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Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory, 2x8GB (16GB Kit) DDR4 3200MT/s CL16 White RGB $93.12 + Delivery ($0 w/Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Nice price for RGB memory with decent specs ten words

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Just popped a similar Crucial kit (3600 CL16 2x16gb) from a previous ozb deal into my X570/3700X system and it works flawlessly, I've had some RAM compatibility issues in the past but Crucial compatibility seems to be good.

    • That’s a lot. For VM’s?

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        Primarily gaming where 32gb means I have 0 worries for years to come, but I do 4k60 video editing often enough to justify 32gb too.

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          I'm also on 32GB for 4K60 video editing. Currently running 4x8GB of boring gray 2666MHz stuff. This kit would be a speed and aesthetics upgrade for me. Fighting temptation!

          • @sensys: I was limited to 2 slots (ITX) so I had to sell really good Gskill FlareX 3200 CL14 to go for dual DIMM, dual rank (best for Ryzen in gaming at least, and likely any other memory limited situation).

            What are the rest of the specs? Ryzen loves ram speed and dual rank.

            • @foxpants: Ryzen 7 3700X and an X370 motherboard (Asus Prime Pro). I'm not sure I'd get 3200MHz running four sticks. The QVL for that board doesn't list any validated kits. Could try my luck with it, of course, and I'd always have the pretty pretty lights!

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                @sensys: Yeah the kit I bought isn't on my QVL but it worked flawlessly setting XMP etc all auto. Perhaps reddit/forum searching for that board and RAM compat is your friend.

        • Off topic from the OP -> But my bro wants me to spec him a pc for editing. (As a spare). He already has a decked out Mac for all his Premiere Pro work, but wanted a second PC.
          What's more important in this aspect -> CPU or GPU for editing works?

          Might actually grab some of this RAM as I recently did a basic AMD system and would work nicely with my other 2x8GB Kit.

          • @Maz78: The CPU is more important than the GPU for video editing, especially in Premiere Pro. Your storage setup is also important. It's been a while since I was really across the latest for this sort of stuff, so I'm reluctant to suggest anything specific, but somewhere like Puget Systems is a good place to look for up-to-date part recommendations.

    • 3600 CL16 is a lot better though

    • Btw, did you pick up rev e or rev b die?

      • I believe it's micron e die

        • Still on the hunt for micron b die…

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      The better deal, tbh.

      • Still shy of prime day $76 3600.

    • Thanks just bought a kit !

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    needed this, thank you for your hard work

  • Wish I didn't have a stupid ITX board… Hate my 2slot limit. 4x 8GB is cheaper than 2x 16GB

    • I got 2x16gb 3600mhz for 180.

      • What ram? I'll like these RGB ram but 32GB is like 250

    • wait for sales? i got 2x16gb for $140 (3200 mind you, but should oc to 3600 being e-die)

      • Yea hoping to get something on black friday after they boosted the price with 50% up to get 25% off haha

  • Need 4000 speed

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      This is a good kit to overclock

      • But is it rev b or rev e.

  • Wow! Very tempted to paid this with my GSkill 3600 Mt/s with 16CL. :(

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    Able to run this 3800 cl16 @ 1.38v stable

    • Cpu?

      • Ryzen 7 3700x, just notice using 3600mhz has better benchmark score. Still trying to fine tune the memory settings

        • if your overclocked settings are not resulting in higher scores, then there are errors occuring. need to run tests to check stability

          overclocked with errors can corrupt your data on your storage slowly in the long run

          • @kehuehue: Yeah have tried memtest overnight on both clockspeed, all pass zero errors. Maybe my IF is on 3600mhz

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    Got 2 x these without RGB during the Prime Day sales, $136 so around $68 each. Might be worth waiting for Black Friday deals if you can.

  • thinking of putting this on my b550i aorus board with a r5 5600 for purely gaming, thoughts?

    • If 16gb is enough, go for it.

    • Pay a little bit more and get at least 3600MHz for Ryzen especially 5000 series - closer to 4000MHz the better

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        You can run the ram preset on your motherboard, these will run the 3600 cl16 preset no problem

  • will this fit a dell desktop xps 8900?

    • Physically it will fit because it's DDR4.

      But the speeds will depend on your motherboard and the chipset it uses. It may not work at the advertised 3200mhz speed because the native memory speeds for 6th gen Intel CPU's are 2133mhz as I recall.

      • yes, it's 2133 DDR4 - so it would be a bad investment?

        • Not really, you're buying for the capacity rather than for the memory speed, I wouldn't be bothered by the slow RAM unless you're specifically looking at benchmark numbers all day. memory speed is not a big deal for Intel, though it is for Ryzen.

  • These are really good for the price, I think they're all micron e die which can do 3800 c16 pretty easily

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    RGB too so it should run 2% - 3% better depending on conditions.

  • Can I mix this with Adata XPG D60g 3200?


    This has less RGB surface area compared to Adata so will most likely result in less performance but for the cheaper price can't complaint

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  • These got cheaper now… Seems like a good price for 2x 16GB right?


    • https://www.amazon.com.au/Patriot-Viper-Blackout-DDR4-3200MH...

      If you dont need crucial brand, I'm pretty sure these come with b die.

      E: Nvm, the title say 2 x 8, whereas the box was 2 x 16. Seemed suspiciously cheap for b die.

      • I don't care much if its Crucial.. How good is the Patriot Viper? Its not a bad price. I think there's something strange tbh.. The 4400mhz has a 5% coupon brining the 2x 16GB 4400mhz to $141… I wonder if I'll be getting 2x 16GB.. haha

        • I wouldn't take that risk. There is some other stuff which is CL18 3600 for cheaper than the crucial.

          For me I'd always take crucial but I actually ordered 2 x 32 of the Patriot Viper. Hasn't come yet but at 32gb dimms, they start getting rare and expensive.

          • @ATangk: Well if they end up being 2x 8GB.. I can just send it back to Amazon for a refund correct.. I see the 2x 16GB 3600 is $185 and it shows in the detail its 32GB..

            • @RenVilo: That one will be correct. I was only talking about the sticks which are 4000+. Patriot puts b die in those that are 3866MT/s or higher.

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    Thanks OP copped

  • price showing $139 now

  • How does warranty work when purchasing from Amazon UK/US?

    Does the Crucial Lifetime Warranty still apply, and will I have to ship it to UK/US for repair? Will Crucial reimburse the shipping costs?