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Galax GeForce RTX 3090 SG (1-Click OC) 24GB GDDR6X RGB LED Graphics Card $2499 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Clock Speed (MHz):1400MHz
Boost Clock Speed (MHz):1695MHz
Memory (VRAM):24GB
Memory Type:GDDR6X
Length (mm):329mm
DisplayPort (DP):3
HDMI:1x HDMI 2.1

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    How long do I have to run this to produce enough bitcoin to recoup the purchase price?

    • +16

      Never! I imagine the electricity price would outweigh any mining income

      • +2

        Surely if you have solar it could be worth it?

        • +2

          If you get FIT then no it won't be, as you have opportunity cost lost (would be 12c for me). Even at that cost of electricity Bitcoin will lose you money. Maybe if you get lucky on some other Crypto currency that goes up in value enough, but definitely not on Bitcoin.

          • @conan2000: I think the sweet spot is ETH on a 3080.

            • @OzzyBrak: Maybe you could tax deduct the cost of the card as you are using it to generate income? Definitely makes it more palatable to try!

    • AMD is always better for mining bitcoin I think

    • +3

      100 years

      • -2

        Exactly 100 years?? Wow, what a coincidence that the specific date happens to land on the exact date where one century has passed :)

    • +2

      Have a look at https://www.nicehash.com/profitability-calculator . Keep in mind its at current bitcoin prices.

      • 18 to 20 months at average Australian c/kwh

        • +1

          If the difficulty does not increase.

    • +20

      Cheapest price at the moment. I believe it is worth posting.

        • +20

          Yes, this is proof that there are no AMD fanboys on ozbargain

          • -10

            @Butt Scratcher: well, from my experience AMD fanboys are very proud of the price to performance of their products and would have definitely **** on this by now

            • +10

              @ln28909: Lol do you see the irony in calling out 'AMD fanboys' when you've clearly got more of a preference for one meaningless silicon manufacturer over another?

              • -1

                @MikeyR: Hey I'm an nvidia fan boy waiting for an argument with an amd fanboy but I guess there's none here

          • @Butt Scratcher: I dont think any amd fanboys game as there were no decent cards till now that came out …and with this one….well good luck getting stock

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  • +4

    Good find and good price (relatively for a 3090) from shopping express given the gouging they've been doing on 3080's.

  • +5

    Thanks mate. Just bought 2 for SLI. I had to make modifications to my case though to fit in 8 GPU slots worth of RTX Power.


    • Mining for BTC?

      • +37

        Nah using it to run VR Porn. Only the best for my waifu.

        • +4

          Gotta get all those Real Time Ray Tracing going on. No time for DLSS.

    • +1

      It's a real pity Nvidia canned 3/4 way SLI…

  • +1

    Cutting edge technology with a eye watering price tag.

    But can it run Crysis?

    • Yes, just not at 4K

    • Crysis? Wait for the TI.

    • +3

      Do you mean Crysis Remastered?.

      Yeah a lot of GPU struggle with that. But i wouldn't expect an RTX 3090 to struggle with that game.

      At $2500 you would very much hope it will not struggle to run any game on the market. You can buy at least three PS5 or Xbox Series X game consoles for that price. So damn well hope it will run Crysis Remastered for this sort of price.

      • +4

        Nah, with the gouging going on maybe you can buy 1 PS5.

    • Crysis Remastered is a piece of shit game, they did nothing relevant

  • Has the box for the 3080 in the pictures, lol.

  • +3

    2k and i bite :D

    • Haha yep I'd cancel my PLE 3080 and grab this if it was $2k.

      • +2

        You haven't cancelled yet? Must be in the EVGA queue!

        • Yep EVGA alright but swapped to 1 with a backplate, so cost more delay from launch backlog. I'm 1 block off an eta in the cue…

          Lucky the series X is rock solid and EB games came to the party.

          • @elcheapodeniro: I initially was on the XC "Black" to find out later that it didn't have the backplate.

