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Breville Barista Express in Salted Liquorice - $579 @ The Good Guys


Looks like the cheapest in awhile! Not sure how long it lasts, only in the one colour too

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Salted Liquorice


    Not to be confused with Black Sesame, which is another colour option!

    • They look near identical on the Breville site.

      • Yeah I couldn't figure that out, I'm guessing one's gloss and the others matte

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          At good guys now, the salted liquorice is a metallic/glittery black. Looks quite interesting

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      I thought you were kidding… can't believe they actually went out with these colour scheme namings non-ironically

      • Inspired by the Newtown hipsters, I bet.

        • Checks out, Breville is based in Sydney

    • Or black truffle

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      Double zout and I would have been in

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      The Good Guys will happily swap or refund you for a lemon machine. It's the law.

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      Bad idea. Bought Bambino Plus from Amazon and they pointed me to Breville.

      So far has no problem getting replacement from TGG.

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        Imagine that, going into a physical store and getting things sorted right there and then.

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        They legally can't do that.

  • 7% off via gift cards from Union shopper or AGL Rewards

    • I'm getting 5% only from AGL Rewards

      • Look at Him, her etc. e-gift cards

        • found it, pretty good deal 7% discount on Home eGift cards = $538.47

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          The Him card as Pricebeat suggested, here's a special I saw suggested on another post. If JB are matching then this gives potentially a 15% further reduction?? Hopefully the coffee machine stays on special long enough i need one!

          • @Bundao: Good deal. Didn’t see that post. Good guys is Jb Hi-Fi owned so shouldn’t have much of problem price matching?

          • @Bundao: Ooh that looks promising. JB has the same colour too (just "Liquorice" on their website, same model, BES870SLQ) which should prevent any price match issues

            • @FTTNope: ugh but i dont want liquorice black. shit color

  • Thanks OP…just purchased one!

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      Expired now, so $599 at Myer is the next best for that

  • Bought one, have been watching the price for 4 weeks now..
    Cheers OP!

  • I’ll wait for Amazon’s price match

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    For what its worth there are a TON of high end coffee machines available on gumtree/marketplace now days since so many cafes have closed shop. If you don't mind spending a bit more to get a barrista quality machine you may find a deal

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      Assuming the footprint on a lot of those would be a lot bigger?

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        and little warranty?

        • That's the big kicker with buying something like a coffee machine second hand, these things tend to be ticking time bombs and just die at any minute.

          You would have to a pretty good understanding of coffee machines etc to go down this avenue.

          • @TightTerry: Depends what you get, something like a Rancilio Silvia second hand is fine, parts are super easy to source and easy to repair. Open it up it has a boiler, a few cables here and there and a pump.

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          100% worth the warranty. And most of them are too large for the average kitchen.

        • Also cafe machines need a long time to reach temp when switched on, and work best when you flush and calibrate them before you make your first cup. The breville baristas will make you your first cup of joe in under 1 min

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      Most of commercial coffee machine need 25Amp current. You'd pay a alot for re-wiring

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      Commercial machine servicing is not cheap either.

    • I bought one of these second hand for $300. Probably one of the best purchases ever. Took a bit to learn but now I can pull shots better than 90% of cafes that have $20k machines.

  • Have been waiting for this for a while!

  • Thanks, just brought one too!

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      where did you bring it to?

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    This is listed in the JB-HIFI catalogue for $599 starting Wednesday. You could probably get a price match then save the standard 4%-6% more with all the gift card offerings :-)

    • Thanks for the heads up, have some JB vouchers to use this could be good

  • Is this a significant upgrade from the delonghi dedica coffee maching + grinder?

    • Yes. Chalk and cheese, particularly because the dedica is pressurised basket only.

      • Okay, but I'm using non-pressurised basket with my dedica no issues.

        • Interesting. I guess its not meant to used with one / doesn't come with one.

          I wouldn't say its a massive upgrade as it is still consumer level, but it might pour more consistently (which you could monitor with the pressure gauge) and the steam wand is better.

          If you're happy with your current machine, why change?

          • @ajole: Yeah, you can just buy unpressurised baskets to use with it. Quite a few people have done it.

            It's a little inconsistent, and the steam and it's a bit crap (but you can hack a silvio onto it).

        • From what I know it's probably better to buy a better grinder

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    just priced matched it at JBHIFI :) they didn't beat the price but its closer to me and customer service at JB is better

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      same company

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        Don't know who begged you but you're right. They are both owned by JB ltd.

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    This is good price not the best :)

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    Has anyone moved to one of these from Nespresso? Just wondering what the cons are - I believe it takes slightly longer, slightly more inconvenient. Is there much cost savings assuming you buy good quality beans for someone who drinks 2-3 cups a day?

    • I was going to ask the same question

    • When you say nespresso, do you mean the pod machines?

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        I think he does (I do)

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          Nespresso are designed to be as quick and easy as it comes while still making half decent coffee. If you value your coffee and want a better tasting cup of coffee then spend a bit extra and go with a proper coffee setup. There will be a little more cleaning, more skill involved and will take you a little longer to make your cup of coffee in the morning but its worth it if you're used to drinking better quality coffee.

          In terms of what will be cheaper in the long run, i dont think the pods are actually even that cheap are they?

          Edit - forgot to note as well. The Nespresso also have the advantage of the much smaller footprint on your countertop - something else to take into consideration if you're limited on space.

