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BitFenix Whisper M 750W 80+ Gold Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $129 + Delivery (or Pick-up) @ Mwave


Amazing price for one of the best PSUs I could find after doing many hours of research for a new build.

One of the best top-tier PSUs in Linus Tech Tips' PSU tier list.

Also available in other wattage.
650W at $119: Here (still available)
850W at $149: Here (back to normal price of $169)

EDIT: 750W out of stock.

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    Hey OP, is this one on par, or better than Seasonic Focus Gold?

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      Seasonic are really basically the best of the best.

      Most Corsair PSUs are in fact made by Seasonic.

      • +13

        Most Corsair PSUs are made by CWT, they have a special partnership with CWT providing custom variations of their existing platforms. RMx is very slightly better than Focus Plus which is slightly better than this model (CWT GPU). The difference is so small it really doesn't matter though (except for warranty length).

        • Seems there is great controversy over this topic…


          Corsair's power supplies are made by two companies: SeaSonic and Channel Well Tech (CWT). SeaSonic was a major supplier of high-quality server PSUs for many years before entering the consumer market. Their designs are found in dozens of power supplies sold by as many companies, and their retail units are often among the best in their class. CWT is a company with a more troubled history, that had a marred reputation prior to its partnership with Corsair. CWT now produces mostly high-quality power supplies with only a few low-end units made for other companies such as Thermaltake.



          Seasonic make most of Corsair's mid and lower end PSU's. Flextronics are responsible for the AXi's and Chicony are responsible for the high power TX's.

          That was my memory of it from my last build and it doesn't seem to be any clearer today.

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      I trust Jonny's review a lot more than Linus. If he says it's good, then it's good.

      • +3

        No serious buyer of PSUs is going to Linus for his input. It's always been about Mr Guru.

        • +1

          JG is the man but to be fair Linus didn't make that PSU list.

      • -3

        I trust LTT more than JG. I stopped trusting JG the moment he joined Corsair, lost his independence and became a PR rep. Much better is FPS Review, where some of the top HardOCP blokes moved to after H shut down. H was always better than JG/Toms/etc. Currently, I'd say FPS (Paul) > Toms (Aris) > LTT (aggregator of reviews) > JG > random ozb poster.

  • Bitfenix Whisper =>650W [3] mentioned in top tier. The 750w is not specifically mentioned. Not sure if that makes a difference, but I have seen other brand PSU's with some wattage PSU's in top tier and same model other wattage in lower tiers.

    • +5

      => 650W should mean anything above 650W

    • +2

      I believe the => means equal to or greater than; so I imagine the 750/850 should be fine.
      The [3] note is about wattage's below the 650 model; which have a noted potential issue.

    • Oh great. Silly me :)

      • not your fault, took me a while to understand that list, it looks more like an arrow than a "greater or equal to" sign

  • Hmm 7 year warranty. I thought LTT top tier list had 10 year warranty as a qualifying requirement.

    Edit: Guess not


    Edit 2: Almost want to sell my Corsair RM750x that I got less than a month ago and get this lol

    Edit 3: CWT are the manufacturers for this unit

    • +1

      wait how is this better than the corsair?

      • Price.

      • Like Atangk said, price. Other than that Corsair has 10 year warranty and better resale value.

        • Well, I'd also like to add that I am not a fan of the cables of the new RMx series. The way they've sleeved the 24 pin as a bundle instead of individually sleeved cables makes it super rigid, and ugly from the front. I've already got everything wired up though and not really bothered to buy sleeve extensions, etc.

          • @ATangk: Corsair sell individually sleeved direct replacements in a single pack and a multi pack.

            • +1

              @Twix: I don't want to be paying extra. I have a solid case for a reason :)

      • Although there's nothing that "stands out", it's better than both the RMx and the Leadex (original EVGA Supernova G2) with Tom's methodology (weighted average scoring per criteria). How the criteria were weighted is debatable, but people stating the RMx is "better" are just influenced by the PR machine (aka JG). This is not taking price into consideration. Wish this was in VIC or on Amazon…

  • Anybody know if these are as quiet as the corsair rmx 750?

  • Will this fit in the Leaper Air Mini cases from Techfast?

  • +3

    If you add $99+ worth of Thermaltake item and apply the code tt111120, you can get free shipping.
    I added these ram and I think they're good value https://www.mwave.com.au/product/thermaltake-hone-gaming-16g...

    • I did something similair :)

    • The mini AIO is a decent price.

  • Thanks OP, picked one up

    • Yes. Thanks to OP. I got the 650W

  • +1

    Oh damn, I'd jump on this or the 850W if I needed a PSU.

    • +1

      850W would have been a better future proofing safety if you get more of a beefy GPU.

      • Yeah and fan won't spin until a higher load than a 750W.

      • I worry about the future if needing 850W PSU's ever becomes a thing.

  • +1

    Grabbed a 650W - Thanks OP.

    Can't see Black Friday being much better than this for a top tier PSU!

  • Got one thanks OP

  • Would you guys go the 750W or 850W if intending on buying a 3080 at some stage? NVIDIA recommends 750W, but wondering if the extra is worth it if I stick in a bunch of drives etc.

    • +5

      750W is probably the minimum recommendation. I would go for the 850W PSU just in case.

      • +2

        what would you recommend if installed out of case?

