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P2 Respirator Masks - Orders above $30 Now Free Delivery + Buy 5 & Get The 6th Free (Aus Made) @ Respaguard


In support of SA, we have now reduced the free delivery threshold to all orders above $30, extended our buy any 5 packs and get the 6th free (60pcs for $50 or $0.83 ea) of our proudly Australian Made P2 Respirator Masks.

You can order 10 and get the 11th and 12th pack for free, buy 15 and get your 16th,17th and 18th packs for free and so on and the two specials can be bought together

When checking out please check you added the full quantity, for example 6 and at the checkout it will come up as 5 packs + 1 free. However if you accidentally checked out with 5 instead of 6 or 10 instead of 12 ect we will manually amend the order on our end and send out the free packs with your order.

Furthermore we are supporting charities that need to visit eldery and vulnerable South Australians to conduct welfare checks during the lockdown. Please head to our contact us page and send us a message for more information :)

Stay safe SA! ❤ love from the RespaGuard Team.

RespaGuard's respirator masks are exceptionally one of the highest grade P2 respirator masks in the country, achieving particle filtration efficiency of 99%. Head to our about us page to read more.

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  • Which mask would be best to filter diesel exhaust fumes/particulates when using a tractor? The exhaust is at the front and blows back at the operator, silly design!

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      Hi jjsnacks,

      I would need to get clarification regarding this question from one of our technical members tomorrow and get back to you with an answer then :)

    • Keen to know as well + pesticides

      • Hi Ben,

        For this one, i am still waiting on a response from our technical member, thank you for your patience.

    • Hi JJsnacks and Ben,

      Sorry for the delay, it has been busy few days with SA orders, i will get an answer for you by end of today, thank you so much for your patience :)

    • Hi JJsnack,

      Sorry for the delay, i was advised that disposable P2 active carbon masks could be used in instance where "the concentration of vapor in the diesel exhaust is low" otherwise it is recommended you use a Half Face mask with a suitable gas filter, which unfortunately we do not manufacture.

      See this guide from SafeWork Australia on how to protect your self :)

      • +1

        Thanks, yes I'd say it's low

      • Since China is banning many of our exports it may be time we cut them off from all of our exports, take the economic hit, and then become more self-sufficient…they still want more from us than we want from them! We could strike up a Brexit market, Europe, even the USA (although they aren't a lot better than China & Russia when it comes to protectionism!)

  • size info would help too as masks vary in size and thus vary in fit

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      Hi GPAK,

      Our masks are one size, when stretched open to how it would look like when its resting on your face, the width of that area is 14cm and 13.5cm high.

      I hope that helps with your question :)

  • With ear loops it is more than doubtful that a non leaking fit can be obtained.
    Fit testing would be essential, and I would be amazed if proper fit testing gave a pass to this.
    P2/P3/N95 in my experience need 2 (yes two) head loops to be possible to get a secure, no leakage fit.
    Try and find an ear loop P2/P3 respirator from 3M or Honeywell with ear loops. They don't make them.
    I hope this new manufacturer can make same item with 2 head loops, as it would probably be a good respirator then.

    • Hi rjrt,

      No P2 mask can offer a 100% inward leakage protection, the Australian P2 standard requires it be less than 8% where ours sits around 1% which is quite a high standard in the industry.

      Regarding the ear loops, the company you mentioned in your comment does manufacture flat fold ear loop masks that are P2 compliant like ours,
      see it here. However this is a common misconception, prior to 2020 3D flat fold masks were not a common mask you would widely find in Australia, the cup form masks were the norm and those require headband due to their design. However the ear loop masks can function as well or even better than the cup masks if designed and manufactured properly. Our masks have been custom designed to have tighter fitting ear loops, stronger nose grip, unique shape to better fit users face and thicker high quality materials compared to others you might find in the market.

      I hope this helps clarify your concern :)

  • Ordered to support West Aussie manufacturer.
    2 days later and no confirmation of order and website showing ‘order unfulfilled’.

    • Hi Imp,

      We are sorry for the delays, we have been running at a 2 day shipping for the week due to unexpected large volumes of orders from SA, however we have now brought it in more staff to assist and all orders up to midnight last will going out midday today. Thank you for support us we greatly appreciate it and we hope you continue to support us.

      Regards, RespaGuard Team.

      • Just got a text message that it was being prepared to be shipped.

        Can you confirm manufactured in Australia?
        I am being told by elsewhere that the only Aust Manufactured ones are made in Shepperton, Victoria.

        • Hi Imp,

          Yes, our respirator masks are exclusively manufactured at our Malaga,WA factory. The Shepperton manufacturer is one of few other manufacturers in Australia however they are the oldest in the country. As far as we are aware, they do not manufacture P2 masks, only surgical masks :)

  • dang, expired, price increased, not going to buy then! :(

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