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Black Friday - $200 off $2000+, $100 off $1000, $75 off $600 & $25 off $100 @ Bicycles Online

Why buy from Bicycles Online?

Our bikes are often 20% to 40% cheaper than comparable bikes in the market, and that is due to our direct to consumer business model. We source high-quality bikes from the manufacturer, cut out the middlemen and pass on the savings to you - where they belong. Add to that our fast delivery and local support, you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best deal on your new bike.

Our Black Friday Sales is your last chance to get a bike discounted this year!

Black Friday FLASH SALE - 27/11 - 24hrs

Use coupon code at checkout!

BLACK200 -> $200 Off Orders over $2,000
BLACK100 -> $100 Off Orders $1,000 - $2,000
BLACK75 -> $75 Off Orders $600 - $1,000
BLACK25 -> $25 Off Orders $100 to $600

Shop MOUNTAIN Bikes - From $519

Shop ROAD Bikes - From $849

Shop URBAN Bikes - From $679

Shop KIDS Bikes - From $399

Shop Bike Accessories

Shop Cycling Apparel

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Friday, 27 November
    Black Friday 2020

    Just a tad early…

    • Maybe they want you to have the bicycle by black friday

  • +2

    but..but…you're the middleman!

  • +1

    just got my siskiu T8 but no regrets,

    pre-ordering on 27th Nov, the bike would probably arrive late Dec/Jan.

    • This close to pulling the trigger on a T8 too! Just gotta figure out which size to get - being 5'10" I'm always right between 2 sizes…

      • +1

        I'm 167cm and went for M 27.5

    • I'm going to grab a Siskiu T7; stoked!

  • +8

    Why does the deal get worse the more you spend?

  • Has this got anything to do with the company of appliances online? I had a tough time dealing with AO not long ago in WA…

    • No, they are a different company

  • Would be greatb if the 20 inch bikes were in stock.

    • deal isn't active until 27th anyway

  • Stooooooooked! Going to pick up a Siskiu T7

  • I'm going to guess the odds of getting a bike that's in stock on this exact date would be impossible.

    • it should work on pre-orders

  • Seriously with the margins they are working on this discount is pathetic !
    eg sales items $1200 to $1150 = crap .
    My bad if they are the next Apple .

    • At the same time, this year, given that the only thing you can do in Victoria is pretty much cycling with the family, all 2020 and older bikes (mostly affordable ones) are all sold out across bike shops…They used to discount current year bikes from 10% - 20% but this year from Apr onward, basically no discount at all and bikes still got sell so I don't think their discount is pathetic.

  • +1

    The problem with bikes in Australia these days is that 80% of interesting items are out of stock. Those ones which are in stock either don't have the right size (L, XL) or are too expensive comparing the rest of the world.

    • I also really dislike how many of these online stores advertise the bikes on the store pages weeks or even months before they have landed.

      You can place preorders and get told, oh its actually not coming until 2021…stop pretending to sell them then you idiots!!

  • Any electric bikes

  • Can ayone explain to me why mountain bikes start cheaper then "urban/hybrid" bikes? Im just looking for something to ride with the kids - so most tarmac, footpaths, gravel paths with the odd bit of dirt - and although a hybrid style suits better, MTB always seem cheaper (especially 27.5 inch)

    • I am currently riding on an old MTB vs friends who have urban/hybrid/town bikes, I can tell you the peddle speed I have to do in order to keep up with them is not so enjoyable. Gearing and wider tires (more specifically the tire pressure) make tarmac/road/gravel cycling less efficient. Based on your comments and not knowing the specific models, I'm guessing MTB has suspension and cheaper groupsets. The groupset used tend to be more expensive on the hybrid/urban bikes but even that statement is highly variable as you could also get more expensive MTB frames and groupsets.
      Each price point has differing combinations - I did lots of research got ready to buy mid year then was told they are OOS for a few months so stuck with my old MTB.

  • The bike I want is out of stock and won't restock til January :(

    • Same with the DSX 1, I've literally been watching the thing for months. It said restock in Nov and now its changed.

  • Just checked - code isnt working when I apply it

  • lol T7 & T8 o/s

    is that by chance or planned …

  • +1

    The BLACK100 code is wrong. It should be BLACK125 which gives you $125 off orders between $1000 and $2000

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