Why Hasn't Cashrewards and ShopBack Been Banned?


Tracking only works 50% of the time, usually the blame is put on the customer.

Constant time wasting trying to file a claim.
Anywhere from 2 to 7 days to file a claim, why? If tracking works, it goes through within a few hours.
Just a ploy, hoping that you forget
A filed claim could take weeks to investigate, therefore affecting your timeframe for returns.

If any other business essentially offering a service, which failed 50% of the time they would be permanently banned from this forum.

I honestly believe if both companies can't provide a better way to track, they should not be allowed on this forum. How many people use their service, in relation to huge cashbacks only to have them fail.

I understand you could say, simply don't use the service. However, I would argue that it's easier for the companies to give us discount codes directly and save themselves money and therefore customers get the full amount of discount.

I can only imagine how much traffic is redirected from OzBargain, and these companies are making money mainly when the cashback applies but the customer seems to consistently be losing out.

Hundreds if not thousands of complaints every month.

It's always funny how a 2% cashback always tracks, but a 25% cashback never tracks.

Whoever is to blame, it's simply not good enough.

I can't be the only one who is thinking this? Perhaps if pressure is placed on these businesses, they may force change.

Maybe I'm a whiner, but I just can't see why nothing has seriously being done to make changes.

I don't want to s*** on either company, as everyone does have positive experiences as well.

It just feels like, every time a cash back doesn't track your receiving one of those emails… sorry the product was over sold, sorry the product is out of stock, sorry it was a pricing error.

Basically a Poll below -

Poll Options

  • 144
    Yes if you'd like changes
  • 372
    I don't care
  • 16
    Considered stopping using cashback
  • 211
    Stopped using cashback

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  • +1

    I don't use SB but do use CR. I have never had an issue with tracking for CR and have earned nearly $1400 in cashback.

  • Had to chase up Cashrewards for the referral bonus because it wouldn't automatically track (wonder why).

    It's been a month now and the rewards still haven't been approved either. turns out it takes 3 months

  • +1
    • Window dressing. I'd suspect a lot of that profit will evaporate once the poor retail shareholders realise.

    • +1

      Gross profit doesn't mean much. Not sure if it includes all the bonuses it has to pay out or that comes out of gross profit, to give very little or negative net profit.

    • Damn 5.4 million a year? I should start my own cashback business…..

      • Well you better start looking for office space (or not as much due to covid19/WFH), a support team, a web design team and start forming them relationships between retailers then.

        • SO…how much does it cost to start it up then?

  • that reminds me, I need to chase up Commonwealth Bank re two fails from two tries. 100% no track

  • +2

    A link to this post will not appear in the CR IPO Prospectus.

  • +3

    However, I would argue that it's easier for the companies to give us discount codes directly and save themselves money and therefore customers get the full amount of discount

    Cashback sites are for those in the know. Companies hope you don't find discount codes. Just like WW gift card 5% discount, once it gets to the masses it is time to take away the bacon.

  • +2

    Tracking only works 50% of the time, usually the blame is put on the customer.

    That has simply not been my experience. I think I've had three transactions that I've had issues with out of who know how many over the years, but that in total have added up to ~$1.5k in rebates. In each instance it's been sorted out.

    It's always funny how a 2% cashback always tracks, but a 25% cashback never tracks.

    Again, not my experience. The ones where I've had an issue were for relatively small amounts. I've had significantly larger ones (both $ and %) go through with no issue.

    I support businesses, effectively based on their support for me. Beyond a couple of hiccups as mentioned above, the businesses have done enough to keep my business.

  • +1

    I find I have been conditioned to buy stuff because of the lucrative cash back, as opposed to just having cash back tracked as a routine habit. So when my BWS purchase with 25% cash back doesn't track, or switching provider to get $70, I get anxious upset and the rest. Even waiting for the occasional $2 bonus can get me worked up.

    I find the steady 5% off WW GC and use that for grocery gives me the best satisfaction, and the extra $2 on GC is just added bonus. When WW is lowering the GC discount across the board it is emphasising the loss feeling on an untracked item, even if it is just $0.19 cash back from Groupon

    That said, not fault of CR or SB. No need to be banned.

