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[VIC] Heavy Duty Workbench $99 @ Bunnings Northland (Was $299)


Seems like good value being $299 off RRP. Deal was at Bunnings Northland and checkout manually input the price - not sure if applicable other stores

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    • Different

      • 300kg vs 180kg

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      Basically the same dimensions however Workbench in the listing can support 300kg. Whereas workbench in the link supports only 180kg. So deal is basically More for less

      • Yes my bad I didn't notice.
        Looks like the one posted by op is not on the website.
        Will try to go in a Sydney store tomorrow cause it looks like a good deal

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      Can't find it listed on Bunning's website. Pretty sure it's this one

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        Yes that's it, i have one. Very sturdy, the bench top is a slab of thick lacquered wood and not like the cheap benches and shelves with MDF shelves that swell up when wet (which i also have).

        At $99 it's a great buy if you can find stock.

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    I'll need to checkout my local Bunnings.

    I love putting them together because you just have to pound with a mallet :D.

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    I/N: 0197753 on powerpass app. Showing as $160 retail, $152 powerpass.

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    Bunnings Northland is soo crazy busy all the time

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      Carpark is a nightmare there

  • So not bother trying different Bunnings? Seems like a very specific store deal

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    Bit misleading, bunnings app says its $160 retail

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    Could you post receipt to price match in Victoria? Thanks !

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      Yes please a receipt would be great

  • Saw what looked to be this in my local store. Was $160 on clearance in the centre walkway.

    • I saw the same price at one recently too. I wonder why it's such a different clearance price

  • Bit cheaper in NSW, bought 2 at Kotara Bunnings for $50

    • Are there any left mate?

    • Wow, same shelf or the 180kg one linked in the firet few posts? $50ea or 2 for $50?!

    • got 2 @ $50ea, so total $100

      There were about 5 left on Sunday at Kotara

      Bunnings also offer the equivalent in normal duty for $100 each (lower load rating, and also wooden peg board)

    • Image of the receipt would be great before I headed into my local store :)

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    What was the general consensus in the past, was it that other bunnings stores won't match each other. I can't remember if they did or not or if it just came down to luck and whoever served you.

    Northland is my local but I'm working in Ballarat, I reckon they may sell out by the end of the day. :(

    • For me they won't price match each other. I asked once and was told to go to that store and buy it.

  • Sold out @ Northland, Vic.

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    Clearance prices work by dropping a products prices in increments. Say it was originally $299 and then dropped to $249 but it wasn't selling so it dropped it to $160, the item will scan at $160 on the register and never say the original price. Just say you were going to go make a ticket for it and scanned it your simply see clearance $160 without knowing $249 and $299 were prevoius prices. If you knew the previous prices saying " clearance was $299 now $160 " is technically true and makes it more appealing to the customer to purchase.

    I once had an item drop down over the course of a month or two from $79-$59-$49-$29-$19-$10 - $5 and it still wasn't moving because the ticket said "was $79 now $59" or was "$49 now $29". Probably didn't help it was in a crappy spot. The moment I moved it to a prominent location and put on "originally $79 now $5" it was gone in 15 minutes.

    We have the ability to drop the prices on clearance items more depending on how badly we need the space, amount of stock etc. If OP can post the barcode / FL number a team member in store can tell you if it's indeed clearance ( which should be nation wide ) or store specific ( they just want it gone for whatever reason). If it's clearance nation wide you should easily be able to show OPs pic and get them to match it.

    • What item was that out of curiosity?

      • Pebble resurfacer.

  • Anyone get a photo of the $50?

  • I got one of these a couple of weeks ago in Hobart for $160, don't know where the $299 is coming from, still, a good deal at $99.

  • $160 in Ballarat. Last one is assembled with no other stock in sight.

    Definitely a state/nationwide discontinued item but the average price seems to be the $160 seeing as that's been quoted the most so far.

    I really wanted 3-4 of these but I don't think I'm prepared to scour Victoria for them.

  • I asked my local bunnings and they matched $99.

    • Eastlakes (Sydney) wouldnt price match. Priced at $160

      They still had around 20 when I was there over lunch.

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    Should be about 13 left in Moorabbin, Vic.

    Ticket price $90, checkout $80…..go figure. Haha

    • Thanks, grabbed 1 today. Ticket price $90, scanned $160, purchased $80. About 11 left.

  • The quality of these are not great, it's quite unstable and not suitable for things you would typically do on a workbench.

    OK for using to fix items with solder or screwdriver but anything that requires force, forget it.

    • Sure you were looking at the same unit? Because these are very stable, im 100kg and have stood on it many times and would have no issue jumping up and down on it. Bench holds 300kg.

  • Just saw a few by the front door at Lidcombe in Sydney. Marked as $99.

  • Also found plenty at Altona Bunnings, although original price is $160

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