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      Do the maths yourself on the savings. I just get cheap beans (apparently the ALDI ones at $12/kilo are pretty good, and roasted in melbs). At 9g, one shot is about 12c for me. If you're paying $50/kilo for coffee though that's around 50c a coffee, so not as great and close to discounted nespresso pods.

      The added benefits of having fresh ground coffee and stopping the plastic/aluminium waste are pretty big though.

      I got one of these about 2 months ago, I enjoy he process more than my pod machine which was pretty unreliable. It doesn't take that long, but there is more steps to it. It's nice using a quality machine and being able to learn a new skill, and keep improving with it.

    • Your coffee will be 100x better once you get the right grind and extraction from a freshly ground and tamped unpressurised shot. The machine’s adjustments make it easy to know what you’re doing but it’s still more steps - recommend watching some YouTube on it to see if you’re up for the task

      Obviously more effort than the three steps it takes to get Nespresso to produce coffee, but the output is basically a ‘good’ or even ‘great’ cafe style coffee, from nespresso’s ‘better than instant’ coffee

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      Yes, did this about 6 years ago to this machine and haven't looked back. The double shot portafilter uses about 18g, so round to 20g for ease of calculation and to account for wastage. My freshly roasted beans cost me $35/kg (Leftfield Coffee in Osborne Park WA) so it comes to 70c per double shot. We only drink doubles, so it works out well for us. If you want to compare the price to a cafe coffee, assume about 200mL of milk costing $2.50/L for decent milk, which comes to 50c for milk, thus costing you a total of $1.20 for a standard flat white in raw ingredients.

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        The main downside is that you can't easily switch to a different type of bean, e.g. decaf when you've got friends over. So I just dumped the friends that demand decaf.

        • I appreciate your pragmatism.

      • Thanks all. Appreciate the responses. I have about 150 or so pods left and then it will be time to switch. Biggest bugbear with Nespresso is there just isn't enough coffee in a capsule - about 5.5g on average whereas as you say a regular shot is closer to 9g.

    • I think there is room in the world - and indeed kitchens for both styles of machine. I have both a Creatista (Nespresso) and the Breville Dual Boiler (bes920) and while recently I've been all over the Dual Boiler a lot of that is because I'm currently WFH I have time to wait for heatup, grind, tamp, possibly dial in, etc. If / when I'm back in the office I'm pretty sure I'll be pulling a quick shot with the Creatista and getting out the door on weekdays at least.

      Also, depending on how much you go through, you can be stuck with just one type of coffee for a couple of weeks at a time - whereas with nespresso you can more easily change it up every shot. You also get a bit of consistency with nespresso that you will have to work for with a traditional espresso machine. On the flip side of that, you'll never get a "god shot" from nespresso… It might be possible on the express?

      Side note - if you're upgrading from the Vertuo pods - don't think about it, just do it. Those things are a hot mess. Literally - temp seems way too hot and by the time the coffee cools a bit the "foam" (refuse to call what that puts out as Crema) starts dissolving in a most unappealing manner.

  • BES840 with Smart grind vs BES870?

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      Would also like to know, but I would be partial to having separate machines so you can replace/upgrade in the future

    • BES840 with Smart grind is better. Separate parts, grinder is 'smarter', you can use the grinder for multiple types of coffee and it makes warranty easy.
      Only negative is it takes up more room.
      I've been using this set up for 5 years.

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      $399 at David Jones, seems to be better combo if you can get the smart grinder under $200 https://www.davidjones.com/home-and-food/kitchen/23848499/BE...

      Edit: Smart grinder at $199 in David Jones https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/583357

    • just picked up the infuser and the smart grinder pro off david jones for $598

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    Price match with JB and use the Coles gift card deal for an extra 15% off.

    • Nice!! Ty :)

    • Thanks OP, bought it from JB. I bought 6 X $100 HER vouchers (at 15% disc) from Coles using 3% discounted Coles gift cards - Net paid $475, pretty good deal.

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    $499 + 15% off using GC + Breville Promotions to get it into $3xx is what to wait for.

    • Can this price really happen?? I am waiting too.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one at JB hifi with price match. Closer to me. Got a black one.

  • Thanks OP. Great deal.

    I know that the website states that the housing is stainless steel but I have heard that some of the coloured machines are a high quality plastic? Can anyone confirm that this is full stainless steel?

    • I believe it is s/s clad on plastic actually.

  • Does this make better coffee than the sunbeam barista max? That is comes much cheaper right?

  • Just bought one, thanks OP!

  • Also bought one, thanks OP. A very good price point for all the gadgets included. The colour should match fine with my kitchen.

    • +1

      Salted licorice kitchen? 😉


    Nearly bought one recently at full price, just snatched this up!
    My in laws have this exact machine, makes a ripping coffee 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Just a heads up, the Good Guys website says 2 years manufacturers warranty, but the box and warranty card in it says 1 year. Be sure to raise that with them.

    • Interesting.. what will TGG do if i raise it with them apart from saying it's an error on the website?

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    Just noticed Jb hifi price matched it online

    • Thank You!!!

      I was starting to think that the ones from TGG were all sold out.

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    Thanks OP, bought it from JB. I bought 6 X $100 HER vouchers (at 15% disc) from Coles using 3% discounted Coles gift cards - Net paid $475, pretty good deal.

    • they let you use more than 5 in one transaction?