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Rebel Sport: 20% Cashback (Capped $50) @ ShopBack


Today only until valid on any pruchases made between1PM to 4PM AEDT.

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$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +3

    This is probably the best rebel Sports discount in a while, and includes free postage I believe

    • -2

      Yes, shopback is coming back in grand fashion.

  • Note: Their shipping can be pretty slow so I opted for pick-up.

    • still waiting for them to log the transaction. nothing yet :/

  • Nice, got some kids shoes with free delivery.

  • never when I actually need it

  • -1

    Need to activate ?

    • No - just make sure it shows 20% before you click from ShopBack and as it transfers you.

      I purchased pretty quickly after I received the alert but haven’t received my tracking email yet!

  • Does it include smartwatches?

  • so $231.2 for garmin forerunner 245?

    • Can anyone confirm this? It wouldn't be 231 because 50 max but close enough

    • +1

      No, should be $239 (cashback capped @$50).

      FYI: That’s what I purchased!

      • I mean are smartwatches included in the cashback? (where does it say)

  • Not valid on gift cards.

  • +2

    Can confirm $239 for Garmin 245. Just bought one.

    • sweeet! already received the cashback?

      • cashbacks take time usually no?

        • Yeh, hence wondering how someone can confirm price of 239…

  • Can we use gift cards to make purchases?

    • Usage of Gift cards to make purchases or gift card purchases will not qualify for Cashback unless otherwise stated

  • i realised that the email i used to sign up for shopback is different from the email i used to sign up for rebel..
    will this mean i dont get the cashback, since shopback appears to operate on email order confirmations?
    can anyone confirm? cheers

    • It should be fine.

  • Has anyones sale tracked yet? I know there things normally take a few days, but for $50 I'm nervous…

    • Mine hasn't tracked yet. Sometimes I get tracking in a few minutes, but the bigger events do sometimes take longer to receive the alert.

      You can login and check that your 'click' was tracked in your account overview. That's different to the 'sale tracking' and that will hopefully come next for all of us! I'm usually not too concerned about the tracking, but the $50 carrot was somewhat of a trigger for the buying decision.

      • for me too! Made the Garmin Fenix I'd been looking at for a while totally worth it.

        • +1

          Likewise - I was considering a Garmin as I've been running with a TomTom Runner for several years, which is no longer in production - TomTom got out of the wearables game.

          I had my eye on a Venu or VivoActive but, at this price, I couldn't go past the 245. It will do most of what I need - and GarminPay is nice but I may never use it anyway. Lets see what happens with the tracking. My watch is ready for pick-up. Will grab it tomorrow.

        • The Fenix 6 pro is cheaper at JB with singles day promo 11% or Amazon with 7.5% cashback because the Rebel 20% deal caps at $50

  • was gonna wait for JB 11% off later but couldn't resist, SHOULD save $20ish extra on the Garmin but gotta wait a couple weeks for delivery prob… not that i even needed this, but couldn't say no at that price

  • I saw the original deal so popped into the shops to get it but left it unopened. Thankfully saw this so bought again and refunded the first one. Would be nice for the $50 to come through.

  • Can find barely anything in stock.

    edit: I apologise, the search appeared to be locked to clearance items.

  • My order has been shipped already!! (Ordered at 2pm)

  • Bought a table tennis bat & ball set - not on sale but OK price with the 20% cashback. Despite the item being marked as free delivery, it kept asking for $39.99 for standard delivery (which is outrageous given the small size of the set) so I selected the click and collect option instead. A bit sloppy on Rebel's part…

  • +1

    i hate being at work and missing on good deals. :(

  • @gotyourback - if your reading this, making 20% between alot peoples work hours makes this difficult! Make the timeframe till midnight if your serious.
    Lets face it there is alot to make up it seems by comments on here

  • Purchased at 1.26pm Brisbane time (2.26pm AEDT) and ShopBack has given me far less than 20%. For a $30 purchase I got $0.95. Anyone else have any issues getting the correct amount through?

    • I was messed around at checkout and so it did not complete the transaction until 4PM on the dot. I have been monitoring my ShopBack account but have yet to have anything track at all. I was hoping to catch it early if it was incorrect so I could cancel the order but Rebel sport shipped the product an hour later!

    • Interesting your cashback has already logged. Still waiting on mine - has anyone else had their transaction confirmed for cashback yet? There's no reason it wouldn't have registered, but I've had no notification yet, which is slow for Shopback…

      • Still waiting for mine to be logged as well

      • Still waiting for mine too :(

      • Also waiting too… no notification and followed the click throughs straight to purchase.

      • Still waiting as well, nothing showing yet

  • +1

    Still haven’t got the 20% tracked yet…good thing it was free postage and I can just return it if it doesn’t track 😕

    • +2

      On our small sample it seems like many (or any) haven't had the tracking info provided yet, so I think this is just taking longer for all.

      Hopefully something comes through later today. I was going to do my store pick-up this afternoon but I might keep it sealed/boxed until the tracking is confirmed.

      • Makes it hard when tracking could eventually happen but for a lower than expected amount then you have to go to the effort of returning the product which some shops may or may not accept and they may ask you for your reason for returning and it would be awkward to explain a concept the staff wouldn't comprehend but more or less make you feel like a cheapskate.

        • Heh! I don't think you need to explain the reason for your return if it's within the return time and the box is unopened.

