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40% off All Coffee Orders & Free Shipping for Orders over $50 @ Frankie's Beans


Hey Ozbargainers,

We are running a 40% off sale on all coffee until this Thursday or while stocks last.

All coffee is 100% Specialty Grade Arabica beans.

Some of our best sellers are:

3 Colombians blend - this blend has won a number of medals at the Australian International Coffee Awards. It is a single origin blend and works very well black or with milk. Recommended for espresso based beverages.

Nicaragua Single Origin - Cerro De Jesus - this micro lot single origin bean is a very unique coffee that was awarded 3 medals at the Australian International Coffee Awards. It is roasted on the lighter side and best brewed as a filter/aeropress or as a double ristretto espresso shot.

Colombia Single Origin - Caldas - this single origin from Colombia is roasted to a medium level and perfect for filter or espresso based beverages.

I Can't Believe It's Decaf - a decaf that does not taste like a decaf. It surprises even the biggest coffee snobs.

Ethiopia Single Origin - Yirgacheffe Ayele Fulasa a mixed varietal and naturally processed coffee which is a great option for black coffee drinkers.

Coffee Pods - Our Nespresso compatible biodegradable coffee capsules are a perfect solution for those that want convenience whilst minimising the impact on our planet.

Get in quick as some stock is very limited.

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  • Please include the website in the title, thank you.

    • +1

      Done. Thanks for the suggestion. Still learning the Ozbargain ropes.

  • Thanks, ordered 2 x 1KG of the 3 hombres.

    Look forward to giving it a go!

    • Thanks for your order. Keen to get your feedback.

  • What's best for cold drip?

    • Really depends what flavour profile you are after. I'd normally go for a single origin for cold drip but if you like it on the stronger side then the 3 Colombians is the best pick.

      • I'm looking for something fruity and light

        • +1

          The Ethiopian would have been the best pick but unfortunately we are out of stock.

          The Nicaragua should also work quite nicely. It has won a number of medals at the Australian International Coffee Awards for a number of different brewing methods.

  • When will be the roast date?

    • +1

      Each coffee has a different roast date as they are roasted at different times. The oldest coffee on hand was roasted 23/10/2020. Let me know which coffee you are interested in and I can let you know it's roast date.

  • Hi, what's the amount on each decafe beans bag?

    • Decaf comes in 250g bags.

      • Thanks, out of stock now… Are you getting any more in?

        • Yes we will be roasting some more next week. Not sure which day yet.

          • @Frankies Beans: Is there a way for me to order using the coupon and you can send it after it's roasted?

            • +1

              @AncientWisdom: @AncientWisdom I have updated the website so orders can be placed for next week's dispatch. That way you can still place your order and take advantage of the current discount offer.

              • @Frankies Beans: Thanks. I just tried to place an order before the deal expires but it still only limits me to 3 bags… ☹️

  • Are any/all of your beans certified organic?

    • +1

      None are certified organic as often it is too expensive for the farmers to obtain certification. We do try and establish a Direct Trade with farmers where possible so that the farmers get paid a fairer price for all of their hard work. We also like to work with farmers who take pride in what they do and farm sustainably as the longevity of their farm is their lively hood.

  • Hi, I might be a bit late to order but it looks like most products are out of stock. I hope to get 1kg of the 3Colombians and 500g/1kg of the Single Origin - Nicaragua - Cerro De Jesus Coffee Beans, none of them are available.

    • Hi @Summerjli,

      I have updated our stock levels for 3 Colombians however we are completely sold out of our Nicaraguan and Ethiopian coffees. At the moment we only have our Colombian Single Origin. We will have a new Ethiopian on offer hopefully next week.



      • Thank you!

        I am trying not to load up too many of the same kind at home as well as wanting to try as many products from Frankie as possible.

        Wondering how long would the discount code last for?