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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link HP03 (Black/Nickel) $494.10, V10 Absolute+ $764.10, V7 Motorhead $359.10 Delivered @ Dyson Australia

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Code doesn't seem to work on the airwraps or supersonics?

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      Yep, just updated.

      Appears the '2 Bonus Gifts' is the Black Friday Offer.

      • Theybhàd is for.$494 with same 2 bonus item on 11.11

  • Do these cool better than a pedestal fan?

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      I'd hope so.

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      Not really to be honest.

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      We have it and I would say the cooling or heating isn't anything amazing.
      It's more the purifying part that we found useful when the air quality was bad because of all the bushfires:(
      The app is pretty good and I use it often to turn the heating up or down without getting in or out of the bub's room.

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        Thanks everyone for the feedback. Was looking for something to keep Bub's room which gets quite hot in summer a constant temp without installing an aircon or using a big portable aircon unit but this sounds like it might not be up to it.

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        +1 to this, it doesn't cool at all but cleans the particles very fast. Our son has asthma even though removing carpets cleaning everyday not enough this machine really helped as air purifier.

    • Unfortunately no…

    • No, they are still just a fan, blowing the same air.

      • Is it quieter?

        • usually quiet at low speeds - can be a bit loud at speed 10

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      Own a TP04 and HP04 and find them unimpressive as fans compared to any half decent (and far cheaper) pedestal one, while a high velocity or Vornado type fan will wipe the floor with it. Main use case is where one has a heavy preference for having fan, heat and purify functions in the one unit.

      • Spot on.

        The Dyson fans aren’t really any quieter, but the air is less ‘choppy’ than a standard fan which I like. They are also safer because there are no spinning blades.

        The replacement filters for the HP03 are $99 each (and even more expensive on the HP04). But cheaper Chinese ones are available.

        • They are also safer because there are no spinning blades.

          Is that really a concern? Pedestal fans usually do a decent job of making it near impossible to touch the blades.

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            @elusive: As I child, I remember sticking my fingers through the grill to touch the fan blades…

            And I LOVED it. Fingers still all here… so unless you got a high powered metal blade version, there's no real issues with safety as far as fans go - it's a manufactured perception issue.

            • @Zaptruder: Out of curiosity, what would happen when the blades hit your finger? It just got knocked out of the way?

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                @kicha: Depends on the age of the person and type of fan, from experience it'll be a bloody mess literally, shattered nails and possibly hands in a cast. The grill makes it difficult to put your fingers through, but a capable toddler will still find a way.

                These days fans are a bit safer, blades are plastic rather than metal and stops/slows when obstructed.

                • @jeworge: Thank you for those visceral images, I'm glad to know that all my fears as a child were not unfounded

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                @kicha: My child fingers could stop the fan blades… after a bit of banging. Plastic fan blades… don't think I've ever had metal ones.

    • I had a demo at Good Guys from a Dyson rep yesterday, and all he could sell me was how smart it is in terms of being able to remotely switch it on or off before coming home on a hot day. I have a $99 tower fan from 5 years ago, and it does better than the HP04 he showed me.

    • Frankly, no. For the prices you can get a portable ac unit that actually cools or for much less, get a Vornado 660. Had one for years and it does a great job working in tandem with the AC. Costco sells it for under $170, which is the best price I've seen for it.

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    Thanks I picked up the Dyson V7 Motorhead Origin :-)

    The differences between the three models are:

    • Dyson V7 Motorhead Origin. Includes Pre-Motor HEPA Filter. Does not include a Crevice tool.
    • Dyson V7 Motorhead. Includes Pre-Motor Filter AND a Crevice tool.
    • Dyson V7 Cord Free. Includes Crevice tool. Does not include a Pre-Motor HEPA Filter
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    waiting for absolute bargain on Dyson V8 Absolute

  • V11 or V10?

    • V11 isn't on sale, so…

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        Should I wait for blackfriday and cybermonday or pull the trigger now?

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          Over the last few years Black Friday has seen the biggest discounts for Dyson…these prices are pretty good however (V10 hasn't been this good since I got mine for $699 w/bonus accessory last Black Friday). I got the purifier 2018 and the v10 2019. The v10 has been very good - much better than the v5-v8. Good battery + great suction!

        • hard to tell now with covid

      • Hasn't been a decent local v11 discount in ages

  • V10+ Absolute is a good price if the extra attachments you get compared to the Animal are of value to you

  • Been using dyson upright and a v6 for a while now and am thinking of upgrading to v10+ abs.
    Is dyson still materially better than cheaper alternatives like the dreame V11/T20?

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      I’m using a 6 and it’s seriously on its last legs.

