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18w USB-C Charger $9.95 Delivered @ Home Kit Australia


Australian certified (RCM) charger - 18w USB-C - $9.95 including free standard delivery within Australia. Offer closes tonight, Friday 13 November.

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Home Kit Australia
Home Kit Australia

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  • From website

    We’ve elected not to supply cheapie USB-C to Lightning cables - we don’t want to fry your phone and if you are inclined to quality at an affordable price, you are welcome to purchase our Apple certified MFI USB-C to Lightning cable.

    Does it come with usb-c to usb-c cable?

    • No.

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      Seeing as all iPhones since the middle ages use the lightening connector, I'd say no.

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        An 18w fast charger for iPhone, iPad and Android

        Hence I ask but sure. Not the only product say one thing in title but different in their description.

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          It doesn't come with any cables, lightning or USB-C, it's the charger only. It can charge an Android device if you have the correct cable.

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        At least it's not the 30 pin connector from Ancient times

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    HomeKit Australia is wholly Australian owned and operated.

    That's a nice China address on the certificate.

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      They use a factory in China. But they aren't designing their own adapters surely, they are just getting other common ones already available certified. I'd pay the little bit extra and get the Apple branded one, or a third party one that's just as reputable. Cheap power adapters aren't a path to joy, that's probably a common expression in China.

    • And using a trademark as part of the business name… dodgy!

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    Does it need to be certified from Apple?

    • The cable does for fast-charging I believe, but not the power adapter - just needs to support 18W PD.

      • So the adapter just needs to have the right wattage ?

        • Yes

          Fast charging works when you use an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable and one of these adaptors:
          - Apple 18 W, 20 W,2 29 W, 30 W, 61 W, 87 W or 96 W USB-C Power Adaptor
          - A comparable third-party USB-C power adaptor that supports USB Power Delivery (USB-PD)

  • Bought 4, thanks

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      Why not 5?

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        Bought it as presents for friends who all had the Pixel 2 and lost their chargers

  • It looks so big… is it gonna fit well for powerboards?

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    No, this is the charger only. MFI Apple certified USB-C to Lightning (iPhone) is at -
    Plus we have a 5A 100W USB-C to USB-C with E-Marker chip at -

    • Mate, isn't HomeKit a trademark of Apple?

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    Not this again…

    • what do you mean? whats wrong? i am just about to check out lol

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    We'd love to stock Australian made cables - if you can point us in the direction of a manufacturer, we would welcome that assistance. You can email us at [email protected]

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      We cant even manufacture sugar water when the last fuze tea deal had to come from malaysia. What makes you think theres a Aussie cable manufacturer lol.

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      On OZB, it's the users that are allowed to be wise asses.

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        Ass? Where are we, the US?

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    I agree with the comment above. While I don't care who runs and owns the business, I personally dislike businesses that pretend to be 'Australian owned and operated'. It becomes the integrity issue where I biasedly judge the products also. Plus, no ABN and physical address. I call BS on its statement about Australian owned and operated.

    • From Whois:
      ABN - 56 748 928 037

    • +1

      To be fair they list their physical address in their "parent company" website: https://infrastructuresouthwest.com.au/contact-infrastructur....

      Still no ABN on either web site, but they look legit: https://abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View?abn=56748928037

      • -8

        Parent Company but ABN shows 'Sole Trader'. I'd say it's even shadier.

        • Sorry, it says "parent website". My bad in paraphrasing: https://homekitaustralia.com.au/pages/contact-us

          Also let's not move goal posts by nitpicking about the business structure. They are obviously Australian owned.

          • @bio: I am not nitpicking you. The website actually says 'Infrastructure South West Group'.. businesses don't normally use the term 'group' when it's a sole trading business.

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        You're not actually obliged to put your ABN on your website. It must appear in certain places though, like tax invoices, and some other material must have it, can't remember. I don't think there's actually anyone that checks, other than the ATO seeing your tax invoices one day potentially.

      • -3

        https://infrastructuresouthwest.com.au/bunbury-engineering/ (Scroll down - meet the people)

        Is this a site for hair loss treatment or what? This is super lame…..

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          This is pretty standard for small B2B companies. I'm not sure why you feel the need to try to tear them down like this.

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            @DisabledUser130521: So the seller gets negged for "being shady" because he omitted to include his ABN on the website (which is not a requirement btw) and he also gets ridiculed because he shows his face. Excellent.