            I contemplated just waiting on it, but seeing there is no hope, I went for a RTX 3070, while I wait for a 3080 to be at a reasonable price range sometime in 2021.

            I am actually pleasantly surprised at how good 3070 is (coming from 2070 Super), and I might actually hold out a bit longer, may be wait for 3080 TI.

            • @fidelio: Haha twining. Yep I went the black and sold my techfast rtx2070s to my brother. Funny.

  • lot of money just to play games with…..

    • +8

      You don't buy a 3090 for gaming. It's a card for someone doing specific computer work who also wants to game.

      • +1


        To me it's for gaming. I must be missing something.

        • +1

          you are just getting a 10% performance bump for twice the price, so if you are getting it just for gaming you are wasting your money.

          • @garetz: I haven't been reading reviews. I game at 4k. I presumed it would be a big jump since that is always gpu limited

            Edit: used to game. Now I have kids.

            • +5

              @justtoreply: If you are prepared to spend $2500 and dont even know the relative performance, you should propably watch some tech youtube videos.

              • @garetz: Yeah, but I'm not spending $2500.

                I haven't bought a pc in a long time. I used to like the hardocp framerate graphs. Don't even know where to go these days for a decent review.

                • @justtoreply: @justtoreply $2499 isn't far off $2500. Just sayin

                  Unless you found a cheaper 3090?
                  In any case very poor performance increase over 3080 if just for gaming at 4k.. though there could be a case for it if you game at 8k

                • +1

                  @justtoreply: 2500 can buy you a PC. Or this one card…

          • @garetz: True hardcore gamers (those nutty ones that game all day and never get any sleep) would give their left nut to get 10% additional performance if it means getting an edge over their opponents.

            Crazy bunch for sure.

        • what will you do with 24gb of VRAM for just gaming? Flex to your friends?

        • +1

          It may be very useful for machine learning (training of large neural networks, realistically NVidia cards only) or 3D rendering. Some tasks may benefit from extra VRAM to justify the price difference with 3080.

      • +1

        Value isnt there sure but its still the best gaming card available.

        • -1

          Yeah only until RX 6900 XT is out

          • +1

            @fidelio: not for RTX performance and for productivity workloads Nvidia is still far ahead

            • +1

              @Freestyle: 3090 is only marginally better than 3080, at performance per $, RX 6900 XT will be a better "value" for most people.

              • @fidelio: professionals dont really look for value mate

                • @Freestyle: we are talkking about the best gaming card available, MATE

                  • @fidelio: and I have mentioned productivity workloads a while ago, when did I ever mention 'best available gaming card'

  • +2

    I guess iā€™m just poor

  • Holy Molly

  • +4

    Rent + Food or 3090? hmmmmmmmmmm

    • +15

      Clearly the 3090…you can always beg for food and rent no one will hand out a 3090 though :p

      • +2

        Maybe I could render my house and food than actually have it!

      • +1

        For the first time, officeworks will not price match any of the above

        I went in and 'asked for a price match on the gtx3090 '…
        'the one with 10496 CUDA Cores with 24GB GDDR6X'…

        The guy looked confused and said "you what?"

        ….'Never mind'

        • proceeded to go up the road for $3 Big Mac on special today in MyMaccas app.

        (true story brah)

  • Pfffft

  • Will it run minesweeper ???

  • +3

    Thanks OP, bought 147.

  • +1

    This is bs. 3080 is more than half price than this.
    So not worth the money

    • show me a 3080 in australia for $1250 or less
      also regarding "worth the money" it really depends on what an individual puts stock in. its funny you say "worth the money" and yet you mention the 3080 as thats also not "worth the money" with the new AMD 6800XT's performance to price in most common use cases (not 4k gaming or 8k gaming or DDLS)

      • +1

        I dont game on PC nor I think 2.5K for a graphic card is justified, but I do have answered for your question.

