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Tenda Nova MW6 3 Pack: $165 + Delivery @ AV Mart Australia


Pretty good price if anyone needs mesh wifi.

I've been using these for half a year and have had no issues and really good coverage across the house.

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    $165 + delivery

    Seems expensive for this…

    They've been around $150 delivered when on sale…

    • But what are they now?
      Looks like $188.4 at amazon, $199 at Kogan, seems like a reasonable discount.

      • Looks like $188.4 at amazon

        Amazon are hardly ever the cheapest now…

    • +2

      They've been

      I look forward to you posting a deal for a time machine.

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        I look forward to you posting a deal for a time machine

        Just check on Black Friday…

        Personally, if I was looking for one now… I'd wait…

  • I have a (possibly stupid) question about mesh. My place is long and skinny, with the NBN port at one end of the unit and my bedroom at the other, with 5 brick walls in-between (and a distance of 15-20m) so the WiFi to the bedroom is awful. Would mesh solve my problems? I have power points down the hallway, but no more ethernet ports.

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      Mesh coverage been great for me at least. If you get at least 3 - you'd have one setup in the room where the router to NBN is, then place the other two spread along rest of the house. When you set up I recall there was an app that showed if each unit was getting a good connection (so you know if they are too far apart etc).

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      Yes, I believe it will work beautifully. My place is long and skinny too and I've been using this 3-pack for more than 4 months. Very happy with the setup.

    • This will definitely solve your wifi woes.

    • Not a stupid question.

      Even I have a narrow house that I wasn’t sure would be suiting the purpose of this mesh setup.

      I bit the bullet because I was desperate due to issues with microwave usage impacting the wifi each time someone using it. I also used to play games in my garage (at the far rear of the house) which had a very high ping.

      When I installed the MW6 and have a node connected with my gaming pc via Ethernet and have my Xbox and work pc connected via wifi and they all work flawlessly now. Ping has reduced to the low 50s.

      My smart tv is also connected via Ethernet to the other node which is now not impacted with microwave usage.

      Hope this helps to resolve any issues you are facing.

    • By Tenda's specs, the MW6 has the longer range of the Tenda mesh devices. You won't know if it works for you or not, but my experience with similar devices is that it will make a world of difference.

      Just be aware that with these dual-band systems, it does reduce the bandwidth because the middle node (for example) has to talk to you at one end of the unit, and the router at the other end. So if all your use was at the opposite end of the unit, and you really needed the bandwidth, it's something to be aware of.

      tl;dr you likely won't get 100Mbps at the fair end of the house.

      But the Tenda are at a great price, so it is the cheapest way to try mesh.

      • Thanks for your input :) Looks like I'm buying a mesh router next week.

    • Not a stupid question and mesh should be a good solution for you.

    • Would mesh solve my problems?


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        Thanks :)

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          No worries…

          Personally, I'd wait until Black Friday. There's bound to be some good mesh deals… Lots of competition in that space now.

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    these are rubbish, bought one from amazon and stopped connecting to modem just after a week.
    my modem/antivirus is picking up some suspicious activity from it and blocking it after the firmware update.
    sent back to amazon for refund.

    • My MW3s work well.

      • Same, I got some for my parents almost a year ago, and they haven't missed a beat…

    • Using the MW3s for almost two years now and they've worked a treat.

  • +1

    I've had the MW5c not had a problem used to have MW3 also.

  • Have MW3 in my house (single store), a friend of mine lives in a 2-store and I installed MW6 in his.
    Both are working fine, I am happy and he is happy.

    • I am happy and he is happy.

      Happy ending….

  • I have eufy wifi cameras and having difficulty in getting the range on front and the back of the house. Do you think this will solve the problem….???

    • +1

      Yeap I have the same setup for my outdoor Arlo camera and getting range for the mesh system has never been an issue. Would never ever go back to wifi extender.

  • Bought the TPLink Deco M5 around $200 from last deal, roaming a lot better than having extra access point.

  • Would be great if these could be hard wired back to a switch so they for a mesh with gigabit to each node.

    • What mesh system/s work well with Ethernet backhaul to multiple nodes?

      • If ethernet available better plug it in, if not still works well.

  • I am interested in just one of these. Does anyone want to purchase just 2? Happy to split the difference.

    • Just one why mesh or you already have Nova setup?

  • Yeah I have two already and want to extend it a little further.

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