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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 256GB $999 (Was $1999) @ JB Hi-Fi


Next week's JB Hi-Fi Mega Price Blitz catalogue with deals starting from 25/11 has this deal for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip on the front page for $999.

SKU code on the image is for Purple model, not sure if it also applies to Black.

Catalogue Front page image https://imgur.com/U7pERCv

Key Features

6.7" HDR10+ Infinity Flex Display

12MP dual rear facing camera & 10MP front facing camera

8GB Ram

256GB internal storage

3300 mAH battery

Wireless Powershare

Android 10.0

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    • How long ago did you purchase it?

    • My corporate portal is 1599 :(

      • It was offered around Oct this year. Was there for around a week.

  • +2

    new ozbargain er attire

    • +2

      Lol the old exchange with friends when you notice you have the same product


      • not really.

        ozbargain has nothing to do here or anywhere

        it would go like this:

        jb hifi black friday sale?

        yeah mate

  • +1

    Non 5G version

    • +2

      4g is fast enough for 4K.

  • +2

    Op any discounts on the Sony X9000H range in that catalogue?

  • Are there any cases for these that are decent?

    • +1

      Lot of stylish cases.

  • +2

    Flipping hell that’s cheap.

    • +11

      Call me old school but I still think a thousand dollars is a lot of money.
      I might spend that on a laptop but can't get my head around spending it on a phone.

      • I agree, it’s a lot of money but it’s half price.

        • +2

          Discounts are a construct.

          • +5

            @Ulysses31: Wife: Guess how much I saved today!
            Me: * sinking feeling *

          • @Ulysses31: of human perception, an illusion created by

      • +3

        Agree, I'm not a power user but all my sub-$400 phones have been great.

      • Me either! Max for me is $599.

    • Take my upvote for that pun

      • I’m glad someone got it👍🏻

  • +4

    Could I could ask the staff in JB for a better deal or will they flip me off?

  • Not 5G

  • This is perfect for me with the number of phones I've folded in half while in a rage the past few years. Might actually save money lol

    • r/iamverybadass

      • Nah, had mild brain damage with inability to regulate stress :)

        • +1

          Try folding a CD in half. Awesome for about 0.65sec… Then rage returns as vacuuming starts, and never stops

    • weird flex

  • +2

    JB has a Half Price Deals page published at this link that includes the Galaxy Z Flip: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/collections/half-price-deals

    I wasn't sure if it was referring to the upcoming sale, but after this post I assume it may be.

    • But it’s great to have at Trekkie conventions…beam me up Scotty.

  • +3

    Awesome timing, not sure how many gift cards you can use at once but essentially 15% off JB brings price down to $849

    • Anyone know if JB applies a limit of number of gift cards on a sale?

      • +1

        No I used 15 on iphone 12, and you can combine multiple into one so no point limiting.

        • Thanks

    • Wonder if the phone will go out of stock by the time I buy and apply the gift cards, knowing my luck…

      • +1

        Ask if you can put one aside?

        • Thanks, I tried but they said they can only hold till COB at the most

  • Makes you wonder how much further it could drop.

  • Is the lg velvet included ?

  • Specs of this Samsung is not to bad but I feel 2k price tag is what really kills it for me

  • Wow o wow! What a great deal for the latest tech. I'm salivatingly hanging out for the Z Fold 2, here hoping it could be the next to be (heavily) discounted. 🤞

    • I saw it at Harvey Norman but it was in a plastic case, though I really wanted to feel it in my hands…

  • -1

    it is already around $1k for grey imports

    • +4

      So this is much better.

      • -4

        why is it much better? It's not like it a saving of $1000 like in the title, it's a saving of only $99.

        • +1

          Local warranty with presence of actual physical stores duh

  • +3

    Full catalogue, please?

  • +1

    Why so many + votes?

  • My wife want this phone for small bag

  • -3

    the fold makes sense because the screen size can be doubled, but this just expands to a regular sized screen, so what's the point?

    • +1

      Didn’t neg you but ladies with tiny expensive bag would love this

      • okay well thanks for not neging me. I wonder who did neg me?……

        • embrace the negs, at least it shows people have tread your thoughts.

          I do also think people like my mum love it, open for answer, close to end call… small size for bag etc.

  • +3

    any chance you share pictures of that JB catalogue? In particular, any other items with 30-50% discounts?

  • -1

    It will soon be $199.

    • No way. Not soon anyways…

    • +9

      It will soon be $1999 again

  • +1

    Wonder if they'd do the same for the Fold as well. Would be all over it !

  • Is this the latest model (no idea if there’s a newer version or not)

    • There are 2 models: LTE (4G) and 5G. This looks like the LTE version, otherwise there’d be 5G all over the advert.

      • Thanks. So there is no Flip 2 model, this is the latest?
        4g 5g is the same phone, some cameras, screens etc?

  • I'm tempted I need a large screen so I can read the text, however the problem with a large phone is they are easier to drop as they don't fit in your hand as well. Think I might take the plunge.

    • The idea seems ok except the phone is way too thick when folded I think.

  • Beware of the screen. Looks like its plastic!! https://youtu.be/bbAkY-Www40?t=142

  • +2

    Buy it… then flip it :)

    • +1


    • -1

      I see what you did there

  • +1

    All browsers but no buyers. Plenty of stocks in every stores…

  • +3

    Glass does not fold and plastic is a really terrible material for a screen. Second the outside screen is too small and pretty much useless so to do anything you have to open the damn thing. Novelty yes (not me though) but this is just a tech exercise and barely useful.

  • I want one just so I can travel back to the 2000s and have a mad belt clip

  • good price… but…no thanks.

  • Does anyone have this phone and can comment on:

    • Hinge Durability
    • Screen resilience to scratches
    • Ability to use screen protectors
    • Hinge Durability

      Durable enough if you keep it clean at all times. However, a hinge is still a hinge.

      Screen resilience to scratches

      It has a plastic coating that cannot be removed. Fingernails can scratch it easily.

  • -1

    Does anyone know if this phone has desktop mode?

    • Yes dex mode

      • Oh looking at the spec it seems not support dex

  • -2

    The battery at 3300 is a no go

  • Really good deal for the flip but as others have pointed out, it's not the more recently updated 5G version.

  • I can see lots of reasons for the flip phone form factor, but no real advantages of an expensive foldable screen over two independent smaller screens, other than “we did it because we can”.

  • Hey cheapgit are you able to tell me if the Samsung50tu8000 model tv is on special in that catalogue :)

    • +1

      Sorry it's not in the catalogue.

      • No probs thanks for looking m8 :)

    • https://imgur.com/a/KrHsXFe

      Heaps of other TVs on sale.

      • Yeah but I'm after the 50" tu8000 for under 800 :)

  • 3300 mAH battery ???

    can anyone comment on the battery life?