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              @bio: Look carefully at the pictures (i.e. some of them are not 'zoomed' very well) on a desktop browser.

            • +1

              @bio: First of all I didn't mean to insult anyone or ridicule them just because how they look.

              If you had looked at that page on a desktop browser this is what you get. It doesn't really matter if you are a one man small business or a multinational conglomerate, you can't have your website looking like it was done by a high school kid. When we were making web pages in Yahoo Geocities this would have been acceptable but not in 2020.

              Here in OZB we get at least one post a day asking whether x.com is legit so how would you respond if you see a website like this one which looks like it was done in a day and didn't even bother to check how it appears on multiple browsers and platforms regardless to what they sell or how good the prices are? Would you buy anything? I won't

              • @websterp: It looks fine on Chrome. https://imgur.com/lSXLUDW

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                @websterp: Fair point, but it looks fine on my desktop Firefox and Chrome as well. Could be something to do with your system.

                Note that the deal website is https://homekitaustralia.com.au/, which is made with Shopify, which I'm sure represents more than 30% of the deals on this web site.

                The "parent website" where you found that insignificant CSS glitch was made by https://siteplus.com/ . I believe they would appreciate if you raise a bug ticket with them.

                Sorry if I sound sarcastic but I really find it unnecessary to try and find minor issues such as the business structure (sole trader), web site not being responsive enough etc. I mean, we are always seeing deals from established ecommerce companies whose websites look like a blast from the past.

                • @bio: I have the same image issue as some of the others reported. Most of the photos are of peoples scalp (ie really zoomed in), not sure why its only on some browsers. Mine is Opera (chromium).

                  • @lonewolf: There are media queries involved - so you only see the problem at some resolutions / zoom levels.

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    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/580603 for good discussion on this 'deal'

  • Can i buy this charger for my Samsung s10 plus?

  • No the charger does not get certified by Apple. Originally the Australian certification was SAA which has now been replaced by RCM. This charger is RCM certified.
    Good quality cables that plug into an iPhone (Lightning) can be certified by Apple under their MFI programme, such as our MFI USB-C to Lightning cable -
    All other high quality cables (that don't plug into an iPhone or iPad) will advertise the inclusion of an E-Marker chip.

  • Yes, the charger is USB-C so will power any device so long as you have a USB-C cable to plug. Android use this as their standard, so you are fine.

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    thanks OP just bought three! The miserable buggers at Apple not give you one with the new phone.

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    Yes, I've copied in my replies from that page -
    The charger meets all Apple specifications and is built by our technology partner in China who has been in the wireless charging business for 15 years. They have 22 full-time R&D staff and a swathe of their own patents.
    Yes, you can find cheaper chargers on eBay but these units are in stock now and shipping to customers today - free with standard, trackable Australia Post or extra for Express delivery - you choose at Checkout.
    These are from the initial production run and are in black. Our next shipment, which will be in Australia by the end of the month will be in white also.
    Also the magnets must fully align with the magnets in the iPhone so yes, it is only the iPhone 12 series that has this circular magnet array. All recent iPhones including the iPhone 12 charge perfectly well on any Qi charger, but only to a maximum of 7.5w or half what you can get from the MagSafe charger + you will need to have a Qi charger capable of producing 7.5w or 10w output. Many are less than this, so the charge will be slower.
    There's plenty of explanation about MagSafe on the HomeKit Australia website, so feel free to have a read.
    Trust this helps.
    I've had a look at several of the eBay MagSafe chargers.
    If you are contemplating purchasing one, please ask the supplier what type of cable they are supplying. They will probably respond USB-C but then ask is it USB-C to USB-C. What I found is that they are standard USB to USB-C.
    To reach the 15w charge for MagSafe your AC wall charger must output per the PD 3.0 standard. You can only reach PD 3.0 (and 15w MagSafe charging) by USB-C. A standard USB cable does not even plug into a PD 3.0 charger.
    So that's the other point, you will not get 15w MagSafe charge unless you have an AC wall charger of 20w or higher that conforms to the PD 3.0 standard AND connect from this power source with a USB-C to USB-C cable.
    All our HomeKit Australia AC chargers 20w to 100w meet this standard and will power a MagSafe charger to the full 15w - unless of course you've ordered an iPhone 12 Mini which has a maximum MagSafe input of 12w not 15w.
    Any questions, please feel free to ask or email to [email protected].
    Oh, and by the way …. we do absolutely NO (that's ZERO) drop shipping, so please ignore that comment. However, we do select each and every product we sell AND we actually use ourselves, each and every product we sell. All stock is held in Australia and we endeavour always to ship orders the same day.
    Again, happy to answer any questions.

