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[NSW] Wagyu Rump Steak $59.99 for 2kg + Delivery (Sydney, Free over $125 Spend) @ Craig Cook The Natural Butcher




Delivery is in refrigerated trucks and all meat is packed in foam boxes.
Free Delivery for orders over $125

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  • Hi, What is the Marble score?

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      MARBLE SCORE 6-7

      Took that straight out of the description for you.

      There's a pic here of what I was delivered when ordering Marble Score 8-9 expert Wagyu tenderloin from these guys previously. Packaging was poor, wouldn't buy from them online again.

      • Ooph my local butcher does something like that and they don't even bother to give it a marbling score.

        It is however plenty yummy, but not $45/kg lol

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    Please educate me - Looking at the photos the quality is no difference/not any better than the meat at local supermarket/butcher.

    $30/kg + delivery is not any cheaper either, so I am struggling to see how this is a bargain?

    • Most local butchers stock some form of angus beef, which is still great meat. Wagyu is a completely different flavour of meat and usually comes with a higher price tag given how much demand it has internationally. We export most of our wagyu beef, thought not sure about in corona times.

      For someone that doesnt really have a refined pallete for steak or prefers lean cuts, wagyu is not worth it. An angus eye fillet will do most people well. I find personally the only time i enjoy wagyu is in paper thin cuts eaten japanese BBQ style.

    • as a lazy fker… I'm comparing it against Woolies, which sells Rump steak at $30kilo

      So with this I would get supposedly Waygu Rump + delivery

      Though I'm really more interested in the $40 500gm 6-7 marble score Sirloin,

      Would like to compare against Harris farm $100per kilo, usually selling at at 300 grams or so

      Damn, looking at Stores, this is the expensive butcher I always glance and walk on by in Broadway

      • this is the expensive butcher I always glance and walk on by in Broadway
        Same, every time omw to Coles

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    Hi OP. Do you do Click 'n' Collect as well?

    • Interested in this as well as I live 5 minutes from one of your stores.

  • does the rump come sliced?

    • Yep comes sliced and individually wrapped in 300~gm servings

  • This is a decent deal mb6-7 wagyu is usually $40-60 per kilo

  • I have a Craig Cook next door, can I purchase in store?

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    Avoid . I purchased this last time and they steaks wasn't very fresh .

    • I've only tried this once in store, North Rocks, same deal and it was probably the best rump steak ive had anywhere any country any cost.

      Granted North Rocks is pretty high traffic and IMO rump isnt the best cut but..

      • I ordered it from online I cooked them 7 days before expiry and it was just begining to turn off . I've had the eye fillets from same butcher and it's way easy best I have had and I over cooked them too …

        • its just plain variation however saying that for the price you pay, you shoudnt have to worry about freshness

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    Just a heads up everyone these guys delivery my order today and under weighed every single item by half i.e.

    Beef Mince
    1kg vs actual 370g

    Wagyu Beef Sausages
    500g vs actual 219g

    Chicken Breast Fillets
    1kg vs actual: 372g

    SPECIAL Wagyu Rump
    2kg vs actual:735g

    Pretty disgusted they tried to get away with this so avoid these guys unless you want to be ripped off

    • take pictures and send it to them

      • I did.

        Instead of honouring the order they refunded it and and sent someone to pick the meat up. Obviously they are unable to supply orders unless their customers accept they’re getting ripped off.

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