New Way of Cooking Rice Removes Arsenic and Retains Mineral Nutrients, Study Shows

Any OzBargainers Eat Rice⸮

Consider that a non-racist percontation point, and this just a PSA. Far from recent info, though some maybe unaware of it.

Rice reminded, certainly some indication of that being true.

New study reaffirming

Don't just rinse, parboil your rice 🍚 Or don't, it's up to you.

If anything in that freaks you out at all, your unexpected dumpling distraction. Pearson Sound - Tsunan Sun track finds a great groove.


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    :/ (confused)

    • Fair enough, don't stress

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    Yeah, nah.

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    What do you do if you use a rice cooker?

    • 5 min rinse with boilng water, then cook as normal I guess

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    The article doesn't state how much arsenic is found on rice and whether all rice types from all countries contain the same amount. It's likely rice from Bangladesh contains more arsenic than other countries as it's present in the ground water.

    50% reduction from…. what? Is the level dangerous? The article won't tell you that.

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      Hush my child, the amounts aren't important. Don't question the "research", just accept it.

    • and what about other foods!
      also wonder what is the difference in recommendations of levels by country (its a UK paper)
      so many questions

    • Arsenic variously in Australian soils and not just trace amounts in many locations.
      Rice in particular, bioaccumulates it, problematically, humans next in the chain.

      The post is just a heads-up to both of those and practical way of reducing the problem, and consequence otherwise.
      Intended simple post for those who might be interested, beyond being fodder for the worst of the ADHD types on this website. Only some of those ruin it, not a reference to you.

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      IVI is that you?

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      affects of Arsenic ?

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    Where does the arsenic go? How can it be collected? Asking for a friend.

    • They recycle it to put in the apple seeds.

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    HAIYAAAA…… (while wearing my OzB orange T-shirt)

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      Is it a polo?

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      Adds MSG in rice.

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    Just because a study shows conclusive results does not mean the results have practical implications.

    These studies are for easy PhDs and publication counts. Granted, this one is still better than the "Diabetes, it can be managed with diet and exercise." dissertations that they're still handing out doctorates for.

    • Type 2 diabetes is caused by diet for those predisposed to it. It therefore follows that diabetes can be managed by diet alone. Full stop.

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        Dr Big ticket, PhD.


  • For brown rice, I'm told u just need to soak it overnight to remove a good percentage of the arsenic. I think white rice has less as it's outer layer is removed, but I assume soaking will produce similar results. Sounds easier than what they are suggesting.

    Do your own research

    • Soaking only reduces arsenic by a small amount.

  • Dunno, low doses may be good:

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    What's with these gimmick posting styles?

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      Probably spends too much time on twitter or reddit?

  • How else am I suppose to build up a tolerance to arsenic?

    Time to ditch brown rice and go back to fried foods and preserved meats.

  • This research said arsenic has health benefits 🤷

    Either way - it's confirmation bias depending on which side you want to believe.

  • Erm so this is only a minor issue if you eat brown rice? As the milling process renders white rice free of arsenic. Lets be honest though we're not eating rice for it's nutrients.

    This means that brown rice, (unmilled or unpolished rice that retains its bran) contains more arsenic than white rice. This milling process removes arsenic from white rice but also removes 75-90% of its nutrients.

    Not really anything of substance to report

  • I think it depends on the country of origin and rice variety as well. Do we have Australian grown rice brands now ?

  • Thanks, good to know even if I hardly eat rice. Many friends and relatives do - will let them know in case it is of interest to them.

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      Similar household consumption here, occasional side-dish as opposed to anything much more than that, bluesky. Yes, friends and relatives keener to other level.

      General statement about food preparation is that convenience is difficult for people to resist.

      How are you going, bluesky? Are Melburnians still treading on their tresses on the way to getting a haircut? :)

      South Australians may be the next bunch set to do that, if all goes really pear-shaped. Hopefully it won't.

      Enjoy your warmer weather!

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        How are you going, bluesky? Are Melburnians still treading on their tresses on the way to getting a haircut? :)

        Thanks for asking, Dne. I am very well and trust you are too. Got so accustomed to the lockdown, I guess I will have to combat the inertia to go out. Since lockdown lifted, only once out on a quick shopping trip – that is all. As for people’s haircuts, nothing jumped out as unusual - so that must be the first thing people tend to after lockdown :-)

        During the lockdown, for the first time, I did my entire haircut completely, without help. What was the worst that could happen? If I messed up, it was still lockdown. Came out OK, surprisingly. Yay! Will do this more often from now on, and no need to rely on anyone. Nothing significant (plenty of people cut their own hair, I’m sure), but it still feels like an accomplishment! :-)

        What about you and where you are? Given no community transmission, is covid even in the back of people’s minds anymore? Is it very much like life before covid? How nice that would be.

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          Bluesky, many keen bargainers will long ago have invested in a flowbee!

          Various things here getting back to some normality and have been for a while now. Business step just yesterday another good one.

          No restrictions on kite flying and breezy most places.
          Victorians and South Australians have always looked sideways at each other so that's also exercise of a sort, bluesky :)

          Relative to just how things are playing out elsewhere, Australians currently living in a Dream World.

          (Classic Breakbeat Hardcore Dreamworld, also absent The Thunder River Rapids Ride, to no detriment.)

          I sense this comment to be off the topic of rice!

          Take care, bluesky :-)

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            @DisabledUser58534: Glad to hear things are doing well and improving where you are. Now is just wishing the best to Adelaidians - they jumped on the problem early, so hopefully, it will be under control quick. It ain't over until it is over for all of us.

            … many keen bargainers will long ago have invested in a flowbee!

            What an ingenious device! But a bit pricey … think I will stick with a good old pair of scissors for the time being.

            Thanks, you take care too. Cheers :-)

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    The sort of people who believe this garbage are the same idiots who don't vaccinize their kids, and believe the earth is flat 🤣🤣

    • Curious to know why you think that?

  • Uncle Roger will be very disappointed and put his leg down! Haiyaa!!!

  • I've got some news about apples that WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!

    • Just happy knowing that you're not eating the seeds, terry.