    • Oh, and by the way …. we do absolutely NO (that's ZERO) drop shipping, so please ignore that comment. However, we do select each and every product we sell AND we actually use ourselves, each and every product we sell. All stock is held in Australia and we endeavour always to ship orders the same day.

      Dude… you've been massively caught out here

      As I've explained the Chinese factories do not hold stock and build each order as it comes to the front of their queue so typical turnaround time from us ordering is 6-8 weeks …. at least.

  • Thanks guys

  • +2

    Does this one support Power Delivery?

  • Definitely need the 20w charger from Apple for fastest magsafe charging of the iPhone 12 at the moment.

  • Yes, it is a PD charger but it is not a 20w charger to support PD 3.0, if this is what you are asking. Our cheapest PD 3.0 charger is a 20w GaN dual USB & USC-C charger but it costs more -

    • Looking at it as a spare for my small Dell laptop.

      • You will probably need something that does 20V charging (not this.)

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    Sorry but we are 100% BOTH owned and operated - please call me now on my phone 0456221827 - happy to chat to you - I was born in Australia in 1958 and have never lived anywhere else.

  • OK - thanks

  • +49

    I don't know why you guys are giving this seller shit. He's not drop shipping, nothing shady, he's based in Australia, all he's doing is getting his stock from China (as does literally every electronics seller in the world).

    • +14

      Yeah feel bad for him.
      As long as the product is good price then we buy it.

  • Is this good for Raspberry Pi?

  • How long until Apple force you to stop using HomeKit trademark?

    • It will depend on the classes the HomeKit trademark is registered against.

      • And Apple Jamaica own Apple HomeKit in class 9 that includes computer hardware. So they would potentially be infringing.

  • Same price as anko ones from Kmart

  • Honestly get the anker nano charger.. Or the 20w if you have iPhone 12

  • afaik rcm needs round plug where the tips connects to main body like the one kmart anko. not sure how this is RCM certified.

    • Do you have a source for that? The Samsung charger that came with my phone is RCM certified yet it's the same style as this.

      • Not sure how to upload the certification page to here?

        Body could be rectangular but tip usually rounded. I guess, it is ok for rest of Australia but QLD also seeking for SAA not sure what is the difference between SAA and RCM. Anyhow, happy to upload the page but I cannot add here?

        • You can upload it into an image hosting website like Imgur and then link it in a comment.

          I'm curious too, both my Apple 61W USB-C chargers have square plugs as do all of my Samsung 15W AFC, 25W & 45W Super Fast Charging adapters.

          • +1

            @brosk1s: Can't believe I downloaded Imgur and gave access to my gallery on my phone just to prove myself. May be this seller is also right and indeed they have RCM but it is not on the standards.


            This is the page from As/Anz 4417.1 don't have the full licence but if anyone keen, it is $52.80 on Sai global on PDF.

            As I said I don't know how apple/Samsung get away but the Australian standards/RCM wants it to be rounded.

            • @gilean: http://antenglab.com/m/en/newsdetail.aspx?id=56

              found this info on this SAA and RCM difference, they indeed have SAA so for SAA i assume this round standard doesnt apply.

            • @gilean: I'd say the "shape not specified" with the arrow pointing to the dimensions of the circle means it doesn't have to be round. I may be interpreting that wrong though.

            • @gilean: Need figure 2.1e as well so we can see the conditions in which the shape (circle) is or is not mandated.

    • The AU plug 18W charger I got with my last phone is a similar rectangular body (no round plug). It's a few years old so will have to check it has the RCM or it's predecessor (can't remember when we changed systems)

      Having said that, most 2-pin (no earth) plugs you'll have at home (i.e. figure-8 leads) will not have a round plug where the pins are - they're usually a rounded rectangle - due to not having the earth pin.

      So I have a feeling you may be full of it, mate.

  • +10

    Plus for OP for putting up with the negative auras.

  • Thanks OP. Went the 2 x 20W block for my iphone 12 pro max.

