buy all were removed, said out off stock.

  • +3


    • Yeah like I said above. How inconvenient!

  • +1

    Looks like it's the "oh crap, what's happening!? pull it down!?" moment taking place.

  • +11

    Guess they had to put a brake on all those orders …

    • +5

      Who ever made the mistake might have skid marks now …

  • +3

    this is a deal of high caliper

    • +1

      They soon put a stop to it.

      • -1

        Should be Diskpensation!!!!

    • +1

      leaves me rotorable!

  • -2

    Haha, got to love companies thast price rear rotors the same as fronts, when the fronts much bigger. Talk about lazy!!!!!!!

    • +2

      It has to do with how many of them they sell as well. Rear's wear less so they sell less and they need to make up costs for the manufacturing/tooling costs.

      • Exactly.

        Another example is baby/kids clothes being more expensive than adults as they aren't manufactured / sold as much.

        • Aren't they?
          My children go through more clothes than I do

      • -1

        They do them in production runs so makes no difference:) Have a look around and N15 pulsar sss Front t3 rotors and then look at t3 rear rotors for the said car at most most distributors. !!! Does not worry me as i get them from dba:), just pointing out to others so they dont get ripped off.

    • +1

      Talk about laziness, should've gone and try get a price match at Supercheap.

  • Whole brake range offline now

  • +4

    Just got a refund

    • Same

  • Just got a refund also but no email from Sparesbox…

  • Just got refunded :/

  • T3 is much better than HD 5000

    • +1

      Your comment is correct but somewhat misleading. HD is just a plain/blank rotor. T3 is the cross slotted type.
      The 5000 2 piece rotor is available in both HD and T3 with the 5000 T3 being better than the 5000 HD equivalent.

      • My point is both T3 4000 and 5000 are better than HD 5000

  • +1

    Prices updated. Looks like it was only meant to be 10-15% off their normal price.

    • +1

      As opposed to 10-15% of the price

      • Mine were 3% of the normal price.

  • Refunded also :( ah well I was hopeful but not expectant.

  • Refunded

  • I wonder if they will now refund that nulon oil from last week that was 22 dollars for 5litre bottle.Anyone actually got the oil deal?

    • +3

      $22.82 for oil is not a price error and you had to buy 4. That's only about 55% off. The brake rotors were 90-95% off.

      • I ordered a bundle of filters along with the oil. The filters have arrived, the oil isn't yet sent

  • -3

    Got a refund, no email from them.

    Pretty poor form from these guys.

  • +3

    I have received my email. I'd say they are sending them out manually. It's a shame but they are in the right cancel it. I used to work for the ACCC, they haven't broken the law here. There is plenty of examples of companies that have made errors like this and had to cancel them.

    Shame boys! I was keen for some new T3's! I'll save up and buy them later on.

    • +1

      I know companies can refund for price errors and was expecting a refund for this but how did this guy win this court case against bike bug for a price error?

      • +3

        Oh! Interesting. I checked out the link. In that case, the tax invoice was acceptance of the contract of sale. Online stores don't provide tax invoices at time of purchase, they send you an order confirmation. Back in the old days, when only brick and motor stores existed, pricing errors didn't occur in such large scale. With online sales, one mistake could lead to catastrophic failure. Imagine being the minimum wage employee that stuffs up and tanks a company. We'd end up with only the companies capable of investing millions into technology and safe guards, we wouldn't have as many smaller companies competing and it'd just be a few major online retailers calling the shots. Wouldn't be a fun time for us looking for a bargain.

        • Thanks. I guess some stores need updating at some online stores still send invoices at order. Surprised he still won the case though as retailers should have always been able to refund if its a clear price error.

        • +1

          Yup, would be fun seeing Elon briefly change the price of a Tesla model 3 to $420.69 for lulz

        • +1

          No, that wasn't the issue.

          The respondent did not seek to rely on any terms and conditions of the contract that may have made the contract void. After the contract had been formed, the respondent arbitrarily cancelled the contract and the money was refunded to the applicant's PayPal account.

          i.e. they forgot or didn't know to include adequate terms on their website to protect them from pricing errors. After that, the seller mistakenly relied on legislation that is there to protect buyers

      • Here's the thing - for the later orders, I don't think they've sent anything at all let alone a tax invoice as all of the orders were 'in review'.

        It's not the first time Sparesbox have buggered up and won't be the last time either. I'd spend my hard earned cashola with Automotive Superstore instead of these clowns if the items are identically priced, some of my experience with Sparesbox includes waiting 3 weeks for a set of wiper blades and bottles of Mobil 1 became Castrol Edge.

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