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Washing Machine $479, Microwave $199, 20V Brushless Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Set $149, Socket Bit Set $29.99 @ ALDI


Aldi deals starring from 14th November. Here are the links for the items…

Washing machine
Socket Bit Set
20V Brushless Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Set

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  • Their vacuum's really suck!

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      It would be a blower if it didn't suck.

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      I agree, the last 3 vacuums bought from ALDI had to be returned to manufacturer for refund.

      • Same with Sterling Microwave

        • Had my aldi microwave for 4 years, it’s still going!

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    waiting for bunning price match on equivalent ozito set :)

    • They don't have a brushless hammer drill and impact driver set right?

    • Total tools had a Makita commercial drill and driver for $320.

      Better to go that than this. Apparently they go out faster than they come in.

    • don't forget your discounted Bunnings gift cards that you can redeem for cash

      • What do you mean? Details please?

        • Also want to know more

        • Any change from a Giftcard transaction below 10 bucks gets cashed.

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      Bunnings are already cheaper, click the links below. Drill $99, driver skin $39.

      No bag and accessories kit like Aldi, and Aldi seems to have more torque, whether that means anything though.

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    Please rotate the image…

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      Need aldi to put a massager in their special buys now, due to neck pain

  • Show me the microwave! (please)

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    Anyone have the full catalogue?

  • So the 10-cup rice cooker for $50 or so in the originally posted image was just a random image?

  • What are the prospects on that washer?

  • anyone have any experience on the socket bit set? looking to get one but idk if its even worth it

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    In need of a new washing machine, and wanted to weigh up the usual $1200 Bosch recommendation against these cheapies.
    The manual is often a give away to the original OEM.

    Aldi / Stirling 9kg Front Load Washing Machine

    Product page: https://stirlingappliances.com.au/stirling_products/9kg-fron...
    Error Codes Specs Panel

    Kogan "Series 9" 9kg Front Load Washing Machine

    Product page: https://stirlingappliances.com.au/stirling_products/9kg-fron...
    Error Codes Specs Panel
    The panel isn't shown, but it's in a similar place and style to the Stirling one. here's a comparison of the actual panel

    I'm convinced they're the same product, you make up your own mind.

    Notable differences:
    * Different outside face of the door (but identical insides)
    * Different control panel (although pretty close)

    Reviews on Kogan are as you'd expect:
    * Noisy
    * Faulty machine
    * Kogan customer service is awful
    * One person mentions no hot water wash. Not important to me so I haven't verified

    YMMV, but looks like a cheap budget front loader. If you can be one of the 2 people to get the aldi stock, at least you can return it. If you want to gamble with Kogan, they're doing click frenzy and you may be able to get a decent price on it (haven't bother to look up if they're 20% off stacks with the current sale price of $529 + shipping, or $469 for the 8kg).

  • Any reviews on the portable aircon?

  • So any reviews or experience with these Washing Machines? Looking to replace my existing Samsung one

    • Bought one this week, replacing an old 6.5kg F&P top loader. So far so good (the Missus is quite happy with expanded capacity and results).

  • For those who bought the socket bit sets, any feedback?

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