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Black Friday Mystery NVIDIA RTX 3070 Gaming Graphics Card $889 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


From their Black Friday sales starting today. https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/GCBVHG79-Black-Friday-Sal...

Random pick of RTX 3070 between Asrock, Asus, Galax, Gigabyte & MSI. Starts @ 10PM today.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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Shopping Express

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  • Listed at $1799 is not a deal for a 3070

    Hell even $899 for a lucky dip isn't a deal

  • +3

    "Shopping Express reserves the right to fulfill Mystery RTX 3070 orders with a random model from selected brands. No remorse returns accepted, but standard full Australian warranty still applies."

    Do they need to clean up their language. i.e "No remorse" returns accepted vs No "remorse returns" accepted? Can it be read both ways? I know they mean the latter, but is the former also possible?

    • +3

      Both are true, you can't return after feeling remorse.

      But they also wont feel any remorse denying your return >:D

  • +3

    $899 for 3070 is a deal? inflated listed price then discounted is not a deal, its borderline scam and price jacking.

  • Tempted as I actually want a 2-fan card for my ITX case. Wonder how likely it is…

  • +2

    This is scummy as hell man, I would avoid like the plague, personally.

  • Is this a lucky draw?

  • -1

    Listed for $1,799.00 now…

    • So why is that a neg? Deal only starts later today.

      • Loot Boxes are scum no matter what form.

  • And no free delivery? Hmm

  • thanks for the email the models for the mystery sale will be what we have in stock.

    i am not sure what models will be in at this time.

  • +1

    gonna yolo buy this after pulling out of the mightape 3070, hoping for a card under 30cm length but who knows, might have to buy a new case lol, need something for cyberpunk! anyone know if anything else is coming in stock prior to cyberpunk so I dont have to support this company though?

  • Deal is live now. the website shows full price, but it's discounted when you add to the cart.

    Not going to buy though.

    • Still says 1799 as of 10:02
      Edit: Need a cart add
      Edit 2: That mistake cost me the card. GG

      • It should be easy to sell it at $900

        • ? I didn't get the card because I kept f5-ing and the price on the page was 1799. Didn't know you had to add to cart. This sucks

          • @yoogz: They probably had like 5 galax and 1 of each other brands as a lure.

            • @fidelio: yeah, probably. just sucked as I was refreshing from 9:58 onwards…

        • even the 2 fanned ones?

          • @Daniel Andrews: An average user probably don't care about the number of fans. At this time people just want one.

            • @fidelio: true lol

              • @Daniel Andrews: And also, some people prefer or must have a 2 fan card. I got a 3 fan MSI, and almost thought the card did not fit the case, and I didn't even think about the fact the 3 fan card can be quite long.

          • @Daniel Andrews: the only 2-fan model they are selling is the Asus one and people do fancy Asus…. so it's very likely

  • Looks like sold out! What a mess.

  • +2

    bought one, thanks, ill update you all when i get my galax lol

    • Looking forward to your "Galax!"

  • Anyone that got a card that didn't get Galax, please report!

    • Whats with the galax hate?

      • Cuz it's at the very low end. Hence so many stock.

        • low end in terms of what? performance?

    • +1

      Just got an invoice saying it's MSI Nvidia RTX-3070-VENTUS-3X-OC. Not too bad I think.

      • Nice, I got that one for $929, it comes with the support bracket which is quite cool. No RGB lighting though.

  • Sigh.. This is a joke. I'm sick of all these bots and scalpers buying stock and then selling it on Ebay or Gumtree.

    Really wish ebay and others would put an embargo on anyone selling new products within 3-6 months of it's launch date over it's RRP. That would shut this down for people who just want one to use it as it's intended.

    • +1. The GPU world is in such an utter mess, sigh

      • -2

        It's the bitcoin/etherium miners in China/Russia buying all the cards.

    • Why does eBay care lol, income is income

  • Got one! 2.5 minutes to purchase. This is going to be interesting to see what happens.

    • +1

      Good job. Let us know when you get your Galax.

  • Got one as well! Wonder how many they actually had in total..

  • +2

    I don't understand why people think the majority of the cards are going to be Galax. And if it is - that's great! Personally I think that's the best brand at this price, with it being a rebranding of Palit.

    What I'm taking a bet on it will be:

    • 70% chance: Asus 3070 Dual OC 8GB. - A large shipment is about to arrive
    • 10% chance: Gigabye 3070 Gaming OC: Because the lower one seems to not be coming in fast enough.
    • 5% chance: MSI 3070 Ventus 3x - Because the 2x is not being replenished fast enough.
    • 5% chance Galax 3070 *? - Stock has dried up for the moment
    • Other 10%? The rest of them, Maybe MSI above Asrock.

    I'm basing this off the shipping estimates at ple and pccg ( https://www.pccasegear.com/rtx30 ), where some brands have slowed to a standstill, while some other ones are due for a biggish shipment this week.

    • -1

      Last time they ran a Galax 3070 sale for $899. They are probably including other brands to attract more attention, but surely they are trying to sell as many Galax, in preparation for more shipments of other brands and better availability of 3070/3080 in general, as well as the arrival of AIB AMD cards.

      • Galax have no big shipments coming in. But again, their 3x fan options are going to make them better than the other options. And I do not think I've seen an asrock before.

        The asus 3070 Dual OC being a 2x fan card is priced more ($1100 at pccg) than a 3x galax card? Lol that's just being silly

        • -2

          Haha i think you know Galax is coming your way, hence trying to justify yourself.

          Let us know what you get regardless.

    • +2

      I ended up getting the MSI 3070 Ventus 3x, no complaints about that!

  • +1

    So through getting a 3070 at even 900 bucks. :(

  • +4

    Just a heads up, I was able to put through an order last night and my order just got cancelled today :/

    • +2

      ive contacted support re: same who confirmed my order is still valid and shipping tomorrow, most likely same for you! they stated it was a bug!

  • +3

    UPDATE: Shipped, MSI Ventus 3x OC card :D yay

    • Grats, gonna get mine on Monday I hope

    • -1

      Very nice, but for you to be a winner, there must also be losers. The only way this works from a business sense. Less fortunate buyers, do you want to talk about it?

      • Also got a MSI Ventus 3x OC. Lots of people reported getting this card. Someone even mentioned an Asus Tuf.
        No reports of Galax cards.

      • Got the MSI VENTUS 3X too.

    • I got the same. It seems like everyone got a MSI

    • Got an MSI Ventus 3x OC as well!

  • Have you received a card yet? If so add it in here! Tally up what cards are arriving.

    It looks like so far there have been a total of three people have received a ventus 3x.


    It's a google form where you can write what you received. There is a link in it to view the results too.

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