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Virco N516a Revision 2.0 Gaming PC with AMD Ryzen 5 5600x & RX 5700 XT $1496 + Shipping @ Virco Computer


Morning Ozbargainers,

We have released revision 2.0 on our Virco N516a Gaming desktop, we push the price even further down to under $1500 with higher spec on the GPU. All components are in stock, pick up is welcome at Sydney Capitol Square. *Booking required.

Spec as below:
* CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x 6 Core 12 Threads Socket AM4 4.6GHz CPU Processor
* CPU COOLING: Wraith Stealth Cooler
* MAINBOARD: ASUS PRIME B550M-K AM4 Micro-ATX Motherboard
* MEMORY: 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz Memory
* GRAPHIC CARD: Sapphire RX 5700 XT 8GB Video Card
* PSU: Gigabyte P650W 650W Bronze Power Supply
* CASE: Deepcool D-Shield V2 Windowed Mid-Tower ATX Case

Due to the website limitations, we can not add anymore options on it, for those who would like to upgrade the power supply, you may do so after purchase the system, we can manually edit it.

(We have updated Powersupply to Gigabyte P650W Bronze, keep same price)

We also have a 5800x & RTX3070 system and 5900x & RTX3080 system available, all components are in stock as well, please check out our website for more info.

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  • +2 votes

    Everyone should upgrade the power supply (Aywun 700w!)

    Suggest you just change it now to a gigabyte bronze or CoolerMaster mwe bronze or something else relatively inexpensive but unlikely to blow up (these are not my preferred PSUs but I get that you're trying to keep the price down here).

    • +9 votes

      PSU: Aywun 700W Power Supply

      The bomb has been planted.

      • +1 vote

        How does this PSU rank against the Gigabyte P750GM?
        I hear a lot about PSU's in the OzBargain comments but really can't imagine these companies sell systems with PSU's they believe will be faulty/ruin a system. Seems to be the hot topic though so I am wondering if most commenters have had experiences with the PSU's/purchased the Techfast/pre-build systems and had issues.


          most company will only provide a 1 year warranty on their products so they just choose the cheapest one with the lowest RMA rate within that year. So this PSU are more than likely to last you 1 year with ease, but from then on, you're sitting on a time-bomb


          I'm not a PSU true-believer, I don't think everyone needs to get one that they can take from system to system and lasts 10 years. I've mentioned a couple above that will do the job but maybe not satisfy someone with stronger views.

          But Aywun are truly terrible if you're running games on $1,500 worth of hardware on them.

          • +1 vote

            @daffyd: Okay thanks, was genuinely unsure as I've purchased a Techfast 3080 system with the P750GM and noticed it has manufacturer 5 year warranty so thought it was okay. Wasn't sure if I should upgrade to the Gigabyte Aorus AP850GM 850W or not



            I don't think everyone needs to get one that they can take from system to system and lasts 10 years

            I never even thought about a PSU lasting 10 years when i bought my EVGA G2 750w i just wanted a quality PSU as my one before was a budget corsair which the fan in it started to make a constant noise this was back in 2016.

            Today that same PSU is running my 9900kf/RTX 3090 purely cause i didn't cheap out years ago which im glad i did since i don't have to spend another few hundred on a 850w or higher PSU now.

        • +1 vote

          Both PSUs are pretty average. PSUs made by Seasonic, FSP, HEC, Super Flower, Flextronics are considered the best quality and will last a while. They normally make PSUs for Corsair, Coolermaster, EVGA, Be Quiet.

    • +2 votes

      Looks like they've updated to a credible alternative, +1 from me.

    • +7 votes

      we have update the power supply to Gigabyte P650W Bronze with same price, should be sweeten the deal.


        What type is the Ram please?

        • +1 vote

          Default is using Crucial 16G (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200 (CT8G4DFS832A), when stock runs out, then use Kingston 16G (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200 (KVR32N22S8/8)

          Same as SSD,

          Default is using Crucial 500GB P1 NVMe SSD (CT500P1SSD8), when stock runs out, then use Kingston A2000 500Gb NVMe (SA2000M8/500G)

          Stock would run out if order keeps comes in, normally would refill within 1~2 days.




    If the highest FPS matters. The reviewers that used DDR4 3600 abd up, Linus Tech Tips and Gamer Nexus etc, had a good increase in FPS over DDR4 3200. Considering this CPU is performing better than a 10900k in a lot benchmarks, you will will need to pair it with a 3070 or above to notice the difference, otherwise the GPU is the bottleneck.

    • +1 vote

      It's probably not worth the extra cost for most people. High frequency-low latency ram is more expensive than your normal 3200mhz CL16 but won't add that much FPS.

  • +1 vote

    Looks like Luke and Techfast have some competition. This is good given most of the components are known before you buy.

    • +5 votes

      Not to mention actually in stock! 🤣


    Any chance of a wifi motherboard?

    Also, will you be doing a deal with an r5 3600 and 5700xt?


      Wifi Board is other system we have, please check out our website, we recon it's pretty good deals as well (including 2TB 7200rpm HDD sweeten the deal). (The original N516a system)

      We are running low with 3600 CPU, saving that with 2060 super system.

  • +2 votes

    Look it's 'alright', I appreciate your honesty with the part choices, they've basically building it for free though so that shows the value.

    CPU, GPU, Storage and PSU are all fine imo, Gigabyte are obviously a big OEM so, the PSU is probably alright.