    I rather mods ban RRP posts first.

  • Tracking works most of the time for me.

    Either you're that unlucky or I need to shop more often.

  • +13

    Banning might be a bit of a stretch though I can see where the OP is coming from in their comparison.
    But hey, OzBargain doesn't always make sense ..

    It's always funny how a 2% cashback always tracks, but a 25% cashback never tracks.

    To me it's more odd how sometimes 1-2% increased cashback "deals" get up-voted to be like the best deal ever, but if a store offered that sort of discount of cashback they would be laughed off the site.

  • +9

    What a terrible poll

    • +2

      what does option 1 even mean?

  • OP, change of mind/not meeting customer expectations - you should ask for a FULL refund for your subscription to those services.

    You should protest by NOT using their services.

    "Thank you please come again."

  • Is this a troll post?

    Cashrewards has saved me and my family thousands

    Can't speak about shopback but can vouch for Cashrewards it has worked 100% of the time

    800k customers using Cashrewards can't be wrong, dude

    • yes - edge cases makes the most squeaky sounds.

  • +2

    Why Hasn't Cashrewards and ShopBack Been Banned?

    Why don't you speak just for yourself?

    If you don't like them, don't use them. Simple really.

  • +1

    I have less success on CW than i do on SB,
    Even after making sure my click has been tracked on CW (by clicking the click history), it still fails to track,
    It's more annoying when you're banking on a 20% cash back promo and they don't track it.

  • -2

    It must be something youre doing wrong if 50% of your purchases dont track.

  • +2

    It doesn't matter if the tracking works 9 out of 10 times, the fact is if it doesn't work on that 10th time and that cost you $100 you've lost $100.

    Suddenly the $83.43 you saved from the previous 9 purchases means nothing.

    I'm not sure how people don't understand this concept.

    literally in every cashback thread, there is numerous amounts of people which are complaining that cashback didn't track.

    How about that Dan Murphy's thread, where hundreds didn't track?

    If other companies use marketing and sales tactics to advertise on OzBargain they're literally obliterated and possibly banned from posting.

    These companies have failed services every single day, and yet they're thriving on OzBargain.

    For everyone's information, the last year I have only used the services a handful of times. I did slow down, because like most people when huge cashbacks are advertised I'm enticed to probably make purchases i normally wouldn't splurge on.

    Don't worry, my solution now is simply to return the items. I just feel bad because the business loses postage both ways, and I feel like it's responsibility of the cashback providers to make sure it works.

    It's like beating a dead horse, just my opinion and I just wanted a discussion.

    • +3

      I think a discussion like this benefits everyone .
      The main point being there needs to be a deal of improvement with how Cashrewards and ShopBack is tracked . The only way you will get any improvement is make Cashrewards and ShopBack aware that you are not happy , if enough people keep doing that it will happen.

    • +3

      You should have started with a chant:

      “What do we want?”
      “When do we want it?”

      • +1

        "Cashback Matters" ……………….

  • +2


    Used to get 90% tracked with CR, and if it didn't track it was basically me who messed up.

    Using the app now, have had everything track for years (not that many purchases, but 10/10 is still a good hit rate).

    TA has sorted me out whenever I had issues or questions. What more could you ask for?

    Now SB I hear has had some issues, community says 50% on that one. Myself I've had no issue, but I make sure to use a separate browsers with no plugins, adblock etc.

    Prices in titles exclude any cashback discounts. These programs are not preferenced by or negatively influencing ozbargain, why ban them?

  • +2

    All these things are a complete waste of time. You will find you are targeted with marketing on a daily basis

  • +4

    Its the big cashbacks that I don't get that really tick me off. The ones where you specifically buy something because there's a cashback and dont get paid from it. I stay away from those deals now 95% of the time because its happened too many times with errors.

    Also booking.com. Never trust the cashback on that site to come through. Its failed on me 9/10 times and Cashrewards are useless at resolving it.

