What Milk Are You Buying from Colesworth?

Whether full cream or skim, if you buy a dairy milk from Coles or Woolworth, do you buy their cheap home brand milk or other expensive brand ? Why ?

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    Other brand dairy milk
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    Home brand dairy milk

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    Maleny Dairies - Farmer's Choice

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    In SA, Paris Creek or Fleurieu are the best. I prefer non-homogenised.

    • this, I buy milk rarely but when I do I defintely prefer non-homogenised stuff.

      IIRC Fleurieu do an unsweetened ice coffee too which is pretty good.

      • Oh man the iced coffee double shot is the bomb

        I’m also lead to believe Fleurieu are the only truly SA owned milk supplier? I think Paris Creek are owned by a bigger OS company?

  • Woolworths Drought Relief Full Cream Milk & sanitarium soy milk

  • We buy 9l per week (12l on a big week) so typically the cheapest that has 3l bottles in stock. Never used to buy much, then kids came along. Milk in the morning, milk on the cereal, milk at night plus my wife making coffee from the coffee machine.

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    Zymil because genetically inferior, but most of the time it's vitasoy unsweetened almond milk

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    To support Australian dairy farmers, you can do the following:

    • Buy through farmers markets and other initiatives that allow consumers to bypass the middlemen, meaning a greater share for the producers.
    • Buy milk produced at a dairy that processes its own product. Some smaller brands actually process their milk on the farm it comes from, and depending on where you are in the country, you can find them in the major supermarkets.
    • Buy products made by a small-scale farmer-controlled cooperative. With farmers as shareholders, they not only get paid at the farm gate, but if the business succeeds they also get paid a dividend.
    • Buy Australian dairy products (those produced in Australia) irrespective of brand - this includes cheese and yoghurt. Not everyone has room in the budget to buy organic milk from a local family-owned dairy. Do what you can and don't feel guilty about buying private label milk. Every little bit counts.

    Source: https://www.choice.com.au/food-and-drink/dairy/milk/buying-g...

    Also https://www.choice.com.au/food-and-drink/dairy/milk/articles... has a table on which producer supplies the store brand milk in each state.

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    I mostly shop for milk at IGA or local butchers/bakers/candlestick-makers they usually have a few or one of the local dairies supplied. If you can't tell the difference in taste, then good on you! Buy the cheapest :P

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    Riverina and home brand.

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    Almond milk for me. Almond breeze is usually my weapon of choice

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    Woolworths homebrand soy milk. Tastes great, a bit creamy like full-cream cow milk. $1.15/L, cheaper than cow milk and more ethical.

    • -1

      that's debatable, I don't think there's anything ethical about drowning monoculture soy crops in glyphosate and destroying soil fertility.

      cows shitting in pastures is good for biodiversity and biodiversity is good for everyone and everything.

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    Speaking for myself I prefer Coles home brand, but if I could find I'd definitely but unpasteurised milk directly from the farmer.

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      The reason you can’t find it is that it’s illegal to sell unpasteurised milk for human consumption in Australia

      If people want to go down this path, fair enough but at least don’t give it to children who don’t get a choice, as there have been deaths and serious illness attributed to giving children unpasteurised cow’s milk https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/nov/11/child...

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        Don't rile up the raw milkers! They'll get you!!!

        • with their campylobacter? 😬

      • Hmmm pretty scary and very sorry to learn that. Although the thing to note is that bottle is labelled as "for cosmetic use only, not for human consumption". Not sure why someone would still drink that. We do get organic milk from mother cow dairy although our bottle says its pasteurised but unhomogenised milk. Not sure about technicalities in those terms but its more to support good causes and drink quality milk. After watching some documentaries we are bit convinced that these days commercial milk (or mostly any food items which is mass produced) contains lot of additives which can be harmful in the long run.

        • mother cow - from the Hairy Krsnas ?

          just think of ahimsa - and those rescue cows - if they've been traumatised, just taste the extra cortisol in that milk … mmm !

          Far canal.

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    I'm in Townsville and the whole family is pretty badly lactose intolerant, and the Misty Mountains stuff is the only lactose free option available locally that doesn't have a funky taste & straight up tastes like normal milk, but it is non-homogenised so has the cream settle on top which would probably freak out lots of younger people that have never seen it before.

    The next best option is Pauls Zymil but it has a funky taste, just less funky than most of the others. All the UHT options taste like total arse but even the fresh ones taste weird compared to normal milk, so no matter what we have to pay top dollar prices to not have gut cramps and squirts anyway, so paying a little extra on top of that already huge premium to have it taste better is worth it to me.

    Seriously, if you not lactose intolerant peeps think decaf coffee tastes like shit, you'd be appalled trying lactose free milk.

    For the whole "ethical" side of it for paying farmers properly and food miles and the like, Misty Mountains is meant to be good (they are literally 4hrs drive away), and there's another local-ish mob (3hrs drive away) that also does the same thing (Mungalli Creek) but Colesworth don't stock their lactose free variety here for some reason so we're SOL

    • Just switch it up to a good soy brand. Takes a little while, but you'll adapt!

