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Soda Stream Source Power Sparkling Water Maker $179.10 (RRP $249) @ David Jones


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David Jones currently has 10% off of the Soda Stream Source Power as well as an initial $50 discount compared to other retailers bringing it to $179.10. I believe this comes down to $159.40 with Cashrewards 11% off David Jones deal but I could be wrong with my maths.

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2020.

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • $141 if you have goodguys commercial

    • How can you access good guys commercial?

      • -3

        From their website.

    • +1

      Only pick up @ TGG though. If I can get cash rewards I’d rather do this.

  • +4

    Does this make better quality sparkling water than the other models? 🤭

  • +1

    $141 at good guys commercial is for the all black model. This is for the stainless steel version

  • +1

    Why am I looking at this like I want it, I hate sparkling water

    • To make Pepsi Max?

      • Does that work out cheaper than buying normal bottles?

    • Makes normal water exciting and still healthy

  • These have a CO2 cylinder yes?

    Does anyone know how often does the CO2 need to be replaced and is it worth it over buying 75cent soda bottles from the supermarket?

    • +2

      makes 60L approx i thought.

      not sure what these do better than the $20-80 ones, prob takes some guess work out of it and looks fancy.

      Pretty convenient, better for the environment than lugging around all the plastic bottles from the super

      • Instant fitting grip and one button press. It's all electronically controlled from there. Love mine.

    • +1

      If you're happy with 75cent bottles, then that will be cheaper.

      • +1

        Depends on your use. We've been using these for years and I've been asked a few times. Earlier this year I did a rough comparison with 75¢ bottles and found - on a purely financial basis - it pays itself off fairly quickly. Costs are met by the time you have used roughly 270 litres (or approx. 4 months, based usage of 2L a day), factoring in cost of machine and 3 bottles (our model was ~$115), cylinder refills (~$20 for 60L) and water from tap (~$1.14/kL).
        Then there's the added benefit of not using all those plastic bottles…

        • I use an external 6kg tank directly connected to my sodastream, so my metrics are very low.

          However, when I did use $20 refills years ago I found I was only getting 40 to 50 litres to the carbonation levels I wanted. If you then use sodastream syrups per their directions you're well over 75 cents per litre.

          But yes, the advantages are not having to lug bottles home, and not having to recycle the bloody bottles (bottle deposit states).

          • @ash2000: Ah yep. We don't use the syrup so I hadn't factored that.

            • +1

              @friendlyGhost: Yes, I may have misread his comment, and assumed he was drinking flavoured drinks. Indeed if he is drinking just soda water, yes, the saving come very quickly and work out around 40 to 60 cents per litre (variable costs).

              I use an external 6kg tank, so it's costing me under 10 cents per litre.

              But just not having to lug home and store bottles of water is well worth the initial outlay.

    • Soda stream tastes way better than the 75c sodas. I went back to the 75centers one time, could hardly drink them.

  • +1

    I've had the power model for a couple of years. Great machine, very sturdy and well built.

    • In the description it states "Powered by electricity you simply fill the carbonating bottle with tap water". So does it still need a gas cylinder?

      • +1

        Just means don't need to manually press it down

  • I bought one of these one year ago and it just broke down. I messaged SodaStream and they are either fixing it or sending me a new one.

    • What fault did you experience?

      • I would press the button to dispense the gas and when it was done it would not stop. It would keep pumping gas in at a slower rate. It was really hard to take out the canister then because its under flow pressure.

        • Thanks for that. I've seen quite a few broken ones listed on ebay, so I was wondering what faults were occurring.

          In any event, mine has been going strong for 2+ years (touch wood). I hope your replacement does too.

  • There are also two other powered models…


    And spirit one touch


    But the source power is the most premium looking model.

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