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PS5 PlayStation 5 Console - Digital $599 and Disc $749 @ Harvey Norman, Target, BigW, JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, Sony & Gamesmen


PS5 will be available for order on Thursday the 12th of november ONLINE ONLY AT ALL STORES

Ordering update: The PS5 console will be available to order online only on launch day, Thursday 12th November, for expected delivery by December 15th. PS5 consoles will not be available for in-store purchase. Please check back for further updates.

Harvey Norman: 9am Live

Target links are yet to go fully live again, but have got confirmation that they will be live on the 12th for orders of remaining stock (10/11 Update: Target have pulled the links down, these may be reposted under different links now)


According to @aamer hamid intel both gamesmens and bigw will be joining the party.


Gamesmen: Confirmed for a 10am drop

JBHIFI : Confirmed for a 11am drop

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      I've been trying them all morning, clicking add to cart is as far as i got and it just sat there loading. I doubt they even had many consoles.

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    man JB sucks, the pricks, had one in my cart all morning but was unable to process the order and it tells me to check back, i refreshed the cart and then it told me it was out of stock.

    • -1

      check gamesmen they might have one left.

      • +2

        Their garbage website hasn't worked properly since last night

      • had one in their cart since 9:15, unable to complete checkout

  • The trick is to use mobile. Smooth experience :)

  • Purchased at 11.38 payment pending still haven’t received confirmation email

    • Got mine 30 min later.
      Paid using credit card though, not PayPal

  • +3

    This has left a bitter taste in my mouth. F PlayStation. I tried every bloody store and got stuck in JB’s checkout for 45 mins - constantly refreshing and got nothing. I tried Amazon and kept trying to add it to my cart and got nothing.

    • +9

      Try again in 6 months

    • +2

      How is that Playstation/Sony's fault?

      • Not enough stock.

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          Just FYI bro, there's a pandemic happening right now

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    I rang gamesmen and stock is all sold on website so no point now. Amazon best chance

    • +1

      amazon are just so unpredictable with their release though.. they seem to be releasing a number of consoles randomly!

  • I have been an Amazon prime member for a few years, should I change the shipping from expedited to priority, isn't the later faster? I don't need the PS5 this month but getting it by Dec 9th would be very nice.

    Any other amazon prime members in here who managed to get a disc version pre-ordered let me know.

    Also my order went thru at 9:06am AEDST but the notification email from Amazon that it was available to order was not until 9:38am, lol

    • +1

      someone mentioned earlier that they changed their shipping from expedited to priority and it got pushed back a couple of weeks, best bet don't touch it tbh and play the patience game , I got mine (disc) preordered for 18th like most of the Dec people I think..

      • I changed from expedited to priority and went from Dec 17 to not having a date at all

    • I saw previous posts mentioning that Priority shipping changes the delivery date to one day earlier than Expedited. Unless if something has changed, would be worth paying a bit extra to get it by the 8th though! Might have a look and see if I can change it.

    • +1

      DON'T DO IT

      • +1

        Yeah I might leave it to mid December, going on Christmas leave for 3 weeks by then so will be perfect timing.

    • I changed shipping from expedited to priority. Went from Dec 22th to Dec 17th

  • Did many get one from Harvey Norman? Sounds like that was a bit of a flop.

    • nah got stuck with it trying to add to cart and then website crashed and the ps5 listing was removed

    • +1

      i managed to jag one, but no estimated delivery date as of yet

      • I wouldn't hold your breath and be prepared to ring and get your refund .
        They won't contact you when they don't supply it .
        My last order with HN experience .

  • Grats guys. Thankfully I got a Series X so 1/2 ain't bad :P

  • Anyone have amazon stock due before Dec 15?

    • Quite a few people were saying they've got Amazon orders coming in November
      I think the earliest I saw mentioned was like the 18th of November

    • +1

      Digital version here 17-20 Nov

      • Seems digital is Nov and disc in Dec.
        Could be wrong though.

        • Order in this morning at about 9:05 amazon - disk version delivery nov 17 - dec 3

          • @m123abc: Do you mean you placed an order this morning? Did they get more stock in?

        • Mine is a disk version due Nov 17-18 in Perth (free standard shipping).

      • mine has changed to "delivery date pending"

        • When did you order yours. I made a big mistake by linking my gift card to my order and it changed form expected delivery 17-22 Dec to delivery date pending. I hope paying by gift card will not push me down the queue. I ordered around 9:07AM.

          • @smarter_fool: Received confirmation email at 9:08AM. Originally used my debit card as a payment method (Arriving before 17 Dec), then I have applied full giftcard amount for this order, then realised the status changed to "delivery date pending" :((((((((

            • @bird380: Hey mate, did yours ever update from delivery date pending to an actual date?

              I changed mine from expedited to priority and now also says delivery date pending

              • @siraulo23: If you read comments a few pages back someone did what you did at their date changed into late December. There was also a warning comment above not to do so.

                I think you might've gotten a little greedy.

                • @gram: yea lol true, tried my luck, just wondering if @bird380 had his update since or if it is still delivery date pending

                  • @siraulo23: Hi sorry for my late reply. And sadly the status is still " delivery date pending"..

                    • @bird380: that sucks mine too :/

                      • @siraulo23: Delivery Speed :Expedited Delivery, Cannot change the payment method back to card payment.

                      • @siraulo23: received the following email today:


                        We're contacting you about order #XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for PlayStation 5 Console. Sony has confirmed delivery of Playstation 5 consoles in time to be shipped to you from 15 December.

