Tired of My Job

I have posted almost same kind of story last year and here I am still in the same situation. Working as Customer service agent for more than 3 yrs in a health related company. Tired and sick of the KPI's and too much work load against $55K. I don't see any growth either. Have a useless MBA degree with me which is not being utilised anywhere. Not sure what to do. Cant risk myself to leave the job until i get some other job for my family. The only good thing atm is Work from Home which saves time and money but the work load and the stress is damaging.

PS: I ve been exceeding the KPI's for all the 3 yrs so its not about me underperforming its just that now its getting over the head to take it further.

Got some savings as well. don't want to go into mortgage with this job.

Throw me some ideas/suggestions great ppl


  • Start applying for new jobs. Just leave, don't bother

    • started to look new jobs from today. Pity i cant leave until i get a new one as i have to bother for running the family. what else can i do

      • Don't do what you will regret
        Don't not-do what you will regret
        ….trace your path and leave on your terms, best of luck : )

  • Call center + career progression dont usually go hand in hand. Look elsewhere. Not sure why you wasted getting an MBA at this stage in your career.

  • further studies? grad diploma? discounted courses for "in demand" fields come into effect next year.

    • no - i'd highly discourage this advise, unless you need an academic degree for your future job (eg. doctor, lawyer, CPA)

    • Make a time with your boss to discuss opportunities or paths for further development internal to your organisation

    • connect with one or two recruitment agencies, they might be able to give you some ideas and advice and know what is available for your background and skill set

    • have a look at what is available in government jobs in your area (not sure where you live), but most government jobs have opportunities for career development and progression. Take note though that permanent roles are super competitive and usually come after you’ve worked as a temp for quite a while and know the system have demonstrated yourself links to a few gov jobs sites NSW https://iworkfor.nsw.gov.au/, QLD https://smartjobs.qld.gov.au FED https://www.apsjobs.gov.au/s/ (I think each state has one

    • an example of a field that might interest you is public health/ hospital finance. There are whole departments that look at billing, activity and revenue in hospitals. There are usually entry level positions such as contacting patients and insurers, but also opportunities to develop and move into the more complex side of things.

    • if you don’t have one consider getting a LinkedIn profile and start connecting with your existing colleagues and follow organisations you’re interested in working for. Just be mindful that there is a mix of useful connections and some scammers on LinkedIn

    • see if there are any organisations that do career mentoring for your demographic or if you can get any advice on your CV and interview skills. Also look a programs like toastmasters etc that can help with generic public speaking and presentation skills

    • you mention stress and to be honest you sound a little down/stuck. I can’t tell much from a OzB post but consider reflecting on how your mental health is and if it would help you to connect with a psychologist or counsellor. Most largish employers have an employee assistance program, or if not and you think it’s warranted you could discuss a mental health care plan with your GP.

    • Being in a good place health wise (both physical and mental) is going to make you a more attractive candidate to other employers (whether this is fair or not) so if you think there’s anything you could do to improve on that front it might be worth considering, so you’re in a positive frame of mind for potential interviews etc

    • if you have any friends who’s careers you admire reach out to them, catch up for a coffee or zoom chat and essentially tell them what you’ve posted here and ask them how they got where they did.

    Good luck!

    • +1 thanks @morse! OP this is really good advice!

      Each point can be expanded and brainstormed, and each has the potential to get you out of your current situation.

      You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain - go down the rabbit hole of each dot point and see where it takes you lol.

      On the surface, you might think the above are hard tasks, or you're having doubts (which is understandable).

      In reality, the hardest part is actually starting and asking for help - you've just literally done that and ticked off the hardest part :)

      Another pointer I'd recommend is perhaps a pros/cons list of both getting a new path / staying and moving around within your company. This usually helps me see the bigger picture and give clarity (perhaps it's a psychological thing, but if I can visually see that there are outweighing cons, then the decision becomes easier).

      Also, looking inwards for growth wouldn't hurt either - self-development to improve yourself is a sure way to find out what you want and makes you happier/fulfilled.

      I hope this has been helpful OP! Can't wait to hear your success story!

      As always, there is help available - you just have to ask!

  • Start your own business, today! It may take time, you may fail, but it's worth a try.

    • I'd recommend if you were to do this, start a side hustle in your "spare time", whilst simultaneously working for steady income (this doesn't have to be your current job, but maybe something consistent and perhaps less straining eg. like cashier at Woolies, or basic admin).

      When your "side hustle" starts to profit and matches your job income, then transition over and quit your job.

      I've seen so many people who quit because they hate their job, and have no plan because they want to be the next "entrepreneur", but have wasted 3 yrs dabbling with this and that, and now they're back to entry level jobs, and full of regret.

      But at the same time, if you need to take 2 weeks / a month / 6 months break to clear your head an focus on more important things, then by all means, that's a positive resolution in itself :)

      Don't make that mistake of quitting "just because", unless you're okay with accepting many failures and have a growth mindset!!!

      OP feel free to PM me and I can share what I'm currently doing - I am literally in the exact same scenario as you :)

  • Just start looking for a new job, don't leave until you find one. Even though you have where you are and you really want to leave don't rush to accept any job offer as you might end up in another dead end job, take your time and choose a good place to work with good prospects.

    I worked in a call centre for 6 years, doing various roles and was low paid, sometimes you just need to do these roles to grow and learn and gain some experience.

  • health related company

    Look for internal roles in the company. You'll have at least product knowledge and customer facing experience which is invaluable, and you're a good fit with the culture being there 3 years.

    • been waiting in the company for this reason only but other than couple of times didn't see any relatable roles coming up. Almost landed a different role but then just got out of hand.

  • Where in Aus are you at? My companies have a bucket load of jobs going ….

    LEAP Legal Software AU https://www.leap.com.au/careers/

    Data Transition Specialist | Sydney
    Global Content Writer | Sydney
    HelpDesk Consultant | Sydney
    Implementation Consultant | Sydney
    Implementation Consultant Victoria
    JavaScript Developer/Integration Specialist | Sydney
    Product Consultant/Sales Executive | Perth
    Salesforce Administrator | Sydney
    Transitions Manager | Sydney

    LEAP Dev https://leapdev.io/careers (all Sydney, primarily work from home)
    DevOps Engineer
    Software Engineer
    Angular Developer

    • do you guys have anything for uni students , internships ? or grad programs ?, I am a computer science student studying masters

      • ARe you a citizen?

        • Nope i am an international student , with full working rights during the summer and forth due to online studying

          • @jaxybe: You definitely don't have full time work rights just because you're studying online instead of on campus. Only during your uni break

      • Depending on your ability there might be part time options available. Covid has changed employment… For the better in our case

    • yes im in Melbourne. ok will have a look on it. Thanks

  • Anyone that dread Mondays and love Fridays hate their job.

    Covid is the perfect time to quit something they hate and start a new endeavour.

    • Especially with the amount of extra people applying each job .
      Well thought out again Whooahy !

      • Start a business and WFH.

        BTW. OP has an MBA. They're more than capable to DYOR and find something they can be good at instead of working to make someone else rich.

  • Keep in mind that "The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side".

    Just be careful because I've seen some ex-colleagues switch jobs only get redundancy or not pass their probation and end up jobless.

  • learn about investing and trading - options etf investing etc and take risk return based decisions with low risk payoffs.
    they may let you diversify into a new income stream.

  • Wow I was earning more while I worked at a supermarket. Bust your nut and try something online?
    Affiliation, flipping, blogging. Invest in yourself.

  • OP should of worked on the NBN : https://www.channelnews.com.au/most-nbn-staffers-paid-over-2...

    They deserve a medal for maximising Taxpayer funding lol