  • Devondale tastes best in my coffee for some reason.

  • I really enjoyed A2 but the milk was only ever being sold with around 3 days until its use by date. I don't know if the supply chain was the problem or the milk doesn't last as long. Back to home brand for us.

    • +1

      Where I shop In Sydney it's the opposite. A2 typically has 12-14 days left to expiry and normally the longest lasting on the shelf.

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    The Complete Dairy Light Milk High Protein 1L
    $2.5/L https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/407550/the...

    Not really for the company/owner (am aware Lion D&D owns it), but for the higher protein and lower lactose.

  • great ocean road light milk is my choice or pura light…

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    Does anyone else find the Woolworths Drought Relief often goes bad a couple days before its expiry date?

    • Mine nearly always lasts till the day after

    • Your fridge probably not cold enough.

  • I buy the long life milk from coles but the farmers own brand (or similarly named ). Use to buy the Devondale but my local coles stopped doing the semi skimmed.

    Lite milk is just rank. Rev especially. Coles own brand full cream during the panic buying when long life milk was sold out all the time.

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    I don't buy alot of milk but when I do I get the paul's farmhouse gold cause I just love the cream on top.

  • +1

    Where all the idiots from PETA at?

    They were in the other thread…

    Hurrrr durrrrrr

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    I can’t think of a single other product in a supermarket people think needs our charity. Fruit and veg, bakery, meat, seafood… we buy it at the price we can get it.

    But dairy farming… gotta chip in some extra? Why? Why is milk a charity item and why do people feel guilt to buy goods at cost from someone’s business, sold willingly… I’ll never understand.

    I’ll keep my charity for other causes, and not to stimulate someone’s (profitable) business ventures.

    As for the taste/quality: local is better for logistical reasons it’s usually fresher. But other than that, I wager very few people could pick their brand out with a blind taste test.

    • +1

      I usually avoid corporate charity. But in some cases I'll make an exception because, like shopping Aussie or shopping local, I'll support some businesses because I can.

    • Charity is needed as a result of a failure in our societal system.

      Corporate charity is another thing. Farmers are happy to employ cheap foreign labour and pay under the going market rates unable to attract locals. So, they are happy to distort the market when it suits them but cry when it doesn’t and ask for handouts. “Won’t someone think of the poor farmers”

      • We have milk in a plentiful, reliable, consistent quality supply at an accessible price to all consumers, its available from the city to rural towns, and in most places it is readily available for sale 24/7… there’s no “societal failure.” There is only business failure.

        • My first comment was about charity in general.

    • +1

      I’d actually support a bit of protectionism for other Aussie foods, mostly for environmental reasons.

      I think the dairy industry has either been more affected or more effective in their message, than other food industries.

      • +1

        “A bit” is downplaying it when some milk products cost more than twice as much. Local products already have a significant competitive advantage due to freight and consumer demand. If they still can’t compete, well, I don’t know what to say…

  • I buy Devondale milk. It usually has a longer expiry date than other brands.

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    Soy milk

  • A2 milk for kids. Chinese wife and inlaws believe children grow taller and faster, a message that is spread amongst their little circle of friends. For me, just the cheap stuff will do.

    • Amazing how some people will believe all sorts of things other people tell them without any evidence.

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    I really like Paul's Farmhouse Gold and Farmhouse Organic but I can't justify the price. Though if it's on sale and its a long weekend, I do "Splurge".
    Additionally, when trying to track their Organic Certification, it comes up blank.
    Regularly, I buy Aldi's Organic Full Cream milk and find that is a very good compromise. Additionally, their organic certification is easily found.

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    I was buying Gippsland Jersey milk as I know some of the people involved, we recently moved house and our current supermarket doesn't stock it
    I think we buy Green Pastures milk from coles? My partner looked into it a bit and seems like they give more money to the farmers and it's Aussie owned
    It's either that or ocean road or something, can't remember off the top of my head

  • +1

    At least those of us that buy Coles or Woolworths branded milk are purchasing dairy products from Australian dairy farms.

    If you eat Dominos Pizza, enjoy your imported cheese that comes from California. Not exactly great for our local industry. Same goes for those fancy imported butter and ice cream brands that people actually pay a premium for NOT to support the local industries.

    • If you eat Dominos Pizza, enjoy your imported cheese that comes from California.

      Is that what makes it taste so good!

      (I lie, it is the price that makes it so good :P)

  • I buy South Coast Dairy milk which is a co-op of dairy farmers on the NSW south coast. I think it is good to support the local farmers, and it is tasty milk! Otherwise, I pick up A2

  • I used to buy Pura for years but I've switched because I kept getting little solid flakes of separated milk floating around in my coffee/tea. I assume this must be from heat damage to the cartons or something like that because it never used to be like this.
    Now I just buy the cheaper milk and it tastes fine with no floaties.

