XSX or PS5 ?

I’ve got a PS4 Pro so looking to upgrade
The specs of the XBX look better than PS5, but I read an article that when comparing the same game on both platforms, the PS5 handled it better
Thoughts? Six of one half a dozen of the other?


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    PS5 especially if you had a PS4 pro


    Get both from the start. Life is too short to choose just one. PS5 won't be in stock for six months anyway. You couldn't walk in and buy a PS4 six months after that released either.

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      PS4 was released on 15/11/13 i purchased one retail in December 2013 just prior to xmas….

      I reckon Ps5 and Xbox SX will be in stores within 2-3 months (only reason it is that long is due to COVID and its impact on importing/exporting)


    Do you want to play PS5 exclusives? Are you interested in the improved haptics and adaptive triggers of the DualSense?

    I'm playing WRC 9 rally game now on the PS5 and the force feedback is amazing on the controller. Never experienced anything like it other than force feedback wheels.

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    I think it is better to have PS5 (for exclusives) and PC. At this moment, there isn't any reason to get XBX unless you want to play games that are available on the game pass or have a collection of games.


      I'm a longtime Xbox man, and I absolutely agree - any Xbox game I want to play are already on Game Pass PC.

      I get the benefits of an ultrawide monitor, any controller I want to use (preference being an Xbox controller), AND tax deductilbility for working from home!!


      I definitely wouldn't say it's redundant, you're not getting a PC which matches the XBSX for $749 (with a RTX 2080), and the GP library is definitely larger on console, as well as the rather mediocre HDR support on PC currently, obviously these things will change as the generation goes on though

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    If you've got a library of PS4 games you still want to play that's a bonus for PS5.

    Digital Foundry have done some early videos of comparing performance of next gen consoles. PS5 has done better then XSX for both Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and Dirt 5 (although XSX may catch up with patches).

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    Why not both?


    PS5 if you have to choose.. both if you can afford.


    You can't go wrong either way, but given you already have a bunch of PS4 games you'll be able to play on the PS5, I'd suggest going for the PS5 purely based on that.

    In terms of performance, teraflops is not a very useful metric when it comes to actual performance and I would expect both systems to perform very similarly based on the specs. Right now we've already seen examples of games running better on the PS5, but I honestly think this generation it's largely going to come down to the quality of each console port, rather than the hardware itself.

    I personally went for the PS5 as I prefer Sony's exclusives and think it has a more innovative controller. But I do own two Xbox One's and a Switch as well and feel they all bring something unique to the table.

    In short: I don't think either choice is a bad choice, buy what you feel will serve you best or wait until more comparisons come out and make a decision later.

    EDIT: And I should mention I'm a software engineer with a graphics programming background, so when it comes to teraflops, I actually understand what I'm talking about and comparing GPUs based on teraflops is like comparing airplanes based on wingspan - while I'm sure there's a correlation (larger wings = better right?), I'm also sure it's more complicated than that.


    XBX, because I have owned an Xbox since the very first Xbox, can't justify the price of a gaming PC and love Halo.

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    I am pretty sure it is called Xbox.

    But this is from someone whos last experience with one was when they claimed it would look like this, and it ended up looking like this.


    Just depends which exclusives you like more.


    I've always used Xbox as the controllers are better for people with large hands. PS controllers give me hand cramp. Not sure if the ps5 controller is better in that respect, it sure looks weird.


    Thanks for all the feedback. Much appreciated.
    Sounds like stock is going to be an issue for a while so more reviews will come out prior to purchase


    You probably needed a 'poll' for this.

    Im leaning towards Ps5 i've had every PlayStation and never owned an Xbox so im probably bias. I think a lot of the Xbox exclusive games end up on PC - ie Mass effect 1

    However not all of them do ie Fable 2

    However the PlayStation exclusives are 100% exclusive you want to play the last of us or Spiderman u need a Playstation.

    If you ask me Nintendo still have the 'best list' of exclusives and i wish they gave up on consoles bcuz they are always a mile behind with there hardware

    Thus i'd still stick with the PS5 - however one thing that does make me consider xbox is apparently the PS5 is massive and if your limited to space it can be a bit of a pain in the ass.

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    PS5 consistently performs better on games. It also has the more advanced controller. Get the PS5.