                        We process payment when we dispatch your items. When you change payment method or shipping speed after placing an order, or if we can’t take the payment, our system re-evaluates your order, and determines the best fulfilment plan for your order given the new information. Sometimes this means your estimated delivery date changes.

                        Please visit ‘Your Orders’ in Your Account to track your package or click https://www.amazon.com.au/your-orders for more options.

                        Thanks for your understanding,

                        Customer Service

        • Still the same here

    • My order says 'Arriving Tuesday'

    • Yeah Amazon gave a confirmation email stock was secured about 2 weeks ago for me.

      Delivery is tomorrow.

    • My Amazon order is arriving tomorrow.

  • Finally got the confirmation email from JB, luckily they didn’t cancel my order, as I placed the order pretty late just like 2 mins before oos..

    • +1

      I luckily got through at 1130ish and still have not received order confirmarion, guess I missed out :(

    • I still havent gotten him, hopefullly my order isnt cancelled

      • It took 30 min for my one to come in.

    • I placed the order at about 11:20 am but still no email. Fingers crossed.

      • Update: still nothing

        • Mine took about 3 hours to come through, just keep waiting.

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  • +2

    Damn it work got in the way and i assume i have missed out

    • +1

      even people trying all morning have missed out

  • gamesmen seem to be working, I just keep refreshing it.

    • I just got an order confirmed through them but had to use the manual bank transfer option for payment as PayPal wouldn't work.

      I assume I'm getting downvotes because people don't want other people competing?

  • For everyone who tried to buy today, did you have to put in a Captcha code or anything? Hoping they weren't just mostly scalped because that sucks. :(

    • No captcha for me on any site… :/

      • They should have known better. :(

  • I purchased disc version 11.38 just received confirmation email but no eta of delivery

  • anyone has a thought what caused with JB HIFI's glitch? Welcome to discuss so we can prepare better next time.

    • My guess is that their server/app that handle the delivery/address lookup API crapped out/overloaded and won't allow you to checkout, but it started working intermittently when the load/traffic goes down a bit as people were giving up/stopped refreshing the page like a maniac. Some people were lucky enough to get through including me so happy day!

      • did you use a mobile?

        • nope, I was on my PC

      • Makes sense, the API calls are probably throttled by the service provider

  • I am trying to use gift card balance for my Amazon order, but i am not able to see view or edit order button, but only cancel items or archive order.
    Does anyone know if i can still change payment method?

    • I changed my payment method to gift card after clicking view order

      • didn't show the change button for me :(

        • Worth checking again now as it was the same for me but the option suddenly appeared for me this morning (may have been because I contacted amazon support to query it though). Also worth noting that after applying my gift card balance I have gone from a estimated delivery of 23rd December to "We will email you when we have an estimated delivery date."

          • @Greenandblue: Yup thats what has happened to most of us who tried to add gift cards. At least I was going for the OzBargain badge of honour by using my HCF discounted gift cards :(.
            This is what I got back from them: -


            This e-mail is form amazon customer service regarding your contact with us related to Playstation 5 console.

            I have reviewed your account and I see that the shipping status was changed due to some technical listing error, I would like to inform that the stock for your order has been secured. As we continue to adhere to guidance from local health authorities, some of our delivery times may be longer than usual, hence I request you to wait till the promised date.

            I can assure you that we will ship your package at the earliest. Once it is shipped, we will send you a confirmation email to keep you updated.

            Thank you for your patience and understanding, we really appreciate it. As always, for any further concerns or queries, please call us or email us >and we will be happy to help you. I hope this helps.

  • +2

    Purchased at 10:59 from JB Hifi and still no confirmation…

    • Same… Did U do click and collect? I wonder if the store has to confirm or something?

      • I did click and collect and got confirmation.

      • Yep Click and collect - Gold coast

    • +2

      Same for me! i purchased at 10.58 and the money is out of my credit card. No email confirm yet and i chose click and collect

      • Dam ordered same time as you and same thing but no email confirmation.

    • I ordered at 11:34 and got confirmation at 11:51

    • +1

      Same - still waiting for mine, ordered 10:59 click and collect with credit card. Money has been taken out and status is processing order.

      I called JB head office and they said it’ll take a couple of hours but nothing to worry about

      • Update: just received my confirmation

    • Me too ordered at 11:13 still nothing

    • I did click and collect, my confirmation email took about 3 hours to come through

    • +1

      I didn't buy from a scalper at double the price. I'd say only a tiny portion of people did. And if they did it's their own stupid fault.

      • Well aren't you lucky, so many of us tried all morning and got nothing. Hard to compete against people here ordering multiple consoles, groups of people working on fast fiber connections running bots with multiple computers, accounts and browsers scooping up loads of consoles for resale.

        • 4 down votes from some of the crew who bought multiple consoles from multiple vendors. Well done guys.

  • +4


    • Haha same here!

  • Just bought my Digital from a scalper and picking up today. Don't care anymore after the nightmare this morning.

    • How much did you pay?

      • Also curious

      • 1200 unfortunately

        • Geez. Are you loaded or did you sell a kidney?

        • +14

          Ouuuccchhh, come onnnn. You're the reason people are selling it for that much. Make marketplace great again.

          • +4

            @JoKing: Yep. Scalpers are shit, but so are the people who buy from them. Why keep them in business?

        • +2

          How can it possibly be worth double the cost. I really want to play Demon's Souls but there is just no way I'd pay extra.