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25% off Roborock S5 Max Robotic Vacuum $749.25 Delivered @ Roborock


Roborock S5 Max down to $750 with free shipping. Only lasts another 6 hours
Is this the best it is going to get for Black Friday sales or do people think we will see it cheaper?

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Bought one of these for a very large single level apartment, and it has been great! Mostly polished concrete with lots of large rugs. You do have to keep the floor tidy of cords and other small items that get caught in the rollers (socks, rubber bands, string etc) because it doesn't have object avoidance like the S6 MaxV. But it just does a great job of vacuuming the floor.

    The bin is not huge, so it pretty much needs emptying every time because of fluff from the rugs, but I run it 2-3 times a week when I leave the house, and the floor stays perfect all the time.

    Note: I don't use the mopping function of the S5 Max, I may buy the iRobot Roomba M6 for that in the future.

  • Same at gearbite

  • Thanks @dtpearson for that. Could you please explain a little why you don’t use the mopping function on this robot cleaner - is it not effective?

    • My living area is floating floorboards. I use vacuum and mop functions regularly on my S5 Max. I always use the lowest level of water and it does an awesome job. Vacuum on my carpets always sucks up a lot of shite too. Best “COVID” purchase I made back in April …..

      • Doesn't the wet cloth wet the carpet when it moves from a tiled to a carpet area? This is deterring me from using the mop function, I've read it can't avoid that…

    • In my experience with S5 max, the mopping function does the job. I have gleaming porcelain floor tiles, so I mix in some glass cleaner in the water tank (even though it is not recommended xD)

      I agree, best "COVID" purchase ever

      • Does mixing the cleaner have the potential to (profanity) it up down the track?
        I’ve got an older s50 roborock which I love but mopping is average so thinking of the s5 max for our living area for mopping as well as a vacuum

  • Has anyone tried to use this on multi levels? I have a two storey house.

  • Price

  • It says the sale is on until 30th November but the counter says 3 hours left?

    • Yeah i had the same thought, from what i can tell the discount is going to change through out the week flash sale style

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    Waiting for S6 MaxV black friday specials … I hope 😁

  • im looking at getting a robot vacuum. not sure which one as the S6 on kogan is going for $700

    from what i can see the only really difference is the larger water tank in the s5 max

    Can someone help me decide?


    • My bro has this one and it is amazing!

      You can set the wetness level of the mopping.

  • What sort of area can these cover on a charge?

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