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18w USB-C Charger $9.95 Delivered @ Home Kit Australia


Australian certified (RCM) charger - 18w USB-C - $9.95 including free standard delivery within Australia. Offer closes tonight, Friday 13 November.

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HomeKit Australia

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  • Did anyone receive email from them

    Thanks for your order.

    We've been pleasantly swamped with response from the $9.95 charger offer on Ozbargain.

    We shipped out 100 pieces on Friday but have 200 more to supply, yours being amongst these.

    We'd like to offer you 3 options to fulfil your order -

    1. Wait until we receive our next stock of these chargers which we expect around the first week of December. If you are happy to wait, you need to nothing. We will advise you as your charger ships and provide tracking details.

    2. We are offering up to 50 upgrades to our our 20w GaN Dual USB/USB-C charger for an extra $6.75. If you wish to take up this offer please go to -


    This price will only be available today and is only available to those who have ordered an 18w charger - if you ordered 1 you are entitled to 1 upgrade, 2 orders 2 upgrades and so on. (This charger does supply the PD 3.0 power spec for those wanting full MagSafe 15w output.)

    1. If you prefer not to wait or not to upgrade to the 20w GaN charger, and want your $9.95 refunded, we can also do this for you - just contact us at [email protected] and we will arrange this for you.
    • Yes i received that email yesterday as well. Its also been posted above your post by the Company.

  • A quick update …. today we are preparing documents for those who upgraded to 20w and 30w chargers per our offer. These chargers - 100 pieces - will all ship out tomorrow. A tracking number will be generated today and it will be live tomorrow afternoon.
    For those who decided to wait for the next batch of 18w chargers - the original OzBargain offer - we are just waiting on a confirmed ship date from China and once we have that date, it typically takes 4 days for UPS to have product in our hands. It will be the same process as above, we will prepare the day prior when you will receive tracking details.
    Hope this helps.

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      20w;Tracking number is still not live. Has this been shipped?

    • I have got no tracking no. or anything? Been a week now since i paid extra "for the upgrade to get it sooner". What a load of rubbish.

  • Now $16.95.

  • Can you bring back this deal please?

  • Sorry for the delay - it is taking UPS longer to deliver locally in Australia, than it did to get here from China - see UPS log below ….

    20 Nov 2020 10:29 InTransit - Package is delayed in transit. Delivery will be rescheduled. Check back or signup for UPS My Choice to receive updates. AU Redcliffe

    20 Nov 2020 10:23 InTransit - Departed from Facility AU Perth

    20 Nov 2020 05:38 InTransit - Import Scan AU Perth

    19 Nov 2020 02:24 InTransit - Package is delayed in transit. Delivery will be rescheduled. Check back or signup for UPS My Choice to receive updates. AU Perth

    18 Nov 2020 19:31 InTransit - Your package was released by the customs agency.

    18 Nov 2020 14:21 InTransit - The package is at the clearing agency awaiting final release.

  • We'd love to bring the deal back except we lose money on every piece we sell. GST is close to $1, processing fee is 55c, delivery is about $5 which leaves around $3 to purchase the charger PLUS pay air freight to Australia.
    We were glad to do this as we got lots of exposure and some really kind feedback, so we count that as cheaper than advertising.
    Oh and next time we will have several hundred of pieces of the product we put up before we launch the deal - lesson learnt.
    We'd be happy to have feedback on what you'd like to see offered next - we are thinking maybe one offer per month - please stop by the homekitaustralia.com.au and suggest which products you'd be keen to see discounted. Thanks - Keith Palmer

  • We've just picked up Meross HomeKit products so one for OzBargain might be the AUS certified garage door opener - what do you think?

    • Yes. Depending on price, I'd order one.

      (And a charger too)

  • +2

    What a dogy service they provide. Purchase around 2 weeks ago hoping will get delivered with in a week at least with standard shipping but no sign of it end of buying new on through JB HIFI . I reckon they get delivered from china instead of Australia never again. Bye bye dogy homekit china / Australia .

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      Report them, I just did. This is false advertising and bait and switch.