      I dropped $300 on the Dreame T20 Indiegogo a few weeks ago… fingers crossed it’s all that it’s hyped up to be.

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    Is there a cheaper alternative to Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, I just don't understand why it costs SO MUCH. Like all I want is a machine that can blow both hot air and cool air?

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    I actually unboxed and started using a HP03 today that I got from my virgin velocity points. The fan cooling is unimpressive. Just blows hot air around and a cheaper kmart one is just as effective as fan cooling. It didn't bring down the temperature of the room at all.

    The heating works fine and is much better than the cooling

    Where this machine excels is a few things:
    1. Design - 3 in 1 device - cooling, heating and purifying
    2. Air purifying works great but note you'll need to replace filter maybe after 1-1.5 years. $99 from Dyson but cheaper knock offs are available now
    3. The app is good - you can remotely turn off and on and control everything with Dyson link - I.e. if you are out you could heat up the room remotely or on a schedule
    4. Looks sleek
    5. Lots of stats on air purification

    No way is it worth RRP, but $500 seems fair considering it's a 3 in 1 device and the air purifying function is excellent.

    While I was cleaning my dusty PC, I could see it purifying all the dust in the air that you can't see on the dyson graph

    This would work well in something like a home office, bedroom or a child's/baby room

  • How would the motorhead compare with the old DC 25 upright? Motorised head on my dc25 is playing up and can't troubleshoot exactly where the issue is… I imagine service plus parts would end up around $300 for it anyway…

  • https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-wed-18-...

    Not sure this is any good…but it's much cheaper.

  • +1

    also 3% cashback

  • Code does not work on V8 battery :-(

    • Code only works on the models mentioned in the description.

  • I feel Dyson V10 and above are not really portable anymore. Tried few times in the shop and I still think v8 is much better alternative.

  • Hi guys,
    I bought the hot cool link $599 from HN on Saturday. Is there any was or returning it for a refund so I can purchase this one? Thanks!

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      Harvey Norman is AWFUL with returns.

      If you didn't open it up, maybe they accept it but even then they may refuse change of mind returns (Every store is fine with it, but not Harvey)

      If you did open it up, nope they will refuse.

      I'd try and see if they are willing to refund you the $105 difference but even then I doubt it.

      • Harvey Norman is generally awful! No matter which store you go to they're all ####s

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    We have a couple of the HP03s they have been a little disappointing as fans. While they are floor mounted, they really just don't have a lot of blow. This means they're fine in winter for warming you up, since fan heaters always will make you feel warm (albeit a bit dry). In summer, however, they really can't cool more than a small room - this is not the fan to cool down a family/living room.

    Instead we have recently, ahead of potential bushfires and a toasty summer, went for the DP04 Pure Cool Desk Fan. I bought a bunch for me and the olds as it has the strongest air flow of any Dyson purifier that I could find (moves 419L / sec as per https://moderncastle.com/dyson-pure-cool-dp04-review/ ) because the round shape generates greater air flow than the oval shape. I also have no idea why it's called a Desk fan as it's blinking enormous for a desk - a similar height to the floor mounted HP03!

    In real life, it blows the HP03 out of the water in how well it cools thanks to its stronger air flow - not least because you don't need it at as high a level so it is far less noisy and this more pleasant. My only concern has been keeping our 9 month old son away from it as he can't resist spinning it around and while it's safe for him, I can't imagine it's good for the Dyson.

    Yes, the DP04 doesn't heat, but we have ceiling mounted far infra red heaters (by Herschel) for that. It's a big advantage if you don't need the all in one of the HP03 or even later models - with the DP04 you get stronger air flow, and more sophisticated purifying. You can see the different pollutant levels in real time graphs on the machine itself - including the PM2.5 fine particulate matter that last year's bushfires brought to prominence. That on-device display is surprisingly handy since we found we rarely checked the app for air quality with out HP03s. Instead we can just use the remote to toggle through the different types of pollutant graphs on the machine.

    We grabbed it on discount for $450 a pop (currently $549) plus a free extra filter back in September. So decent chance it could be up for a discount in the Black Friday sales.

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    Another separate but important point for smart home / IoT nerds like me - Dyson's app only works with Alexa, not Google Assistant. At least not without going through an intermediary solution like the Harmony Hub.

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      that's actually a really important point for me. thanks for pointing out.

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    Thanks OP for this deal. I posted the previous deal AUD 599 deal. Spoke to Dyson and will return my previous order from Dyson for this one!

  • Why the HP04 model is not on sale~

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      I'm assuming they want to clear out the older model.

  • I missed the boat on this one.. reckon Dyson will put out another code when it's actually Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

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