    Otherwise, its good to earn a little extra cash sometimes when you make a purchase but its not reliable and in my opinion not worth trusting as the only reason to buy something

  • CR and Shopback always worked for me. Just got around $30 returned back to me yesterday. So off I go to the bar tonight enjoying a free cocktail and some beers.

    Thank you CR and Shopback and Ozbargain :)

  • I'm really worried about my Microsoft.com cashback. Bought a XBox Live Gold on the sole basis I'd get $5 back - otherwise I would have used those damned JB Hi Fi vouchers to buy it. Haven't heard a word yet from Cashrewards but I managed to get a bunch of order notifications (from Microsoft) and, just now, even a Microsoft.com shopping newsletter. :-(

    • Just came through then! Now I just have to find something else to worry about…shouldn't be a problem for me.

  • +1

    I would say i have a 95% success rate with tracking over those 2 providers. If you are only having 50% success, you must be doing something wrong. Either not reading the T&Cs of the deals and merchants properly or forgetting to disable Ad Blockers on your browsers.

  • +3

    I've only used shopback, but they fail to track or they get rejected about 80% of the time whenever I make purchases of more than $100, to the point where I now expect purchases to get rejected. Conveniently for them, they always track within minutes when they're small purchases. I always remember to remove any applied coupons or coins too. So the blame can't be put on me. They're somewhat dodgy.

  • +2

    I imagine the failure rate probably has to do with people using modern browsers with anti-tracking features, VPNs, etc. The pitfalls of a population that's become obsessed with "privacy" but not understanding that they don't actually want that privacy afterall. Never had a track fail when I simply turn off the tracking protection.

    • So what meta data does the cashback website need to match a person? I'd imagine minimum a cookie passing an ID from the Cashback portal all the way to the purchase screen. What else thou?

      Like, what's VPN blocking to fail a tracking?

      And why would we need to pass ALL the cookies, including who I am on eBay and what I searched on there two days ago.

      I don't think it is fair to say people don't understand how privacy works and therefore idiot in not getting tracked. What is the minimum we pass through to the retailer, and what's the minimum the retailer retains in order for a successful track?

      Just a thought.

      • +1

        I can’t answer all these questions as I don’t know the technical details, I simply suspect that having these features very probably causes issues somewhere.

        Even when you say “a minimum of a cookie should work” I mean that alone is not allowed by the privacy policy of some browsers. Cross-site cookies are blocked by a lot of browsers.

        The more we increase privacy protections, the worse it will get. Cashback in for a biiiig surprise when Apple users update to the new Safari. The failure rate is going to skyrocket.

  • I had a really good run with like 40 purchases straight tracked. But my last three haven't tracked and they were big purchases :/ Probably some kind of software clash…

  • Shopback works more consistently for me (I gave up on Cashrewards), however, they seem to payout less than the advertised rate.

    It's annoying to have to check that they are giving you the correct cashback for every purchase, instead of trying to undercut you.

  • I use the chrome extension for CR and never have a problem.

    If it’s showing green it’s worked 100% of the time for me.

  • +1

    Have had zero tracking issues since switching all purchases where possible to their respective mobile apps. I also judiciously restart the whole tracking process whenever I do something that could cause the tracking to be invalidated.

    Certain deals have specifically required their desktop version - in this case I use a dedicated Firefox install with no tracking protection, no adblocking and no extensions installed. Works fine also.

    The problem is your setup.

  • +1

    Most purchases go through okay with CR, but every now and then something from Amazon gets rejected. Why? No idea. It seems a bit random. There is never an indication why an item was rejected.

    My main gripe with CR is I have had to email them several times to get larger ($50+) cash backs approved. Sometimes the estimated date is exceeded by months. Only when I email them does the CB become approved. Does that mean if I didn't email them I would never get the money?

    • +1

      The issue with Amazon getting rejected is because you purchased products from a category listed as 0%.

  • -2

    Lifetime Rewards:-

    Cashrewards - $3113
    Shopback - $253

    I've never had to query a reward as I carefully read the T&Cs and dedicate a single totally clean browser with no adblockers/extensions etc to this kind of purchase..

