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Cygnett Chargeup Pro 27000mAh 60W USB-C Power-Bank $119.97 Delivered @ Cygnett


Absolute monster of a power-bank with 60W of USB-C Power Delivery and up to 72W using together with the USB-A socket.

Maximum allowable size (99.9W/h) for carry-on baggage and comes with USB-C to USB-C cable.

Next cheapest outright price is $149.95 @ Big-W online https://www.bigw.com.au/product/cygnett-charge-up-pro-27000m...

RRP $199.95. Use coupon to get it down to $119.97 delivered. Get in quick before they pull the code.

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  • Jumped on it, thanks OP. Wanted a powerful portable fir charging my laptop on the move

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    Check if you have a commbank reward for $30 cash back when you spend over $100. It's getting very tempting

    • thx mate

    • This is in the CommBank Rewards description for the offer: "Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Excludes voucher codes, gift cards, cash back and coupon deals"

      Does this mean a coupon like this would actually work?

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        It worked when I used my commbank reward with youfoodz with a coupon and I'm pretty sure I've used it with menulog with a coupon and it worked

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    I've had this powerbank for just on 2 years now and it's fantastic. Great for charging my laptop / switch / phone.

    • cyngett the pro range are really good power banks. i have one and even though it is only 20000 mAh it's great.

      • I had the 20000mAh Pro too and although I liked the build and form factor, would not charge two of my chromebooks, so returned it.

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    Im hoping this will charge my XGIMI Halo projector

  • Thanks OP. Got one for my upcoming Apple silicon MacBook Pro

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    Thanks! Got 1 with the Commonwealth Bank $30 cash back on $100 spend promo. Makes it $89.97 :)

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      How to get the comm bank cash back? I have a comm bank account with debit mastercard.

    • Any idea when we can get the Commonwealth Bank $30 cash back by?

  • Thanks OP. SOrry idk much about batteries butI thought 26,800 is max for carrying on-board ? So can one bring this in carry-on luggage?

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      Yes you can carry this on.

      Maximum allowable carry-on is 100Wh (Watt-hours)
      This is calculated at the rated capacity (mAh - milli-amp-hours) x voltage of this capacity (Wattage = Voltage x amperage)

      Thus this power bank has 3 individual batter cells, each rated for 9000 mAh at 3.7V each - bringing it to 99.9Wh for the actual power capacity (as posted by OP)

      Thus when looking at batteries/power banks, not only should you look at the mAh number also the voltage which this is rated at to give you an idea of the actual POWER capacity.

      For example - my Kogan Power bank: 26800 mAH at 3.6V = 96.5Wh

      • Thank you!

  • If this only had Qi charging too, I'd hop onto it in a flash..

    • Something this chunky you're going to have to carry in a bag. Throwing in an extra cable with it is easily worth the extra charging efficiency i think.

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      There's a wireless version on their website!

      • Looks good except the code when applied:

        PRO40 discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart

        Keep an eye out for it then… thanks

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          Hey mate! The code CACHIA30 can be applied to that 27,000 mAh USB-C Laptop and Wireless Power Bank
          wireless charger, which brings the price down to $139.97. Solid price I reckon considering the features!

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            @Zenyth: Is it same device but with wireless charging?

            Edit: bought it lol

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            @Zenyth: Thanks Bought

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            @Zenyth: Thanks mate.
            I have been waiting for an offer in this one. This is the real deal IMO

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            @Zenyth: Cheers, bought

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    These are great! I picked mine up for $106 + 2000 Qantas points about two years ago, and I never travel without it. Can power a MacBook Pro no problem, and fast charge phones and iPads. It's big, but it's quite thin for what it is and the capacity makes up for the extra bulk.

  • Damn, I wish i didnt jump the gun early with this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/573131

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      No need to regret, your Ravpower one is almost half the price of the one in this deal. This Cygnett one has a bigger capacity but also heavier at 640g.

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      I don't think that one is much better than the one you bought.
      1 $119 vs $60
      2 27000mah vs 20000mah;
      3 60W vs 60W;
      4 Ravpower have 18 months plus 12 months (register online) warranty. Not sure how many years this one get.

      any other benefits from Cygnett?

