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Intel Core i5 10600K 4.1GHz $308 Delivered @ JW Computers


Looks like a steal at the price for a decent gaming CPU. Possibly a pricing error? JW was listing it at $409 yesterday but has now dropped for $308.

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    • What you need that for? Dont think anybody will price match

      • price protection

        • Do they even do it for price errors?

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    Good luck, I doubt this store will go through with the sale. Last time I tried to buy a mobo from this mob, I waited 2 weeks and it still wasn't posted. I rang them and after over 5 tries, they finally answered the phone, to only tell me that the item was out of stock. Even though the item was still showing on their website 1 week later….

  • Just get a 3600 if the budget is $300, otherwise get a 5600X. The 10600K runs hot, consumes more power and gets absolutely smoked by the 5600X in everything. If you're only gaming at 1440p or 4k the CPU isn't that significant but you still get the productivity gains the 5600X and even 3600 offer over the 10600K.

    • 10600kf & OC it for $339 will smoke the 3600 in gaming and why spend the extra money on a 5600x if you dont use your pc for and intensive cpu workloads. Everyone is on team red ATM but intel cpu are still the smarter choice in certain situations. Most home users don't render etc. They just open emails and a web browser.

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        Because a z490 board to do the OC isn’t cheap.

      • You have an upgrade path to the 5000 series if you buy a 3600, even with a cheap B450 Motherboard. The only upgrade option to the next gen for Intel is to get an expensive Z490 motherboard. Also you don't have to worry about a cooling solution because the stock fan works well with the 3600, versus buying one for the 10600k. Gaming performance is only matters if you play at 1080p. If you game at 1440p and up, it's not a concern because of the GPU bottleneck, and causes the FPS to even out between the CPUS.

    • Literally just got a 3600 yesterday.
      Stock cooler it sits at 85-98 during an aida64 test.
      Runs very hot. Can't imagine the 10600k runs much cooler than that

  • 125w TDP…

  • Did this turn out legit?

    • Too soon to k ow. Give them a week to see if anything gets shipped. They didnt have stock and it said "This item is available at our partner warehouse. We'll order this item just for you and expect to dispatch it within 5 business days of payment receipt"

      Based on comment above, I doubt it will be fulfilled

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      I called them today and they cancelled my order because it was out of stock (see my other comment)

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    I ended up calling them today - very dodgy bunch imo.

    I thought it was a pricing error for sure but ended up buying it to roll the dice. They didn't change the order status since Saturday but I saw my payment go through a few days ago. So i give them a ring the lady tells me to wait for a few min to talk to her manager then they return to tell me they are out of stock because it was at a very popular "direct from intel promotional price"

    I'm almost certain thats a straight up lie and it was a pricing error. i have no idea why they felt the need to lie about that, I would've been happy to get some comms and a refund. Did anyone actually get their order sent?

    I can't help but feel they would've just taken my money and not refund if I didn't call them

  • They have listed the 10600K back on their website at $398 and "Available for shipping. This item is available at our partner warehouse. We'll order this item just for you and expect to dispatch it within 5 business days of payment receipt." Same as what it said when this post was up.

  • I tried to login to check the order status, couldn't get in so contacted them to do a password reset on my account. 5 minutes later get an email saying my order has been cancelled due to a pricing error and will be refunded. Apparently they'll send a $20 voucher in the next couple of days as a make good…

  • Yeh, got an email now.
    "We regret to inform you that we’ve had to cancel your order due to a pricing error on the website, which we rectified as soon as it was alerted. Your payment has now been refunded in full, and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience and understanding. We also would like to offer you a $20 e-Gift-Card as a gesture of Good Will, which we will email to you by close of business tomorrow. Please monitor this email address, for the incoming Gift Card. Thank you again for your patience and understanding, and we hope to see you shop with us again soon!

  • Received a refund. Knew it was too good to be true…

  • Hi guys,

    Unfortunately this was indeed a pricing error, and our sincere apologies for the delay in processing - as mentioned above, we have emailed all affected customers who bought this CPU whilst the error was live.

    We will have the $20 e-Gift-cards sent to the affected customers by COB Tuesday 24th November also.

    Please message me directly if you do not receive the card by COB on the aforementioned date, or if there's any further confusion/queries as a result of this error.

    Our deepest apologies again, for the initial pricing error itself, and the delay in processing. Operational hiccups like this can surface from time to time, but we can only better ourselves from it!

    Thank you.