      • I already did mate . Absolutely mate, who would wait for a charger for 3 months. I only buy when I am desperate for it not to stock up. As of my experience very unprofessional and unpleasant to deal with I hope your get sort out ASAP good luck .

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    Forgot to also note that our 65w and 100w GaN chargers look like being with us tomorrow.
    Please also understand that factories in China do not hold stock so that your order can be filled when it is placed. They make everything for each individual order, so first of all you go into a queue until they make your order. We can then airfreight to Australia which is currently taking 7-10 days at several hundred $ per box. We needed to bring 5 of our HealthKit chargers in to satisfy orders, rather than wait for them to come by sea. The quotes we received for 5 bathroom scales ranged from US$395 to US$3500 for the single box.
    Even with the cheapest quote we paid AUS$54 per scale just to deliver these to Australia and then another $12.95 to Australia Post for local delivery, so that our customers could receive their order. Our sale price is $69 inc GST so that's AUS$62 before GST. Do the sums, we lost heaps.
    Typically from order to receipt of freight is 1 month at the very least and often 2 months or more.
    Buying in bulk in China is very different to buying from AliExpress where the seller has the stock or ready access. If you've tried to have any product delivered on an AliExpress order with Fed Ex, UPS or similar you will understand that the air freight rates are horrendous. We can access Deutche Post but the maximum weight is 2kg and the cost of that is over $80.
    Hope this helps to explain what goes on behind the scenes.
    Once again, I'd love to speak or communicate with you Potato Head but please let us do that.

  • Sorry that was the handle used - we've tried 2 personal messages, to which there was no reply only a post here.
    We are more than happy to refund the person's $9.95 but they will not identify their name or their email or their order number. At present we can only accept that no order exists. If you know the person please ask them to contact us so we can refund their money, if they have placed an order.

  • There's news of our upcoming HomeKit smart power plug here -
    It looks like UPS will collect stock this week, so we are looking to have the first batch available here within 2 weeks.
    Launch price will be $39.95 including GST and free standard delivery.

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      Can you please stop spamming the comments with all your advertisements??

  • Ah sorry - rotten potato not potato head.

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    Dear China/ Australia homekit,

    I would say thank you for follow up and i had a proof of purchase of it and it's my choice not to present to you and I don't need to, and as a buyer I don't wanna listen to you dramas, explanation and cost.

    I am just making people aware of your very premium service and your excellent deivery service which take a months or so to deliver near Sydney CBD. if your standard shipping take a months to delivered then good luck with selling your product and wasting ours time kiddo.

  • What is going on with this, I was offered "an upgrade" and pay more to get a slightly higher powered Charger due to the previous charger being over ordered and a delay in stock. So the whole premise was the new one i am upgrading to will get delivered quickly. Its coming up to 2 weeks in a couple of days and still no charger. I may as well have waited for the original chargers to come… This is basically bait and switch, Offer a cheap price get people to order then mass email them and tell them over ordered so to upgrade and pay more if you want it quicker, then a third email saying we have an even more powerful one if you want to pay more AGAIN!!!. This is a rort. Luckily i didnt take the 2nd upgrade offer on top of the first upgrade offer.

  • Are you guys going to respond, You offered a upgrade option for people to pay more and to get their item sooner as the current deal was over ordered. And yet i still havent received the upgraded item i paid extra for . this all feels like a scam, designed to put a discounted item on here and then send out spam emails for upgrade options to receive items quicker and yet no items are being sent. They are all drop shipped?

  • Hi, Homekit, the 18w charger from this deal still has not been fulfilled in the order status page. What is the ETA?

    • I have messaged the company on 24 Nov on the ETA but no respond from them yet, Disappointed

      • Update. Just got a reply from the company "We are hoping that UPS can collect the chargers early next week which would mean we will be shipping to you early the week beginning Monday 7 December".

  • This deal has all the hallmarks of ending up as Roboguy Mk2 - If you have been here long enough you would know…..

  • +1

    Ordered and paid on 13/11/2020 and today is 29/11/2020 and my order status is still "awaiting fulfillment. Very disappointing service. Never buy from this mob again.