  • Free shipping? You got me

  • Can I ask if this is good for iPhone 12 pro max?

    • Not for fast charging. If you want fast charging you need to get the 20W one $20

  • +19

    What’s with all the a-holes commenting on this deal?

    Australia doesn’t produce commodity electronics like iPhone chargers anymore so of course they’re made in China. Every other Australian store is doing exactly the same thing buying white label goods from China and marketing them.

    The value is that you have an Australia company who’s standing behind the product, has arranged for it to be electrically certified, and is confident enough in the quality to warranty it. All this for $10.

    Surely that’s a better deal than ordering from some random on aliexpress and waiting a month for delivery?

    Cut the owner some slack. This is a good deal!

  • +6

    Some embarrassing comment above…The iPhones and most of Apple products are made in China. How would some of you expect this is made in Australia? China produces cheap shitty and crappy stuff, but also they can make top quality ones.

  • Thanks got one as backup for my pixel 3.

  • It doesn't say if it will fast charge samsungs, only that it will charge androids, but will it fast charge. I think it needs QC3 chip?

    • QC and PD are different technologies. If it's an Android device that supports PD it should fast charge as well.

  • +1

    First 100 pieces have now gone out with Aust Post - if yours is one of these you will have received a tracking number which will now be live - thanks for the orders - Keith Palmer

  • +2

    Thanks for the positive feedback all.
    These are perfectly fine for iPhone 12 and Samsung and will charge at the 18w as described. However, if you want to get the full 15w out of a MagSafe connector for iPhone 12, then you will need a 20w (or greater) that supplies at PD 3.0 9V 2.22A. Our next charger up does this.
    The fastest way to charge your phone (iPhone or otherwise) is by cable from a fast charger, such as this one.
    Hope this helps - Keith

  • Any chance of a discount on the multi 26W charging dock OP? I’m keen to grab one of those and a couple of the USB chargers. Does the dock come with a power brick too?

  • Thanks bought one. Mines was too slow to charge. Hopefully its as fast as samsung charger

  • +6

    Keith Palmer - what a legend. Posting a good bargain and putting up with a bunch of whingers A+

  • I love when manufacturers put the port on front unlike Samsung adapters which are always on side

  • PM sent, please check

  • +1

    $6.68 from here once this is over

  • Hi rep, can you please restock? I am really interested in getting one of these

  • Imagine spending $2000 to buy a phone then skimp on a $10 charger

  • 26w multi charging dock - https://homekitaustralia.com.au/products/multi-26w-wireless-... - is $39.95. If there's interest, yes we could look at doing an offer on this early next year.

    In the meantime, we are sharing our email that is presently going out to some in the OzBargain community. We were overwhelmed with orders on Friday so are making the following offer available to those that missed out on the first 100 chargers that shipped out last week. This offer is only available to those that have a confirmed order and we are publishing a copy of this email in the interests of being open and transparent.
    Thanks for your order.

    We've been pleasantly swamped with response from the $9.95 charger offer on Ozbargain.

    We shipped out 100 pieces on Friday but have 200 more to supply, yours being amongst these.

    We'd like to offer you 3 options to fulfil your order -

    1. Wait until we receive our next stock of these chargers which we expect around the first week of December. If you are happy to wait, you need to nothing. We will advise you as your charger ships and provide tracking details.

    2. We are offering up to 50 upgrades to our our 20w GaN Dual USB/USB-C charger for an extra $6.75. If you wish to take up this offer please go to -
      This price will only be available today and is only available to those who have ordered an 18w charger - if you ordered 1 you are entitled to 1 upgrade, 2 orders 2 upgrades and so on. (This charger does supply the PD 3.0 power spec for those wanting full MagSafe 15w output.)

    3. If you prefer not to wait or not to upgrade to the 20w GaN charger, and want your $9.95 refunded, we can also do this for you - just contact us at [email protected] and we will arrange this for you.

    Thanks for supporting homekitaustralia.com.au - we look forwarding to offering more great ozbargains in the future.

    • I've tried to do the upgrade and it says "sold out".

  • Some extra information that may also be useful - the price of 20w chargers has increased 50-100% from suppliers in China over the last 2 weeks. So, if you see a great deal and want a 20w charger, my advice is grab it now.
    You are also probably aware that freight rates into Australia have trebled or quadrupled over recent months.