Android to iOS | WhatsApp Messages

Hi All,

I am looking for some tech help or suggestions.

Trying to move whatsapp messages from Android to iPhone

  • Absolutely need the whatsapp messages.
  • Noticed it does not work by default. Android saves on G Drive, iOS on iTunes etc..
  • No free software available. I could not find one.

I have tired a quick google search / infact a dedicated time to find a solution but almost all of search results are either missing the point or pointing to a paid utility.

TLDR: Any free (preferred) or paid software to transfer whatsapp messages from Android to iPhone and your experiences ?


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  • Export chat to google drive then download and open on iPhone whilst your on restore from backup screen remember it can’t be done if you skip that part. I did this on previous iOS version.

    Also try this.

    • I have tried the move to iOS app. It does not work for WhatsApp messages

      The method that you mentioned. I haven’t been able to make it work. Export chat is per contact? When you are on restore there is no option to select the backup device. While I am on WhatsApp app on the iPhone, I can open the backup (export chat ) from g drive but they are seperate applications. So not sure what I am missing.

      Can you please elaborate. It might be possible but I may be missing a small thing.

      • Then move file from google drive to files app on iOS. I used this method when I was on iOS 13 from Pixel 4 to iPhone XS. And yes I did with important chats only since you can’t do all in one export. Just try if that works. Or ask at MacRumours forum.

  • Wazzap Migrator is the expensive, but only one I've found to work. I've performed the migration twice, once for myself and the other time for my partner.

    You're in for one hell of a ride, but Wazzap Migrator's the only one I'd recommend!

  • Curious what messages could be so priceless?

    • I am not saying they are priceless but important and convenient (sometimes to refer back or old time memories)

  • I did this a few weeks ago moving to an iPhone 12. I used backuptrans and followed the instructions and this guide

    Just keep in mind that you should be comfortable restoring an iOS device. The first time I did it the phone ended up boot looping, restored via DFU and iTunes and tried again and it worked perfectly.

    So if you are comfortable resetting your phone, and you can accept the $30 cost then this method worked for me.

  • I have been using this every time I need to switch OS. Used 3 times without any issues.
    The support is good too. Paid software but worth it IMO.