  • -1

    The remaining chargers are in the air tonight - we sent individual emails to all those waiting, yesterday.
    As they are ahead of the schedule we were given we would be hoping to ship on Tuesday or Wednesday, not Friday next week.
    As I've explained the Chinese factories do not hold stock and build each order as it comes to the front of their queue so typical turnaround time from us ordering is 6-8 weeks …. at least. Unfortunately we had no idea the response would be so great from the OzBargain community and have been chasing our supplier every day, to push these forward … which they have.
    We shipped 100 pieces the day we ran the offer and have subsequently offered people upgrades to 20w and 30w GaN chargers at heavily discounted prices. At the same time we offered a full refund or the default, simply to wait until we could restock.
    We've contacted every single purchaser, with personal not bulk emails, at least twice, sometimes many times more to inform them what is happening and what our shipping expectations are … and now we are bringing that expected shipping date forward.
    Again air freight can be terribly unreliable at present - recently we had items that shipped a week apart arrive on the same delivery truck.
    Unfortunately the day of the offer I had to drive 200km to put my 89yo mother in an aged care home and could not click off the tap. We've now manually adjusted the store settings so this can not happen again.
    Our intention was to run out the 18w chargers and sell purely GaN 20-100w chargers, so we had to reorder to fulfil these backorders. Right from the very beginning we've offered people who missed out on the 100 pieces we had in stock a FULL refund and continue to make that offer.
    We are extremely sorry that some people are so upset but I repeat we are happy to refund your money - we've communicated this right from the start. Please remember that in selling these chargers for $9.95, GST is 90c and Aust Post delivery can be either $4.70 or $9.20 per piece.
    If you are waiting … again …. we are hoping we can ship all remaining orders early to mid next week, totally dependent on flights into Australia and time in Customs.
    SJ898, do not have your message - sorry. We are always happy to talk so if you can send me a private mail to identify yourself, I can track your order and phone you personally. Is this ok???

  • -1

    Just a quick update - the chargers arrived in Singapore early this morning so hopefully we will be receiving them Monday or Tuesday … of course dependent on flights into Australia and Customs clearance.
    We will be ready to ship the chargers with Australia Post, the same day we receive them.
    Thanks - Keith

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    Wow… dodgy as. Spruiking of "we hold stock in Australia" to people not getting their items for over 2 weeks and not a claim that they are in Singapore… Unless Singapore is a suburb of a major city in Australia, OP is doing something dodgy…

  • -1

    I'm happy to give you the tracking number of the 18w chargers so you can track them yourself on the UPS website. You will see that the shipment landed at Changi in Singapore at 7am this morning. Please just send a private message if you'd like the tracking number. I'm not sure whether you have a suggestion on how to get these chargers to Australia - if you can offer a suggestion we would welcome your input. Thanks.

    • No one cares that your stuff is coming from Singapore, they care that you misrepresented your business model. You clearly said that all stock is in Australia, and you don't drop-ship. While having all the stuff delivered straight to you is technically not drop-shipping, it's not far off, and your stock is obviously most definitely not in the country by your own admission.

      The lies and deceit are right there in black and white, and this community don't forget. Had way too many previous store reps have similar claims, and then take months to provide the stock, if it even came through at all.

    • -1

      You said on 13 November 2020 that "All stock is held in Australia and we endeavour always to ship orders the same day.". So people like me bought it because you said the stock is already in Australia and you would ship orders on the same day. And here we are, after more than 2 weeks, your stock is still somewhere OVERSEAS and you FAILED TO SHIP ORDERS ON THE SAME DAY.

      You just plainly LIED TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. Is that your normal business practice? How can you expect people to trust you and buy from you again?

  • Negging because of the rep deceiving and lying

  • Got mine delivered today within an envelope with tracking. The only packaging is a thin soft frosty plastic wrap with no prints on, no manuals or other stuff. The product is brand new and good quality I can say, trying on my iPad Air 2, seems working fine. I’ll try it on my iPhone 12 Pro Max when my iPad gets fully charged. For the price, it’s good, but long waiting indeed.

    Some angry buyers above, you cannot wish the seller stocked up 1000 units locally, all these things are made in China. I was a bit late, not in the first 100 sold units queue, but for the price, worth the wait.

  • Still waiting for mine…

    • Still waiting…. will file a PayPal dispute

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