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        From what I gathered:

        72W using together with the USB-A socket.

        The max output of the USB-C port is still 60W but you can use the USB-A port to charge another device at 12W concurrently.
        I‘d take the Ravpower over the Cygnett too given the price and weight differences.

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          Can't agree it any more.

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            @oceangoingsfc: Hmm, I would have taken adventage of extra mah but yeah price per mah isn't that hot.
            I gonna stack with Kogan 10000mAh 18W PD I already have to make it up.
            Idk why Ravpower one didn't get a lot of upvote considering that price is perfect if you were looking in that range.

            • @Roze Rage: If you can't get the extra $30 cash back like I did from Comm Bank ( $90 delivered ), then the current price of

              $71.99 for the Ravpower is still good after using $8 coupon and if you have Prime for free delivery. Nice and light too for size.

  • Where are people getting the commbank reward from? I have some in my app but nothing for Cygnett - is it targeted?

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      Yes it is.

  • Maximum allowable size (99.9W/h) for carry-on baggage

    How do you know W/h?
    Is it the mAh times the battery voltage?

    And is the voltage just standard on batteries in consumer devices now?

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      Yes, W/h = volts x amps

      Also specs on website:
      Battery Capacity
      Battery Capacity: 27,000mAh / 99.9Wh
      Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
      Battery Cell: 3 x 9,000mAh / 3.7V

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    jb has it on sale in store for 119 should be able to price match officeworks


  • Oh damn 640grams…I mean that sounds light though tbh I'm terrible at imagining weight >.>

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      An iphone 11/12 weighs 160g, 11/12 pro weighs 190g and 11/12 pro max weighs 230g, so you are holding 3-4 iphones without cases plus the weight of your phone + case if there is any.

      • Ohhh ok. Yeah I'm just bad at weights then :p

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          It's a bit lighter than the lightest dumbell at a gym

          If you've ever experienced the pain of dropping things on your face in bed, this falls somewhere between a phone and a closed laptop

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      It's like 3 large smartphones

      Edit: lol beat me to it

  • there's $30 off from $100 from Westpac Altitude credit card as well .. it may be targeted

  • Been using this powerbank for over a year.
    Absolutely amazing.

    Especially with Work from Home, I can charge my work Laptop (HP x360) via USB-C PD and sit in my patio area with no worries about power!

  • This or the xiaomi zmi qb823? Goes around $90 on sale..

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      Definitely the QB823 if you don‘t need the bigger capacity of the Cygnett.

    • +1

      The QB823 is awesome with nice solid build and smooth edges with powefull output/input similar to this Cygnett, but also has hub feature.

      It's $110 currently, so this Cygnett if you can get it like I did for $90 after Com Bank Cash Back is a decent deal.

      • +1

        Mi Store AU ebay currently has the QB823 for $99.95
        People who are interested can wait for Singles Day or Black Friday for a better deal.

        • And can use AfterPay too to break up the $ hit(s).

  • Anyone know if this will charge a Dell XPS15 9550?

  • Anyone know if it can charge dell latitude 7390, it got a thunderbolt for usb charging. Regulsr charger that comes with it seems to be 65W. So bit confused if 60W advertised here would work well or not.

    • +1

      As long as voltages also are compatible it should charge very close/mostly no noticable speed difference to your 65W charger.

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    I have one of these personally and it has been great. We also have a large (~25)supply of them at work where they are used daily to charge laptops. We only get 6 months out of them before we either get large drops in capacity or swelling. Like I said though this would not be normal usage and my personal one has been bulletproof.

  • How long would it take to charge an iPhone?

  • Thanks OP have been looking for a good charger. Hopefully it can fast charge my Note20 Ultra!

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one for my pixel, and surface laptop. Its a whopper! Great price on it - cheers!

  • Use code "BLACKFRIDAY" instead to bring the price down to $101.97

  • Thanks OP - I used this code today and it actually took the price down to $101.97 with free shipping! Nice!

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