          I don't see it as a cheapskate thing. In my situation, I wasn't sure which Garmin to grab, but I was a latent buyer. I was thinking Venu or Vivoactive4, and was eventually going to get around to checking some out in store, but when this popped up under $240, I thought, it ticks too many boxes to pass up at that price. At the higher price I don't think I would have bitten this week as I also grabbed the new Xbox :)

  • Still nothing for me too. ShopBack has been really bad in tracking transactions.

    • nothing yet from me either

      • Me neither!

  • +3

    I hope shop back hurries up - I can't open my F245 until it posts.

    • Still nothing yet here either, so you are not alone! They've been promoting flash sales all over the place in the last 48-hours - would be nice if they follow-through at the other end.

      • Still nothing as well!

  • whats wrong with cashback, they can decide not to honor what they advertise?

    cashrewards on the other hand is trusted, fast and so much better. need to wait another few hours to report this. I feel jibbed already :(

    • +1

      TBH, I've never had a delay like this before with Shopback, so it's weird.

      I've had mainly good experiences with both services, and I have only ever had one transaction not pay out - and that was with Cashrewards. I still use them both, and if I was to compare both, Shopback was usually quicker to track.

      I think you can lodge an enquiry after two days - so we're probably at that point now!

      • +1

        I have just lodged enquiry - fingers crossed otherwise watch getting returned - probably should have just gone jb hifi option myself.

        • Does anyone have any experience with Shopback after lodging an enquiry? How likely is it that it will be successful?

          • @nomaz: Mine previously have been about 50% success rate.

            • @blues11: 😕
              Hopefully this goes through considering that quite a few ppl have not had it tracked!

          • +3

            @nomaz: I think I only lodged once with them, and it was fine. There is no reason this should not have tracked - if it doesn't track, the watch goes back to the shop and I'll trade exclusively with CR.

      • "Rebel Sport needs 10 days to track your purchase. Please come back after 20 November 2020 to check again!"

  • My order has arrived but no cashback logged lol.

    While my BWS order made on the same day (around 6pm) was tracked the same night around 9pm

    • Likewise - eBay purchase from the same day tracked within 12-hours.

    • Have you lodged an investigation/query with SB?

  • +1

    Can a ShopBack representative reply on why it’s not tracking before we all start boycotting ShopBack again…😕

    • Yes can we @ one somehow?

      • +1
        • Thanks, I just logged a transaction enquiry on the app.

          • +1

            @ne-us: It takes up to 14 days for a transaction investigation to be completed by Shopback. Hopefully it concludes sooner than that!

  • Anyone's cashback come through? My watch arrived…but still no tracking

    • Not yet. I reckon there has been a major lag in Rebel confirming the transactions to Shopback. Good deal but poor form.

  • +1

    My order has also arrived and no cashback in sight!

  • +1

    so its just a waiting game now? will rebel not give a refund if the garmin box is opened?

  • +1

    I also have no shopback and lodged a query. My watch still at the store waiting to confirm cashback. Should have taken the jb hifi singles say promo

  • I made three transactions during the promo period and only received tracking for the last one a few hours ago.
    Still waiting for the first two transactions to be tracked.
    Does anyone know if the $50 cap is per transaction or per ShopBack account?

  • -1

    I received an email Friday afternoon tracking the correct 20% cashback (based on the eGST amount).

    • Why was I downvoted?

  • I received a confirmation email this morning about the cashback.

  • Mine has posted now too for the full amount:)

    • Me too!

  • Got the confirmation, yayy

  • I guess we're all opening our watches today! Heh. $239 is a great price for the 245. Misses the altimeter and GarminPay, but should have more features and data output than most recreational runners would ever need. Hopefully it looks decent on the wrist.

  • Like many of you, my transaction took a full week or more to track, but the $50 is indeed now showing in my account as pending. Good stuff.

    Last week, I lodged an investigation for the missing cashback. Today, a couple of days after the transaction was confirmed, Shopback has responded about the investigation lodgement, and said that 'the merchant has deemed Shopback ineligible to earn commissions on the transaction'. WTF?!

    I'm wondering whether they have followed up at all and, if so, do they ever - or do they just give that response sometimes as they CBF following it up?

    It does go on to say they will appeal it, but it doesn't make sense given it has tracked.

    Anyone else who lodged a missing cashback enquiry last week get that follow-up today?

    • I am in exactly same boat as you with the very strange follow up - does makes it seem like they CBF but if original tracked $50 holds then obviously don't care so much.

      • Agreed - I don't care what they do with their investigation as long as it doesn't stuff the prior confirmation. Should be fine. Famous last words!

        Has anyone fired up their watch? I haven't had time this week to get it out. Keen to unbox it before the weekend and take it out for its maiden run on Sat.

        • I just got a second email confirming that the $50 has tracked so hopefully that's the end of it - makes the first email look more like a generic appeasement email in case they can't get the commission, I have used mine and really liking it - so much functionality in such a small form factor but still early days thus far.

          • @blues11: I got a further email last night (second one). Unlike yours, mine said the appeal was rejected. It's all very odd as the $50 did track eventually, and it's still showing there and pending. I guess I'll know in two to three months when it becomes redeemable or not?!

            Note to self: Never buy a product on the basis of the cashback being factored in. Only buy if you would still make the purchase at the price without it.

            • +1

              @fookos: Very true - the JB Hifi singles day deal would have been worth the reduction in stress

    • I think the ‘rejection’ email is to close out the missing cashback claim on their system vs rejecting the cashback pending.