    Some DO take longer than expected but in the end they came through e.g. 12 months for Booking.com for some UK hotels last year.

    I suspect the majority of issues are due not using the system properly, hence my comment about a dedicated browser etc e.g. Vivaldi, Brave etc.

    Amazon is probably a special case as their rewards offers change frequently and you need to be aware of that.

    As can see the savings certainly do add up but you do need to think about how you use the system…

    • +1

      That doesn't explain why my small purchases ALWAYS track with shopback, but larger purchases in the hundreds almost always don't track. Can you explain that?

  • +5

    Over $1000 with CashRewards and I only had a couple of tracking issues however their support was helpful and I was paid the cashback anyway. So it works for me at least 99% of the time.

    And your poll options are ridiculously biased. I do care. I'm $1000 better off thanks to CashRewards and I wouldn't have discovered it if it weren't for OzBargain.

    • +1

      My experience has beent he same as yours. Had a few issues in the beginning, but It was my setup and the way I would shop. You really have to not get distracted and trail off to other sit. When I've had to report an issue, they've paid me the cashback.

  • This reminded to withdraw money from both sites.
    In my experience the tracking has been very good. One time it didn't track but I think it was my fault because I closed the tab and reopened without going through cash rewards. I made a claim and they were still kind enough to honour.

  • Ive noticed the site has more cookies and permissions to access now. I cant even access it through edge, as it seems edge has caught up with privacy and security.

    I've got my moneys worth, and if it works, good. Otherwise I got the honey extension to automatically find codes and try them, which has a 10% chance or less of working.

  • +5

    I do agree that both SB and CR are fairly inconsistent in tracking purchases.

    I take the approach of never making a decision to purchase some thing because of a cashback offer, unless I am prepared to not get that money.

    I believe that both SB and CR should be more accountable for improving their tracking, or alternatively state that tracking and cashback are not guaranteed and they have no real ability to explain why they don't track correctly in some instances.

    • How does that work a publicly listed company dealing with people's money…..

  • +1

    I am lazy with my adblock and still have great success.
    When I was a noob I had issues, have you tried the chrome extensions?
    Overall Cashrewards gets 5/5 from me

    • I also have adblock on.. and have tracked purchases 99% of the time with CR.

      Their support has been great for the 1% of the time it hasn't tracked, and seems to be usually teething issues when they have new partners/sites or strange scenarios (like cashback on pre-orders for example).

      OP's comments seem to indicate they're jumping between CR and SB, potentially double-dipping?

  • +1

    Been using cashrewards for about, what, since it started almost.

    But only once did I have to chase a claim because Dell suck. Cashrewards paid out the $85 referral credit.

    I don't understand why people have so many issues.

  • +1

    None of my AliExpress purchases from singles day was tracked. Anyone else have the same issue?

    • +1

      yep, my order also not tracked for shopback (didnt receive email confirmation on order either, so assume aliexpress systems were overwhelmed, so likely 12% wont be 'shopback-d' :/ )

  • +1

    Agree with OP, i always use Cash Rewards and it is so hit and miss. The claim process is annoying and 90% of the time it gets denied. Also agree that the little sub $1 ones are tracked but the big ones aren't (i spent $2k on hotels).

    Yes i still use them, and if i get the cashback i get it. Not worth the hassle and no i wouldn't advocate for them either.

  • The only big cashback I've had fail to track were the BWS one and a Nike one, both caused by the vendors website issues and were both quickly resolved by customer support (who were working on the weekend)

    No issues with big cashbacks from Lenovo etc

  • I have no issues with Cashrewards. Most purchases tracked and if not I just lodge a enquiry and they resolve it 9/10 times. Use CR everytime now instead of spitting with both companies. The CR rep here is also helpful

    But i hope we ban shopback.

    Terrible experience with them. First with the major data leak, SB such an unreliable company.

    Then they make my life more miserable when not honouring their side of the deal. Previous small purchases got cashback most of the time. Talking about 30 cents worth mostly. Not much at all.

