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PS5 PlayStation 5 Console - Digital $599 and Disc $749 @ Harvey Norman, Target, BigW, JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, Sony & Gamesmen


PS5 will be available for order on Thursday the 12th of november ONLINE ONLY AT ALL STORES

Ordering update: The PS5 console will be available to order online only on launch day, Thursday 12th November, for expected delivery by December 15th. PS5 consoles will not be available for in-store purchase. Please check back for further updates.

Harvey Norman: 9am Live

Target links are yet to go fully live again, but have got confirmation that they will be live on the 12th for orders of remaining stock (10/11 Update: Target have pulled the links down, these may be reposted under different links now)


According to @aamer hamid intel both gamesmens and bigw will be joining the party.


Gamesmen: Confirmed for a 10am drop

JBHIFI : Confirmed for a 11am drop

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      • I was getting that but just kept trying and eventually got in

  • JB Hi-fi Ordered 11:36AM

    Finally got through after hitting Fetch New Address (entered it manually with Suburb put in place of the 'City' box)

    Omg, that took 36 minutes, I can't believe it actually went through

  • Had to spam click on the click and collect find button, it eventually goes through!

  • Got one c+c jbhifi

  • AMAZON BACK IN STOCK - probably because of cancelled orders?
    But why is all the vibing happening in Amazon and JB… What the heck is Target doing???

    • ye i just cancelled order at amazon, digital just aint worth it

    • I cancelled my Amazon order cause JB order expected on 8th December 2020. Earlier Amazon's ETA 17-22 DEC

  • +1

    anyone else get stuck on Ranking options for speed and price

  • Just hitting the Find button on Click & Collect for 40 minutes finally got me through and order went in…
    Keep trying guys, and don't bother trying to enter codes or anything… get yourself in the queue!

  • +3

    Well that was eventful morning.

    Managed to get 2 (one is for my brother who gave me his credit card).

    Amazon arriving November 18
    JB Hi Fi arriving December 8

    Both digital.

    Ok, now back to work.

  • +2

    I kept trying trying and trying….after tons of error massage, I finally got one from JB!

  • +6

    Finally got past the delivery problem, to be greeted with:

    Out of stock
    The below item(s) are no longer available since you were last here. Your cart has been updated.


  • Farout I finally got to payment stage and after I hit the last payment button it says out of stock!

  • Finally got through on click and collect, then final page said out of stock!!!!

  • +2

    No longer available at JB

  • +3

    Finally got through to payment on JB.. it's officially out of stock..

  • Does JB charge straight away or only on dispatch?

    • +1

      got charged full amount via paypal

    • +1

      Got charged straight away

    • They do an Authorisation first to make sure the payment is ok and then charge it later (not sure when)

  • +1

    JB OOS

  • +1

    Just received a confirmation email of my order from jb!

  • +1

    no more stock at JB.

  • Finally got one from jb-hifi, looked away for 10 secs trying to get the amazon order and it was sitting there to select a store. Now just waiting for the confirmation email :)

  • +6

    Great was there at JB at 10:56 and never let me check out.

    • +1


      • "Oops! An error occurred." is burned into my vision for life.

  • Just got one after being stuck in checkout forever trying to hit delivery options. Solution : Select click and collect with your postcode and spam the find location button until it works. If you got in the checkout early enough you will hold your place. Don't give up!

  • Think JB is now sold out too.

  • +2

    44 mins of refreshing, Gave me a store to click and collect from saying "In stock".
    Click accept, move to next page, says "out of stock" and emptied my cart.
    Web page has removed the pre-order link, emptied stock on both browsers.
    Good try and better luck next year!

  • After 30 mins of address errors and find location refreshing, JB now showing "The basket is not available for click and collect. Please remove some items, or enter a different address".

  • +1

    Mine went through on JB… But click n collect still processing. Anyone got still processing?

  • +2

    jb oos! 50 minutes wasted!

  • Finally got one at JB click and collect, got PayPal receipt but no confirmation email from JB. Did anyone get the confirmation email? A bday gift for myself for next month.

    • There's a few confirm emails but most haven't gone out. They'll probably trickle through as their payment system catches up. My Paypal only has a pre-auth on there, awaiting JB to finish their end.

    • I haven't received one and I ordered just before 11.

    • same when is your birthday?

      • Early next month so just about time lol

    • After trying since today morning 9am from Harvey to Jbhifi, I have finally got confirmation order but other than my PayPal receipt and JbHfi order number nothing yet on my inbox. I think I was the last one to get it from them as I tried again but got error message saying I am too late & all been sold out. Just worried if the order has actually went through or an error.

