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Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes Canned 400g - $1 @ Woolworths


OzBargain's favourite canned tomato is on sale at Woolies. It's just the chopped stuff that's down to $1 this week, the Whole Peeled cans are $1.30.

People have often said that for canned tomatoes you should only buy whole peeled as the chopped stuff is of lower quality, but in Kenji Lopez-Alt's (of Serious Eats/Food Lab fame) recent videos he mentions that for a good brand of canned tomatoes, they tend to use the ripest tomatoes for the canned crushed variety so they actually taste better. I'd say worth taking a stab at for Mutti.

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          • @petry: I'm interested that you state these tinned tomatoes are overpriced. What cheaper alternative do you recommend?

            • @GG57: I shake my tins fluid content tells you more than an oz label…

  • Thanks OP

  • Nice recommendation - I'll try these out, usually I get whatevers cheap - but defz agree some could taste better. All the youtubers and chefs seem to spruik the San Marzano wholes.

  • Definitely recommend these tomatoes. There were a few web articles circulating a month ago with the best tinned tomatoes you can buy in Australia. I decided to test out some of the results and bought tins of the top 3 recommended ones. These were by far my favorite. They're normally $1.50 each so this is a good deal.

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    These are the best (in Woolies anyways).

    For the people who "buys Australian Tomatoes", do you also buy San Remo pasta too? If yes, more power to you but you don't know what you're doing.

    • Don't care either, as long as they're told there good!

      Dunno why people get upset about the term sheeple when they just follow anything….

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      What pasta do you recommend?

      Serious question.

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        For dry everyday pasta I use Barilla. But go to a nearby Harris Farm, they usually have better options.

  • Woohoo! These are the bomb diggetty!

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    These have always been the undisputed best supermarket brand, but my most recent batch around a month ago was trash. I was testing it against a few other brands cuz I was demonstrating their deliciousness to a mate and we both agreed it tasted weird and not good at all.

    Anyone else checked to see it's as good as you remember it to be?

    Maybe they've decided to cash in their excellent reputation by aggressively pursuing better profit margins and are hoping no one notices! </tinfoil hat>

  • These one off item posts are silly! Woolworth's (use their app.) have just so many specials every week. For example this week they have OVER 1000 half priced items so a 60 cent off offer is hardly worth getting excited about.

    • sPeCiAls are a small saving grace as most items the regular price is a scam.

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    Mutti whole peeled tomatoes are good for pasta sauce base but my favourite is the Annalisa brand of Cherry tomatoes. Slightly sweeter, only downside with cherry tomatoes or baby roma the skin is not removed.

  • Amazing quality product yummy

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    Stocked up on this brand thank you