    • I noticed it as well and stopped buying Pura two years ago.

  • I get great ocean road light for my parents but full cream home brand if it's for myself.

  • +1

    A typical family could easily consume a litre of milk a day. Buying the coles/woolies brand is a significant annual saving.

    • We do a litre of soy a day. I difference between Bonsoy (usually $4-$5) and the coles brand <$2 is significant enough for me to do a 40/60 split of former to latter.

  • Devondale long life, game changer!

  • The coles/woolies brand is suicide milk and tastes like water
    Don't be a scrub get the Maleny Dairies Full Cream Milk 3 litres or Barambah if it's in stock… normally get that from the local IGA.

    • That is a local brand i think.

      • Yeah Brisbane SEQ I suppose.

  • +1

    It used to be Maleny dairies but I've since learned the owner has some controversial views.. so now it's Norco for the most part.

    The Maleny and farmhouse gold brands taste the most creamy and rich out of all the full cream milks I've drunk. I'm surprised people can't tell the difference with milk..

    • What's up with the Maleny owner? Actually maybe I don't want to know and can just blissfully go on drinking that creamy Maleny Milk…

      • +1

        Remain blissful :p

        • +1

          (was backlinked from another thread so ctrl+f my fav milk)

          Controversial views? I've read Maleny's facebook post and it is completely reasonable. Why should ordinary businesses be bullied into paying for halal certification. If anything the Islamic councils in Australia should be subsidising this service and providing it for free as a benefit to their members. They should be ecstatic when a business puts in the effort to make products halal for them.

          I don't think its right that the profits from this endeavour go to predominantly muslim schools, mosques and charities. At most this should be a cost-neutral arrangement.

          FWIW Maleny Guernsey milk is the best hands down.

  • A2 for me - it tastes great, and also unfortunately the only brand that doesn't make me want to go to the toilet straightaway.

  • A2 from Costco :p

  • Typically just the Aldi brand when doing the groceries, but we'll usually go Norco if we find ourselves in Woolies. We used to just get the Woolies brand, but the draught relief BS really turned me off buying it any more. It stunk of woolies trying to have their cake (trying to win customers through cut throat milk pricing) and eat it too (advertising themselves as heroes for the farmers).

  • +1

    Bonsoy & cheap coles brand soy which is pretty good for non-coffee/drinks stuff.

  • Coles full cream dairy milk 3L

  • We buy few bottles a week of mother cow dairy to support local, ethical farming, cruelty free milk etc. causes. They only have full cream version and is not available in Coles and woolies. Their quality is ultimate but it is super expensive like $9.95 for 2 ltrs so we have to buy other brands too. Mostly Dairy farmers or occasionally woolies brand.

    • Do you feel any difference in taste and thickness between woolies and mother cow dairy

      • Oh yes. It's quite thick and has a good creamy layer at the top. maybe because its unhomogenised. Its still pasteurised. I'm not too familiar with dairy jargons but you can surely feel the difference in quality, colour, taste etc. Initially, I was bit hesitant on it due to price and availability constraints but wifey was firm on it. I don't drink much of milk myself except to top it on tea (few cups a day) and occasionally a glass or a bowl of cereals etc. so I'm ok with cheaper one but our concern was mainly from kids perspective as the food industry these days can be extremely demanding on farmers forcing them into making various choices which they wouldn't otherwise. There's a good documentary on Netflix "the milk system" which is a good watch to get good insight. Similar issues (not for milk but meat or other food products) were highlighted in "the food inc".

  • +1

    I just want milk that tastes like real milk.

  • I buy great ocean road fresh milk, I love the taste much more compared to all the other fresh milk brands available at woolworths/coles. I used to purchase anchor milk at woolworths but they no longer stock it. I also like great ocean road cheese. I would like to try smaller brands though to see if I like the taste of any, maybe I will look into it but as I live in an area where everything is pretty far/less dense it might be really inconvenient at this point in time lol

    Pauls farmhouse gold is nice too
    Other than that my parents usually purchase aldi milk both fresh and long life which I prefer too than coles/woolworths.

  • Riv fresh - factory is in my town, I know most of the workers, good to give back.

  • +1

    I love milk.

    Farmhouse Gold (gold cap) for me.

  • A2 as I personnally think it tastes better than the others.

  • Buying Riverina Fresh full cream at the moment. Seems to work better with the steam wand than some others.

  • +1

    I tend to prefer only Unhomogenised milk.

    Much better and easier to absorb as milk should be.

    I personally feel most milk intolerances came since they started to homogenise the milk making it difficult to digest.

    Only 3 options at Coles at the moment for this type of milk.

  • I buy the Coles brand fresh lactose free milk, cheaper than Pauls Zymil lactose free by about a third.

  • Maleny milk. We don't go thru much so we happily buy a $5 bottle a week.

  • Norco. It's a co-op.

  • Homebrand.

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