    • Might take 30 mins for the email

    • my confirmation email from JB came just now, I bought mine at 11.02am

  • +2

    so p off with jb, got the item in the cart but errors and now oos…

  • -1

    Jb isn't sold out yet, just got one a second ago. I didn't refresh I just kept pressing the click and collect find location button in the cart. A few times it gave me an option and when I clicked pay it reset back to the error page. Around the 4th time it worked.

  • +4

    So how many people like me were spending the whole morning from 9am and tried HN->Amazon->Jbhifi and nudge to Gamesman until now almost 12pm —-> and then finally get a conclusion: Those websites are shit except Amazon! They are really good at force removing the OOS in my cart! bare in hand after the whole morning busy! I feel like I am a stupid fish man!

    • +2

      I think I spent 30 seconds on Amazon. For high-demand choose the online retailer backed by AWS that owns the internet and understands load balancing.

  • +1

    JB showing sold out

  • +3

    That was a big waste of 45 minutes. I thought I had it, picked my store, then POOF! Vanished.

    • Are you in Victoria? I think they had no stock for Melbourne.

      • +1

        Sydney disc version. Had it in my cart from 11:00:01

        • +2

          it went live earlier
          and was still failing for me

    • Same, picked my store then went back to the first stage…

      • At least we can all commiserate here on OZbargain!

  • Finally got the digital version from JB, seems easier than the disk version

  • +3

    JB's system is BS. I got in at 11am and their API was broken for the entire time.

    • Yeah, the queue system was nonsense. If only a queuing system actually worked, that would be great.

      • +2

        The queue system did work, but they've obviously never load tested the delivery API specifically. That was the weak link.

        • If the queue system worked, I would have gotten one. I was in queue from 10:56. How did others get ahead? I managed to choose the click and collect location only 45 minutes later and then back to errors.

          • @Vita85: ya their queue system looks a bit fishy.

            • @BuyOrNot: It was stupid. The first batch of errors were the fact that they put a queue system in place but the domains were different from the API so it kept getting a cross site error. Seriously this is just amateur hour.

    • I actually was able to log on before 11:00am to secure mine. Think it was 10:58am from memory.

  • +14

    Getting new iPhone on launch day - TAFE
    Getting PS5 pre-order/launch day stock - 97.00 ATAR
    Getting RTX 3000 card on launch - 99.90 ATAR
    Getting eBay Plus $200 AirPods Pro - 99.95 ATAR

    • My mom said I better save all my money. Yay, but mom I am almost 50…

    • 99.95 ATAR bois

  • I'm not even sure my JB order went through.
    I got the order confirmation page show up but paypal payment is pending and no email confirmation from JB.

    • It takes time for email confirmation, I got my one maybe 30 min. after.

      • mine took 29 mins. so its about there

      • But should the paypal payment still be pending?
        Just worried because that error message was at the top of the confirmation age.

        EDIT: NVM, no longer pending on paypal. Looks like I scraped in.

  • Ordered through Amazon at 0835 WST

  • Is that all the sites for today?

    • Waiting on target

    • pretty much.. think JB could potentially go back up at some point, once they reconcile stock

    • I saw ps5 on Good Guys site too, also Big W has them but they seem to have some issues and cancelled everything for today. Target might be next one to have preorders taken in.

      • Good Guys says 2021 only

        • +1

          my bad, sorry

  • lol did Target even ever go up?

    • No they didnt.

  • +3

    JB Out of Stock !!

    What an enormous waste of time that was

    • I had the PS5 in the cart than the shipping address died.

    • I'm calling shenanigans

  • I've been on since 10:30 and put my order in at 10:59..

    That was a disaster

    • Hopefully if you don't snag one from one of the other stores someone on here will be in a position to offer you their duplicate order.

  • Thx - got one from JB just before 11

  • -3

    Managed to get one by randomly refreshing Amazon.

  • +6

    This was fun all! all 6 websites have been thrashed, I hope we can do the same for PS6 launch in 7-10 years.

  • +4

    How do I surrender my OzB license. Tried all tricks, still failed to land a catch.

    • +3

      Keep checking Amazon, they seem to release stock randomly.

    • +3

      Dont feel bad, same with me. I even had it available on Amazon, but clicking either add to cart or buy now would just reload the page with nothing in the cart. Even tried adding an extra controller to the cart and trying the PS5 again and it still just went to the cart with only the controller.

      Yet others managed to make multiple orders.luck of the draw i guess and we had no luck.

  • I didn't even want a PS5 but grabbed a digital from JB hifi because of FOMO :P

    • downvotes incoming I'd suggest lol

      • +1

        Only taking the piss - The GF wanted one to play all the exclusives but I'm team Xbox so now we have both!

  • the gamesmen still have some one was bought 4 minutes ago.

    • +3

      site is down tho

    • +2

      How? the website is down!

    • Website is sold down and they're sold out of both now aswell

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