New Home Buyer- Single Name

Hey guys,
I have recently put an offer on a property. I have a little question. I have a single name and my solicitor suggested I might have to go through paper settlement as NSW stamp duty does not accept single name.
I just read that PEXA settlement accepts single name now however my solicitor needs to confirm if the property can be registered in NSW for buyers with a single name. It will be great if anyone can share their experience.

Thanks in advance



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    In case anyone is wondering, this is common in some cultures. It must be really frustrating for the OP when signing up for services where the 'Last Name' field is required.

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      Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names

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    How have you even got this far in life, i can think of so many scenario's that simply would not proceed unless a surname is present.


    If your solicitor still says you can't… Show them the statement you are referring to and see if their answer is convincing.

    You should also start looking for another conveyancer incase this one doesnt agree to go ahead.

    Speak to 2 or 3 more… See what others have to say. Some may be more experienced than your current solicitor.

    But again.. How is a paper settlement different from the PEXA? Why is that an issue?


    Some people do have single names (no family name), and I believe some states now allow single name to settle on Pexa (I know Vic and WA definitely allow it, I’m NOT 100% sure on NSW)

    OP - I strongly suggest you to get your solicitor to contact PEXA support or the NSW land registry or revenue office to confirm. As NSW land registry has mandated the transfer to be done electronically. If your solicitor attempts a paper settlement that land registry deemed it being eligible for electronic settlement. Land registry can reject it on the spot. This means more headache for you and the settlement can and will be delayed.

    You’re definitely not alone in this case though.

    All the best and good luck :)