    The ram "CT8G4DFS832A" has very very loose timings, CL22, and no heat sinks (less important than the timings). The Kingston stuff is no better either.

    The case is, fine, a bit bare and cheap but, you could always add fans to the top to make it positive pressure for dust filtering.

    Motherboard, eh, almost wonder if A520 at this price point would be that terrible, no it doesn't support overclocking, no you shouldn't be overclocking Ryzen anyway for gaming, you'll probably end up losing gaming performance vs. PB2 anyway.

    This list is comparable, better RAM

    I'd probably rather build this though

    • +2 votes

      Our original post: https://www.virco.com.au/products/virco-n516a-gaming-desktop... is actually better built than this one, better parts, etc. However, to push down the price under $1500 as popular request, we have to use a bit cheaper parts, but the setup is actually not that bad considering, most of the walk-in customers are satisfied with the build.

      Using A520 chipset and 550W power supply as you suggest may actually be ok as well in normal circumstances, but it definitely is not the system setup for Ozbargainer. If we actually post that setup as a seller here, we are wondering how much bombard message we would receive in a second for such a build.

      Of coz we love to use RTX3070 with our system to boost up the sales, its an obvious build, but we don't want to stock another 100 pieces of motherboard in the warehouse to let it rot. (currently as retailer we have to purchase 3~4 Motherboard in order to buy 1 unit of RTX3070). We sell what is reasonable, what we can get on hand, what won't affecting our cash flow. We don't believe letting customer wait for 14 days for RTX3070 is reasonable, as most of the supplier in Australia currently having allocation problem. Some customer maybe able to receive stock in 14 days, some people may not. We only have few RTX3070 in stock, we are bundle it with Ryzen 7 5800x.

      • +2 votes

        Thank you for your reply, fair enough, some times peace of mind on some of the parts for simplicity as a seller is just the easiest way.

        Best to sell as many of the 30 series as you can, come December they'll be some of the hardest things to move should the RX6000 series deliver. Best of luck to you!



      Trying to do some reasearch here, so we can serve our customer better.

      the RAM CT8G4DFS832A is 3200MHz CL22, while most of value gaming RAM with heat sinks is 3200MHz with CL16

      few online tester has test the different between CL22 and CL16 with same frequency of 3200Mhz, the FPS of game are almost the same, roughly less than 5 FPS difference. Human eye can't really see the difference. (eg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWmymQpVecY)

      isn't we should care more about what frequency of the RAM we use (2666/3200/3600) rather so much about the lantency of it?
      Considering 3200MHz CL22 RAM cost around $95 while 3200MHz CL16 RAM cost around $130. For $35 difference, is it really worth for paying less than 5 FPS of difference?

      What else am I missing here?


        So memory latency is the main concern with high timings.

        It's hard to find tests at 3200 CL22, but according to PCpartpicker that results in a first world latency of 13.75ns, CL16 is 10ns, and because of the layout of Ryzen (the use of infinity fabric) memory timings are important.

        Similar latency could be had with 2666 at CL18 (13.503ns), or 2133 CL15 (14.065ns)so looking at comparisons close to those instead;

        Ok found a test from LTT where they used 2666 CL18 which should be very close but slightly better than 3200 CL22, they also use 3200 CL16 and CL14


        Shadow of the Tomb Raider 132 vs 126 fps, 4.76% increase, Battlefield V 147 vs 141 fps 4.25% increase, Metrox: Exodus 182 vs 174 fps 4.59% increase, etc

        So for $35 it is yielding about a 5% performance improvement.

        "But we can also confidently say, aggressively tightening timings on any memory kit on Ryzen, can dramatically improve your gaming experience." after specifically calling out that the improvements on 1% low performance increasing by up to 20%.


        Are you getting more expensive RAM than other retailers even sell for it?

        For example:

        Centrecom selling 3200Mhz CL16 RAM for $110. There are some even cheaper ones being less than $100 however this was made by Corsair which you've had RAM by Corsair before so that's why I'm sending this.


        What's the reason may I ask, just curious.


          The RAM I mention above is RGB CL16 RAM. Only trying to compare the cheapest RAM possible and most popular RAM.

          There are about 8 components to make up a computer , if each components can save around $10, that's $80 difference . That would be the difference between $1220 desktop and $1300 desktop. However, we do try to provide the best valuable component as possible , hense the question above.

          If end user can physically see and feel the difference between 4-8 fps difference, then of course CL16 is important, but if casual gamer who doesn't really care about something like these sort of stat/spec, then cheaper parts maybe more suitable. Everybody is different, that why we provide custom build system to suit everybody's need.


            @virco: If it were the best value, I'd reckon non-RGB ram would be better wouldn't it be? I might've understood you and you really meant the RGB RAM was the most popular RAM. Another thing is, AVG FPS isn't everything and as the other person had said 1% FPS with an increase by 20%. THat makes a big difference in frame drops.


    Depends on your definition of value, and what you looking for a PC


      Hey, I just edited my previous comment in saying how a 20% increase in 1% can make a big difference.


    Would love an Nvidia option.


    Any Black Friday deals coming out from virco?

  • +1 vote

    Yes, but low end machine


    Is this still available?

  • +1 vote

    Any chance this build at this price comes back?
    Would love another bite at it.


      Adding to this, I would love to buy this PC if it came back!