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Kogan 2L Cordless Glass Kettle with Temp Control 2200W $29.99 + Delivery ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Cheapest I've seen this kettle going for in a while. Last month they sold it for $39.99, don't think it will get much lower.

Keep Warm function with 50°, 70°, 80° & 90°C settings
Different coloured LED lights depending on the temperature
Large 2L capacity
2200W power for rapid boiling
Premium high temperature-resistant glass body
360° rotating base with cord storage
Disc heating element
Removable water purification filter

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  • +16

    Just to note that this is not the smart kettle that can connect to mobile app / google assistant
    This is just a kettle with temperature control

    The one with smart home integration last month was a better deal

    • +2

      The one posted here is healthier though

      • how so?

        • +61

          Because you have to get off your ass to start it

          • +2

            @TEER3X: Haha +1.

            I don't get the appeal of those smart ones - I'll be paranoid there's not enough water in the kettle to begin with if I tell it to boil from my room.

            • +1

              @montorola: Damn it!!
              I missed out on the previous sale, it went fast. So I jumped on this pronto thinking it was the other one. That "finished heating" beep at the end looks very very annoying, as video linked by sween64 down below.

              Wonder if I can cancel it?
              Or what's DicKogans return policy like these days?
              ….maybe I should suck it up and keep it?

              PS: it signed me up to a "Kogan Club" (14 day) trial. Anyone had experience with this before? Is it like eBay Plus, that they're gonna charge a fee afterwards?

              • @Kangal: Cancel it within the trial period so that you will not be charged.

      • coz of BPA free?

        • both are glass

    • +1

      The smart kettle is worse imho. It doesn't allow you to set the temp on the kettle. You have to use your mobile, which is a PITA. This one has settings on the handle.

      • That's not correct, the smart wifi one has two touch sensitive buttons on the top of the handle, one is for setting temperature

  • I have this kettle works well. I've had it about a year and a half and have had almost no issues.
    It does occasionally keep the temp display active for hours despite not being in use but otherwise perfect for my needs.

    • All my glass kettles leak after 2 years use it everyday

      • How did it leak?

        • +5

          the water came out of the jug

          • @Kozhutki: That's not very typical, I'd like to make that comment

    • Can you set it to heat the required temperature or does it full boil and then the keep function just maintains the specific temp? It is not clear from the description.

      How annoying are the beeps it makes?


      • +4

        I’d say too annoying. This video helped me decide not to buy it.

        • thanks for that… this seems to have a constant beep until you push the button off which would be seriously annoying!
          The manual mention 2 beeps only - perhaps they improved it ?

          "When the water temperature reaches 98°C, the kettle will stop heating after 8-10 seconds, buzz twice and enter standby"

        • +2

          I have this kettle, but it does not continuously beep like it does in the video. It only does two/three beeps.

          • @spitsw: Are they loud and shrill?

            • @sween64: Not really. No more annoying than a beep from a Microwave. You do get used to the sounds.

              • @spitsw: Cheers.
                Can i confirm that you can select the temperature to boil too and not just to keep warm?

                on another note, if it is on standby, it will be drawing electricity so i prob turn if off at the powerpoint

                • +2

                  @kingyone: It can function as both "boil to" temperature and also "maintain temperature" / keep warm.

                  I just keep mine always on at the mains.

          • @spitsw: Same, beeps twice (and I thought that was annoying, can't believe they made it worse). Though that video was uploaded in 2019, whereas I think I got mine a few years back, so I'm going to say the video is the newer one.

      • +1

        and I used this video to remove/disable/destroy that shit piezo sound - you're all welcome :)


        (every kettle is different - unlike the video, mine was located on the powerbase, rather than the bottom of the kettle)

      • The description says Faulty in the video, so that's not how normally it works.

      • This will maintain the temperature but it cost 10 times more…

  • Do I dare ask why a kettle needs to be cordless?

    • Really? It has a base which it sits on and detaches for pouring.

      • +2

        I think they are confusing it for cordless altogether lol (no cord to base)

        • +2

          That's usually what cordless means…? No cord to the wall socket.

          Besides who has a cord connecting their kettle to the base? That would be pretty ridiculous.

          • @axel32: I think we are on the same page? The kettle itself is cordless, and is charged when placed on the base. The base itself has a cord running to AC mains.

            • @nascent: Yeah, it just seems like a weird selling point when I don't know that an alternative even exists (ie a cord connecting the kettle and the base). :)

              • @axel32: Haha yeah I understand, it is a weird selling point

  • +2

    FYI, it's $28.40 at Kogan ebay + $7.95 delivery which is cheaper than the kogan $8.99 standard delivery so all up cheaper!


    Edit: No ebay plus available

    • kogan first members still comes out cheaper

      • Well obviously. My comment was meant for those who have already used the free trial or are not willing to pay for the membership…

        • Sorry but your original comment was far from obvious. Was able to sign up a new account and get the trial so I'm not too sure why anyone wouldn't do the same.

          • @FlatulentFrank: It was clear to the 2 people who up voted my comment…

            Anyway, be careful with that. I tried to do the same with a different email and although it didn't show the charge in checkout, I was charged the $11.99 membership fee. I complained to them mentioning that it wasn't shown in checkout and provided screenshots, and they refunded me as "a gesture of goodwill".

  • For people who have this kettle, does the glass look stained after a while? Does it require regular cleaning?

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