        • I see what you did there ;)

    • +1

      If you are planning on something like the 3080, I would definitely spend the extra $20 to get the 850W.

  • +1

    I want, but shipping kinda kills the deal… $30 is the cheapest option to tas for the 850w

    • +3

      That is sad. Shipping to me in VIC was like ~$12. I added some Thermaltake RAM worth just over $100 to the order, and applied the code 'tt111120' to get free shipping for the entire order.
      You might consider adding some $99-$115 Thermaltake RAM kit, and reselling it?

      • I could, not really worth the effort to me though unfortunately. Good tip though

  • Whats better courier delivery or Eparcel?

    • +1

      Their courier is Startrack which is premium courier offering by AusPost.

      If courier is cheaper than eParcel, choose the courier.

  • +1

    did these guys get their name from bitfinex lol…

    • Was thinking the same thing. Didn't know the exchange was producing PSU

  • +2

    To note, only one 8 pin (4+4) EPS connector on the 650w. The 750 and 850 have two 8 pins (4+4's).

    Some motherboards need 8, 12, or 16. Something to note when buying a motherboard, or psu.

  • Note that this unit is a multi-rail PSU, if that matters to you. Should be fine in most cases though.

    • Would love to hear your thoughts on why multi-rail would make anyone reconsider.

      • +8

        Multi-rail should be a non-issue as long as you don't overload 1 of the rails which can trip the OCP and cause the PSU to shut off. If anything it's slightly safer since the rails are monitored independently by the OCP chip. But I'd say 99.99% of the cases, safety is not a concern either way. Good modern PSUs have a plethora of safety mechanisms that the multi vs single safety debate is almost pointless really.

        For this particular PSU, "Peripherals and mobo cables are on 12V1. CPU on 12V2. VGA1 on 12V3. VGA2 on 12V4.". This is a very common enthusiast multiple +12V rail configurations: 1 to CPU, 2 or more PCIe connectors are split across 2 rails, 1 for everything else. As you can see, the 12V1 is used for peripherals and mobo, if you for some reasons decide to power a GPU (or more) with this rail by molex to PCIe connectors + a bunch of peripherals, you could potentially exceed its 25A limit and trip the OCP. You simply don't have this problem on a large 60A+ single 12V rail.

        Here's a good read.

        • Bloody awesome answer! +100

  • Hey guys, sorry to be a pain. Been looking at doing my first own pc build specifically for running CAD and 3ds max programmes, but can be used for playing games on the weekend. (Cs go mainly).

    What do you guys reckon a decent build would be for under $2500? If I can spend less it would be a bonus, but that's the price for the 'professional' pcs built specifically for that work in mind.

    Issue is that they run the single or dual core processors (my understanding is that the cores run significantly faster than the multicore ones) as the cad programmes don't use many cores for processing.

    • Which cad progs are you using? Most archi stuff is bairly dual core use. Revit getting there. $2500 is more than enough to run CSGO. you'll want 32gb of ram and the best GPU you can get. Probably a 10600k for best bang for buck, depending on the software you're running which may use more cores (rendering etc)

  • Is there any benefit to going higher wattage other than future proofing? Looking at a 3600 / 2070S setup, with the option to upgrade CPU / GPU / RAM

    pcpartpicker is saying that even with a 5800X / 3070 I'm still coming in at <450W max.

    Should I settle for the 650W PSU, or part with an extra $10 for the 750W?

    • +1

      for $10 bucks, just go for it, no need to ponder. Just eat at home/bring lunch instead of eat out once or twice and wahlah you got the $10 to spend on this instead~

    • The lower the efficiency rating the better off you are at targeting 50% load.

      The Gold rated PSU's perform the most efficiently at the 50% load range, so it's possibly worth $10, but not necessary. (You'll save at least $10 over the life of the PSU in power savings.)

  • Great deal for a quality PSU. Compared to competitors it is missing a hybrid fan mode but can't complain at this price.

  • +1

    for a Nuffy like myself, could someone please explain if/why i should choose this 'higher quality' PSU over something like the "Cooler Master MWE 750W" from Scorptec for $89.

    I do not game at all and the most strenuous programs I run would be very basic use of Adobe After Effects.

    Also if anyone has the time, is 750w overkill for my current/upgrade setup?

    I currently run:

    i7 6700
    Integrated Graphics Intel 530
    2x8gb 2400mhz RAM
    1x 1tb 2.5 SSD
    1x 1tb 3.5 HDD
    350w PSU

    Would like to buy something like a RX 580 to help with the After Effects

    • +1

      warranty is less on cooler master

    • +1

      750W is beyond overkill, you could probably get away with 450W.

      Quality is incredibly important as it determines both how efficiently your PC draws power (notated here by the "Gold" standard) as well as how high quality the components are.

      PSU's are the leading reason for system failure/instability when an obvious cause cannot be determined, as such they make problems very difficult to diagnose, and can actually lead to component failure, which means sometimes people have a faulty PSU that breaks some ram, the user replaces the ram only to have the new ram also fail.

      • thankyou, I really appreciate your time in replying!

    • +1

      I'd recommend getting a 1650 Super over a RX 580

  • +1

    Cheers op, Grabbed an 850w for $170 delivered. A pretty good price.

  • thanks OP, got 850w one for $165 delivered to VIC

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