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[NSW] Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner $189.99 @ Costco Lidcombe (Membership Required)


Missed last xiaomi vacuum 1c deal @ https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575775, and saw this at costco today ;) lucky me

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  • How does it look like?

    • You mean the job for a member or the vacuum cleaner?

      • Both actually

        • For one, I have no idea. The store should provide more info and as for two, click on the link in OP's description and on deal that was at the time. You'll see the pic.
          I know what 1 cyclone looks like, I really wouldn't like to see what 9 looks like.
          Seems neg police is in the area :)

  • I've heard that some dyson attachments are compatible with xiaomi vacuum cleaners. Is that true?

  • +7

    took a photo while at Dockland

    • Now just to find and ozbargainer who has costco membership đź‘€

      • Based on your location, we should have found many ozbargainer has membership

        • Yes

          Just in case you thought, I wasn't serious. Miele would be upset.

    • +1

      A shame the photo wasn't front on, but thanks for trying.

  • Can anyone confirm the attachments? As in does it come with the hard floor roller and the carpet head?

  • Haha, we were at Bundamba yesterday and had to buy it. Havent unboxed it because exhausted after coming home from that 2-hr trip.
    And now checking their Return Policy.
    Fingers crossed we can keep this.

    What is the normal price?

  • Has anyone brought one of these from Costco? Curious to know if it has a working charger - the deal from mobiciti seems to be some sort of faulty batch with everyone returning them https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575775?page=3#comment

    • Charger seems to be working fine. Charging now.

      Edit: just noticed it’s called the handheld cleaner 1 not 1c, the battery part doesn’t look like the photo on Mobilecity.

      Photo: https://ibb.co/MkwW2hh

      • Ahhh nice.. so totally diff charging point.

        Might pick one up next time.

  • Just bought one from Costco Casula Crossroads. They would’ve had about 20 in stock.

  • I wonder if all Costco has this deal?

    • costco moorabbin had pretty much a whole pallet, at least 30

    • Saw this in Costco Perth, had about 2 pallets worth

  • tempted to buy this.. is it good? :D

  • Thanks, consider to buy Dreame V11

  • Got this today.. overall pretty happy was tossing up between this and the Dreame v9.

    FYI for anyone considering the main difference is this one is the 'Cleaner 1' and NOT the 1C. The main difference being power - this one is rated at 350w - 90AW and the 1C is 400w and 120AW.. 1C retails for approx. $100 more however Kogan have a presale for $239 (+ shipping if your not a first member) so just depends - I'd buy the 1C if it was easily accessible on sale otherwise Costco have a decent return policy so was just the easier choice for me.

    Hope it helps!

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