    But the first time I made a major purchase of laptop with cashback worth up to $80 with shopback, they outright deny me cashback. Even though I didn't use a code and did everything right. And my click history showed I went through shopback site first and j had online invoice to proof of purchase.

    Shopback is a very untrustworthy company. I highly recommend people NOT to use it.

  • They work for me almost every time and the couple of times it hasn’t they’ve sorted it quickly. YMMV

  • +2

    personally, I treat these cashbacks as a bonus, rather then a deciding factor for my purchase. If I got some money back, great, if not, I won't be too disappointed either.

  • Used to be a big fan of cashbacks. Was a hassle to get it to work but when it did, it was awesome. Nowadays it's hit or miss. Last 5 times I tried, didn't even work so just stopped using it altogether. Not worth my time unless it's for a really big purchase.

  • Works all the time for me so not sure what the problem is here..

  • Shopback is terrible and their rep is aware but ignores recurring issues.

  • Has anyone received the 12% cashback confirmation on the Aliepxress Singles Day? I have not received anything yet

    • got a tracking email this morning

  • +2

    Ive had a cash rewards from Agoda in pending since February, it's a large amount , I've requested twice with CR to look into it …generic response everytime .

  • 100% success here on both, with mobile and browser. Most of my purchases are from big retailer's like eBay, Dell etc.

  • I only joined CashReward half a year ago after knowing that it exists for a few years. Everything worked smoothly and as intended for my first 3 purchases and netted me $100 cash back.

    Unfortunately I had 2 recent issues:
    - Spooktacular $10. I claimed it and used it on the qualifying shop within the CashReward website. It did not track so I made a claim. Got an email reply which DID NOT answer yes/no and why to my claim. It highlighted a couple of terms and conditions in which I qualified. I am still puzzled by the email reply.
    - First Choice Liquor 20% off up to $25 last week on 05/11/20 after 12pm which stacks with the $10 off when over $100. I waited for a week and only made a claim this morning.

    If the First Choice Liquor claim fails, I would strongly consider stop using CashRewards.

  • I tried cash back schemes post Xmas last year. It worked fine for me. But I stopped using it because it simply wasn't worth the overall effort.

  • +1

    No comments from CR or SB?

    Scotty, have you consider creating a cash back system?

    • +1

      Scotty, have you consider creating a cash back system?

      "Cashback websites actually take affiliate revenue away from OzBargain." - Scotty
      I.e. OzBargain also gets affiliate revenue, which instead of directing it back to the OzB members' bank accounts, those funds are directed the OzBargain funds pool which is used to run the website (nothing is free in this world..), and to employ full-time OzB staff who work behind the scenes that make this website great.

      Why would Scotty need to create a cash back system when there are two companies that do it already?

      No comments from CR or SB?

      What is there to comment on? This thread is created by an angry poster (look at the Poll options, all of them are biased)

      There's no potentially constructive comments provided by anyone, just generally people who are demanding that everything they buy, have cashback guaranteed whether the process was followed or not.

      • Even CR & SB take some away, they help OZB grow as well. It is a mutual win-win cooperation. Far more unlogin users, i.e. guests on OZB will contribute to the revenue.

        If the majority (usually >70% guests vs <30% users) do not bother to reg on OZB, chances are that they do not bother to get cashback too.

    • +15

      No, taking the affiliate revenue away is not the problem. I would not touch a cashback system with a ten foot pole, knowing how fragile the entire affiliate tracking system is and how likely it's going to break when (1) merchants are not competent to implement the tracking pixels properly on their cart (2) shoppers' browsers might be full of adblockers / privacy guards / adware that block or hijack tracking cookies. People would complain non-stop "WHERE'S MY CASHBACK?!?!" and I would have to employ teams of investigators to manually check and lineup transaction reports… like the CR & SB's situation here.

      No thanks.

  • +2

    OP I agree with your comment. This is a bargain site and if your purchasing decisions somewhat based on cash back. It's should be working 100%.
    Just as you said, most of the high value ticket item always failing in cash backs, I had few issues with AliExpress and Hertz for big cashback amounts.
    So these days, I only buy items on based discounts, so the cash back be bonus.

