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Cyber Monday Sale! Battlefield 3 for $20.49 and Modern Warfare 3 for $19.19! Limited Supplies!


Cyber Monday Closing Sale! Grab MW3 and BF3 for ONLY $20.49 each BF3 keys and $19.19 for each MW3 keys!! Both are delivered instantly after payment and it will be available while supplies last. So grab yours before they run out!

Also on sale is Saints Row: The Third for Only $23.49

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2011

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      Ok new price $19.19 :P

    • wow, very polite lol

      • Thank you :) Got some nice deals at local stores on Black Friday so I got some holiday spirits going. ;)

  • In regards to your Russian version of Skyrim, you should really remove it from the site as you cannot launch it from the .exe anymore.. if you do run the exe directly, it'll just run the launcher regardless. Russian key is of no real use to anyone except maybe another russian..

    • Yea I know that's what I'm keeping it out of stock right now. I'm hoping maybe there will be a patch that patches the DRM off or something. :/

  • do you take alertpay?

    • I'm afraid only Paypal. :( If you have any credit/debit card you can I think use that as a guest and pay using without having a PP account.

  • The RU ver for skyrim its really pissed off!!
    Maybe i will get the BF3

    • OP has matched/beaten @ $19.19
      EDIT: For MW3, not BF3, sorry.

  • Great post! Just got MW3 and I am downloading now.. Took less than 5 minutes to set up, CD key was instant! One question though, how can I completely remove USAIP.pbk from my computer? (Not just the file, but the access!)

    • Actually don't worry, removing the one file and restarting PC seemed to stop it completely.. My bad!

  • The easy way is open the USAIP againt , and press disconect!

  • Is the old republic classed as a pre-order so you get the bonus items?

  • Great deal, especially since you shipped all your cd keys "fast"…. I'll grab BF3 for a friend in a few hours

    Off topic but does anyone know where you can find a cheap EU version of BF3? Doesn't need to be LE. Thanks

  • Bought the BC3 key, got the email with CD Key but no link to download English files.

    Also, how do I download the game?

    • Please provide information on how to dl the game.
      Website knowledge base doesn't have an instructions.

      • BC3? You mean Battlefield? Sorry about responding now guys it's now morning here.

        • sorry I do mean battlefield 3.

  • Just bought MW3 - the "How it works link" doesn't really tell how it works…

    So to confirm, from http://fastcdkeys.com/content/category/2-knowledgebase - are these the right steps below ?

    1. Install Anno download mgr
    2. Activate as per http://fastcdkeys.com/content/8-modern-warfare-3-russian-vpn...
    3. Download via Steam ?
    • Works fine. Step 1 isn't needed. Once activated on Steam, VPN no longer required. Downloading now.

  • Question - I received the email for the CD-Key (MW3). But there isn't a cd-key showing. Anyonelse with the same issue?

    Also, the fastcdkeys.com website seems down.

    I hope this is only a technical error and not anything malicious.

    edit - no worries. got it fixed. :)

  • Seems like the stock for MW3, BF3 are all out. :) Only on sale stock left is Saints Row 3 for $23.49 and we have 3 steam keys left so I'll mark this deal expired when they become sold out.

  • Damn…

  • I have to wait until tomorrow or day after tomorrow to post this deal but I thought to give you guys who purchased BF3 from our site a heads up by saying that we now have a limited amount of Star Wars: The Old Republic keys in stock for instant delivery which you can redeem and get up to 5 days of early access and other pre order bonuses! :)