        Inno3D GEFORCE RTX [email protected] Just under 1250 :)

        • i stand corrected, apologies on the comment on price not sure about the "more than half" but still technically right ;)

      • @brettrobo
        Just did a simple google searched found a few around $1250 and some under but could have sworn when i checked yesterday i found it for $1052.
        But yeah mate, please learn how to use google before commenting, thanks.
        Also I would say RTX3080 and AMD 6800XT price is comparable and the specs of 3080 are better unless you have a full AMD rig.
        In conclusion RTX3080 is definitely worth $1250 while RTX3090 is definitely not worth $2000.

        I'm happy to show it to you if you promise to buy it otherwise I want people to learn therefore I want you to learn to use google properly and find it yourself:)

        • the amd/nvidia have pros/cons on both sides
          as for "not worth" its worth it to someone based on their use case, be it a design/render studio, 4k or 8k gamer, a flight sim player (where anything above 50fps on microsoft flight sim is near impossible without the best)

          is it a "value" proposition no but is it worth it, i would say yes to the right person.

          but yea, guilty of not googling. the cheapest i found was $1139
          i think the ETA's are like december

          • @brettrobo: Thanks for explaining mate.
            Although I agree with you, I would expect someone like that to do the research as with my research i found that the difference between the two not worth it being a 4k gamer.
            8k gamers are stupid as everyone should know 8k gaming is useless atm.
            Rendering/design there is like 10% improvement with 3090 so not worth it

  • Wait, 2500? Nah man, just going to wait and take my chances with a 3080 or a 6800XT, this is ridiculous

  • +1

    So whats the rest of your build to do this card justice… ?

  • +1

    Warning: buying this card won't make you a better player

    • +2

      Surely the RGB on this card will make you play better

    • No but it will make you feel the 2080ti price/performance burn once the rtx4070 drops! šŸ˜€

    • Yeah but wins you a bragging right.

    • +3

      Nobody actually 'games' anymore anyway, just collecting backlogs. Buying high end GPUs is like middle age men buying a sports car but very rarely actually going on the road, or like women buy fancy shoes that they only use maybe not even once. We buy the fantasy of what we could achieve with them, not really what we are going to use them for.

      • I still play games…..but yes….my backlog is increasing everyday with the attractive sale prices……

        Buying high end GPUs is like middle age men buying a sports car but very rarely actually going on the road

        Maybe they didnt have the money when they were younger to drive said sports car and wanted to experience it finally after having the money? Or maybe they buy to collect and showcase and nothing more?

  • I can't afford neither this nor 6900XT , hail to my GTX1650….lol

    • I still use a GTX980 :o

      • haha , good on you
        if 980 Ti , still beats my 1650 i guess….lol

  • +1

    honestly was excited for 6 series, but OptimumTech did a recent review and some of the features are lacking, if you're comparing straight price to performance, 6800XT vs 3080 is def a good fight. But apparently there are trade offs for your couple/few hundred bucks more. Like OptimumTech said during in-game recording with Re:Live(AMD Shadowplay) there is frame rate stuttering and with the current Adrenaline drivers recording is just broken on the 6 series. Also since it's AMD's first iteration of Ray Tracing, its about 20-30% behind 30 series. DLSS(Deep Learning Super Sampling) looks like something worth investing in, if you're going to be doing 4K gaming.

    AMD has a few things in its favour though, its a bit cheaper, it pulls quite a bit less power than 30 series. But lots of people do like shadowplay and that could be the deal breaker.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • +1

      In most cases graphics cards of same generation at similar tiers make little difference. All the marketing fuss is driving the demand and price up, which helps companies like AMD/Nvidia and the card partners make more money.

      I game at 1440p/144hz, and most games I play hit 100+ FPS with my RTX 3070. So whether I have RTX 3080 / RX 6800 / XT, it will make very little difference to me.

      My 2 cents - just get whichever card you can get at the price you can afford.

  • kek. i just sold my eagle 3080 for $2000. I could buy this for another $500

    • Really? brand new or used?