    I be unhappy if I bought a $2000 dell product based on 20% cash back which never tracked. Then again you have to consider that cash back based on cookies etc, which is not always perfect.

    I think this is the time these sites should have a cash back promise/
    guarantee on bigger amounts, that's not hard.

    And there are some sites , booking.com, you can get better discount options without cashback at times not all the time.

    Then again I never understand that reason of these sites, wouldn't be better if business give customers direct discounts?

  • It worked everytime mate. So far shopbback along has saved me 265 dollars. All you need to do is adding the items RIGHT AFTER you click from the cashback website.

    For instance, you already put some products in the shopping cart and want to proceed to pay. DON'T DO THAT. delete all items from the cart and headback to the cashback website and follow the links then add the items and order.

  • +1

    My tracking was around 80% successful rate via Shopback or Cashrewards.

    On the other hand , one thing I wanted to point out which I don't like is they reject your transactions without letting you know about it.

    Every now and then I had to look at all the rejected transactions and identify which one was geniune and which one was not. Then I had to email the support and ask them to follow up.

    I was able to get back money 50% of the time if I experienced the issues above.

  • +2

    I stopped using CR because I had to constantly email them for untracked purchases then SB came so far never have any issues. I just bought a big ticket item a few days ago still waiting for the cashback email confirmation.

  • Odd. Both my partner and I have used both Cashrewards and Shopback several times over the last couples of years. Every single time the transactions have been tracked whether using Android or Windows 10. Never had issues getting the balances transferred across either.

  • +2

    Cashback or whatever they're called are a scam. I stopped using them years ago.

    • +1

      You are missing out.

      • +2

        Maybe. It felt as if I had to battle for every purchase and it's just not worth the amount of work.

        I feel like they will do anything not to honour the deal and you have to push and push to get them to actually do anything.

        To be fair, I ended up being paid but it took some 12 months of follow up emails.

        I don't have the time to do that every purchase.

        • 12 months?! damn thats some dedication! how much was it?

          • @Zachary: It was either $150 or $300. Definitely not worth my time, but I figured that they got paid so why should I let it go?

            Also, I'm tenacious when it comes to things like that. I don't like to simply walk away and let myself be scammed.

            • +1

              @imurgod: Was their reason being "The retailer did not pay us, so I'm not paying you" excuse?

  • +1

    Tbh… If your success rate is that low it’s something on your end.

  • Maybe you have ad block on your computer? I get all my cashback. One occasion they reject due to some error thinking I returned it. Snap a pic and receipt and deposited to me instantly. When the stars align in way a 20% cashback on top of a retailer promotion is massive. I have about 400 total cashbacked across two platform and this is not even accounting the Woolies gift card I buy every week or two

  • Isn't the real issue with these sites that the affiliate marketing costs of businesses end up going up..

    which is then passed on indirectly to the consumer (due to increasing the avg product cost of sale base)

    I mean I can understand affiliate marketing where someone is influenced to purchase one way or another, but I've never personally been swayed to use a merchant just because it's on one of these sites

    • Yes.

      CR and SB increase the retail prices for everyone.

      All prices keep going up because of Shopback sites.

      That's why Harvey Norman and Kmart refuses to use Shopback sites.

  • Guys, how does it work when you use SB or CR and get your cashback tracked but then you end up returning the item in-store?

    • +2

      You lose it.

  • +1

    CR should be used with caution,

    Prior to checking out my purchase i ensured I had clicked through the CR portal, to go back and verify my click history to ensure its been tracked, and it was… So then I checked out, waited a week and of course, it wasn't tracked!

    Their customer service is putting it on me, even though it literally tracked my click, now I'm cut out of their promo for 20% cashback.

    I'm done with CR.

  • For me tracking rate on both CR and SB is close to 100%, however approval rate is a different story. It's a bit of lucky dip.

    I had some issues with GoDaddy approval on big purchase ($700+), and CR customer service always mentioned another affiliate get the cashback. Most smaller purchases seems to get through fine.

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