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$15 off $15+ Spend In-store (VIP Members) @ Spotlight


VIP card must be presented to receive discount. If VIP card cannot be presented due to reasonable circumstances, customer ID will need to be shown to the team member to identify you as the VIP card holder allocated this coupon offer. If you cannot present your card or identify yourself as the card holder then the coupon will NOT be accepted. Gift voucher is single use only, and original email sent by Spotlight account must be presented to the team member to receive discount at time of purchase. No other visual will be accepted such as screen shots, non-authorised websites or social posts. Save $15 off when you spend $15 or more in one transaction. Not to be used in conjunction with any other voucher, coupon or team member discount and cannot be redeemed for cash. Excludes All electrical appliances, sewing machines, overlockers and paper craft machines. All new & existing Made to Measure orders & payments, Everyday Bargains, clearance items, existing laybys & gift cards.

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  • They will require the actual barcode ?

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      Actual as in? I have attached screenshot of barcode

      • I meant the email that you received ? As per t&c

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          Just scan the screenshot. Mention physical distancing if they asked to check πŸ˜‚

          • @Pricebeat: Lol, they can ask you to show the email, depending who the staff is

            • @yht: If you haven’t received email, then this might not work for you. You need to scan your VIP club card with this barcode.

          • @Pricebeat: lolz … covi-bar-gain physical distancing πŸ˜…

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        yeah screenshots aren't accepted anymore, have to show the email.
        No email here, just a shitty xmas one unfortunately

    • Email also has member barcode just below this barcode - so staff scan both from the email!! Times have changed!

  • $30 minimum for Click & Collect

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      This only works in-store as mentioned in title

  • are they still doing sodaking refills? if so - can I exchange my sodastream canister for a sodaking one?

  • I've never seen unique barcodes for a spotlight sale, so I suspect this will work for anyone, and multiple times (but would be good to for anyone with the email to compare against the one posted here)

    Edit: though they've tightened up the language on this one since the last one $20 for $20 spend that was definitely open to all, so not sure

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      I tried using the last $20 for $20 spend from a screen shot I got here on Ozb. I didn't receive the email. I had the sales assistant ask me to scroll the email to prove it was an email and not a screen shot. I was refused. So i found a different voucher I knew i had in email and used it instead. (just wasn't as good a deal) They then checked some other computer system to ensure I had not already used the voucher before (I hadn't). The whole ordeal took 10 minutes.. the woman explaining to me that "apparently people are using the discount vouchers more than once, or finding other vouchers online and just scanning in store to take advantage"… I just looked shocked and appalled.. while a part of me was crying inside as they have (finally) worked out this loop-hole. So i came home, and signed up a further 2 VIP accounts. I now have 3 birthdays a year and more chance of getting a decent code every so often. Still tempted to sign up a few more accounts.

      • Did you put your real name, phone and dob as they will ask this everytime you buy from them in store ?

        • used real name and phone but changed up the DOB. I have never been asked for name, dob or phone before, and its a store I regularly visit. time will tell I guess.

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    I got a $10 discount on a $30 spend

    • Me too.

      • Maybe the barcodes aren't unique as such, but each of the promos has it's own barcode and then VIP members get associated with one of the promos

        I just went into my spotlight settings and for some reason my email consent was disabled so I haven't received any offer emails, but I may still be eligible :(

    • I got that too but there's no barcode, just says "we'll drop it in your inbox". What does that mean :S Maybe they mean spend $30 and we'll send you a voucher later…

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    Need to show email especially with new staff.

  • Just spent over $500 with Spotlight. I've got no chance of getting any targeted discounts with them. Anyone tried using just the barcode without the email?

  • Wait I've spent over $300 over there with my VIP club membership. How have I not got an email???

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      They target people who spend little to get them into the store. People who spend a lot miss out. Sad, but quite rational for a business…

      • awww. that sucks.Cheers for letting me know tho

        • They also target people with . in their email addresses or have a second email address.

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    Received the email πŸ‘
    Same code.

    • Weird. My wife used this earlier but didn't have her card on her. They told her it doesn't matter as they could see who she was from the discount code.

        VIP member number is shown as another barcode below that barcode in the email.

        So staff will want to see the email to scan both.
        States single use only, in-store only.

        • We didn't get the email though, she just used the image attached to this bargain.

          • @takezo: She must have an 'ignorant' staff.

  • I’m just waiting until someone post the voucher on markdown addicts and either ppl gloating that they managed to use it without email or angry ppl complaining they can’t use it. Even though in both case, they are not eligible.

    • How is it not there already they normally go crazy for spotlight

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    Received the email πŸ‘
    Same code.

  • Thanks OP! πŸ˜‚ I never open their email unless someone posts here. Would have missed on getting some freebies

  • Thanks a lot, used this today and did not get the email. I love this group!

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