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[PC, Mac] Two Free Games of Your Choice @ Big Fish Games


Not sure when the promo codes expire but new codes are released every ~2 weeks as far as I can tell. Will update or make a new post if so.

Wide selection of hidden object, adventure, puzzle, arcade, word, strategy, etc. games on offer. I downloaded two Nancy Drew games - highly recommend if you like point and click adventure games!

To download a game:
1. Select a game and click "buy now"
2. Sign up or log in to Big Fish account
3. Unselect "Big Fish Game Club Free Trial" and apply coupon code
4. Download free game (This will automatically install the Big Fish Game Manager)

No billing info is required.

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  • +4

    Whatโ€™s the catch? ;)

    • Hopefully none!

      • +4

        Hook, line and sinker

      • Free product is not the catch, you are the catch. :p

    • +5

      You are the bait!

    • Do they have the latest COD?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I played Youda Farmer once but never got to playing it again. Good time to check it out.

  • +15

    I feel grimy for just looking at their website - they're one of those developers that pump out hundreds of games for 'free' that make money by microtransactions.

    • So that's the catch :(

    • +6

      And yet I've never played a bigfish game with microtransactions.

    • +9

      They were actually well known for Hidden object games and were really popular. Now they make money with casino games and gambling. Hardly surprising since they are now owned by one of the largest gambling machine manufacturers in the world, Aristocrat which is actually an Australian company.

  • +3

    I'd recommend Professor Fizzwizzle for PC/Mac, good puzzle game.

  • +1

    Do you need to play the game through their launcher, or can you download a DRM free installer for the game?

    • +3

      When you download a game, it checks for the app and if it's not there, it downloads it. You can't access the games without the launcher (so not DRM free).

    • +1

      I don't know if you saw the other comment in this thread, but I was wrong - You can delete the launcher after downloading the games. The launcher will be re-installed each time you download a game, but it is not required to play the games. Hope that clears it up!

  • +8

    Now I can finally replay my childhood, Fish Tycoon and Virtual Villagers here I come.

    • +1

      You've read my mind, Jedi master

  • +1

    Inspector Parker.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. "Bought" Whispered Secrets: Morbid Obsession Collector's Edition and 12 Labours of Hercules XI: Painted Adventure Collector's Edition for free using those codes

    Went to PC Games -> Top 100 -> Whispered secrets was # 1 and the Hercules one was # 4

  • +4

    lmao, the password is 5-12 chars =]] My password is 13 chars :)) Why do we need to limit the max chars of password :))

    • They want to save money on their computing with password hashing? Let's hope they do do that in the first place…site looks like it hasn't been updated since 2005

    • +2

      You're reusing the same password on different sites?

      • Yes. But the ones like emails or confidential sites, always have 2FA and my USB key to unlock.

        • -5

          Q: You leave the keys to your car in the ignition and the car unlocked?
          A: Yes, but the windows are always up and I pay my insurance on time.


          • -1

            @syousef: No, he said he uses the same key for all his cars, but each also requires a 2nd one-use-only key.

            Blows existing car security ("find the key and you have full access") out of the water.

            • @SlickMick: 2FA is a great additional measure but no sane security expert is going to tell you that it makes it okay to use the same password on every site. You're all but giving away the first factor to hackers. The moment one account is compromised, your password isn't a barrier.

              But I'm use to being downvoted here, so have at it again. Reality just doesn't matter to people any more. They'd rather just spout uneducated opinions. Have fun with when your identity is stolen.

              • @syousef: If you'd said that, no one would have downvoted you.
                But your car security analogy wasn't right, hence the downvotes.

                I'm really not understanding why my totally accurate repy was downvoted <wink>

  • +9

    Some more freebies from the site

    8 free games here (Click PC or MAC below each game to go to the checkout for free)

    Use the code BIGFISHCASINO on these three games to get them for free
    PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville
    Puppetshow: Return to Joyville

    Also MOBFREEAWAKENING on Awakening: The Dreamless Castle and
    MOBFREERAVEN on Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst

  • Works perfectly… Thanks

  • +4

    You said the codes are every two weeks or so? Where do you get them from?

    Teach a man to fish ๐Ÿ  ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Haha found on reddit/discount code sites. I'm not sure where they originate but will definitely share if I find the source.

      2 week estimate is based on reddit posts and comments complaining the code has expired.

  • +1

    I got Edge of reality: Call of the hills because the guy in the picture looks like Geralt of Rivia to me.

  • +3

    I know they are considered old fashioned and not cool, but I love these kinds of puzzle games where the graphic are pretty and there's no pressure and nothing is too hard. BTW, once you've downloaded your games you can delete the Big Fish installer because all the games will be in their own folders.

  • +1

    Delicious series is a great set of time management games.

  • It definitely asks for my billing info, even with $0 total. So nope.

    • +2

      Foilow the instructions. You need to uncheck the trial checkbox on the payment screen. All the billing stuff disappears and you can just claim the game.

  • +1

    Thanks for this. Please keep posting new codes..

  • Why did I just teleport to the mid 90s?

    • Some of the preview videos wouldn't run because they require flash….so yeah, fair call.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Was sitting at home bored AF. Did the demonic thing of creating multiple accounts to add some hidden object games. Not sure if I the offer's gonna keep coming. So fishing out until the school swims elsewhere.

  • @@

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