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Amazon Echo Show 8 $109, Echo Show 5 $49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Link to the Echo Show 5: https://www.amazon.com.au/Echo-Show-5-Compact-smart-display-...

Historical lows for these I think?

Most other Echo devices are on sale too, some are already mentioned in other deals but I'll link them here anyway for completion:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Is it possible to watch Netflix, plex, etc on one of these?

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      Click on the link and check you lazy [email protected]%@%

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      I asked Alexa and she said "sorry, not sure".

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      No to Netflix. But you can watch prime and YouTube. Great price… Got a few at $79 at the last sale and most are used as intercoms and music players.

      • Would this be good to put in the toilet?

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          No, not waterproof.

      • Pretty sure you can watch netflix via the web browser.

      • YouTube is only via the browser though, right?

        • Yes, through Silk if you want to voice control it via Alexa.
          And Netflix doesn't show on these via browser, the newer one will.. but to be honest, this is great for keeping in bedrooms, especially for an intercom system plus bonus as a clock/alarm & music player.

  • Wow, is Echo Show 6 coming ?

    • Echo Show 10 is coming soon, but a 5 seems mighty tempting as a bedside device. Hopefully it doesn't run out of stock while I contemplate :P

      • TBH I think its a great device and for $49 its a steal of a deal, Perfect for a bedside table.
        I even have one

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    All the Echo devices are ridiculously discounted, including the new Echo/Dot 4th generation, most > 50%

    • You're right, the 2 Show devices must've updated their prices first since the others weren't discounted when I posted. I'll add all the links to this deal.

  • I had an Echo 5. It was too small. I sold it then bought the Echo 8. The size is perfect. I bought the Echo 8 at $129 thinking they will never go below that. It's $109 now. I'm tempting to get another.

    • I have the echo show 5 and can confirm that it is more than big enough for a bedside table. It’s actually a really great device and I am very happy with mine.
      But if you want to put it in a main/big area then definitely should get a show 8 or 10

      • My 8 is in the kitchen, so yes, probably the 5 is sufficient for bedside.

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        What do you do with it? I have a dot next to my bed. Is it just glorified alarm clock?

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          Tell me the weather, tell me my schedule for the day, add things to my to do list, control lights, play music play list. The tip is to have interconnectivity. Otherwise it's just a verbal controlled mini-tablet.

          • @Sweetnsour: Does it only play music from Amazon Music? Or can you like put in an SD card and play from there? And if you have multiple Amazon devices, can you command one to play music from an SD card on another device?

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              @xrailgun: There is no SD card port. Only a micro usb drive. I believe u can stream via spotify but you'll need to do your own research for that.

    • How was the music sound like with Echo 5 comparing to Echo Dot 3rd Gen ?

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        100 times better on the show 5, I have both and the show 5 is more detailed and more bassy and louder

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          my experience was the show 5 had terrible sound quality. Alexa sounds muffled, songs just generally sound worse imo

  • Would this be useful for putting infront of my indoor rower or exercise bike to watch video while exercising?

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    I hate my 5 because it's UI is so slow (e.g. if I ask to see my front door, it'll take like 1 minute and by that time the person would have left).

    I never touch it because it's frustrating.

    That said, I bought another cause it's so cheap lol.

    • The 5" isnt that great imho, the screen resolution is poor, the microphone isnt the best and it's slow. The 8" and 10" are much better.

    • It's not the device but rather your Wi-Fi. Mine loads up almost instantly sometimes it may take up to 5 seconds max. Try and move the router closer to your Ring Doorbell or Echo Device.

  • I've got the Show 8. Unless you ask Alexa to set a timer or what the weather is she gets most things wrong. Choosing something on Spotify is infuriating. Total waste of money for me.

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      Not quite the case for me. My 4 year old can speak to Alexa and get her to change songs on Spotify quite accurately. She calls it “fortispy” and Alexa understands her. It’s actually quite amazing.

  • Are these worth it? I've seen the novelty factor of them, but I've resisted the urge to purchase any of these things.

    If they're useful, tell me how you practically use them.

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      Timers lights Spotify background sleep sounds and scrolling photos of the grandson.

      • Thank you.

      • Can you turn the screen off completely black? I like to sleep in my 'crypt' with no screens or indicator LED's.

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          The screen on the Show 5 can be REALLY dim at night. I like a pitch black room too and have no trouble with the screen brightness - or lack thereof.

          • @Aglet: Thanks. For $50 I finally pulled the trigger as my old clock was dated and ugly. Worst case I'll turn it around while I sleep haha.

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      why would you want to take it around with you ? lmao its not a tablet

      • I thought you could take it to the kitchen counter and leave it there to see recipes while cooking.

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          Yes you can. And 99% of kitchens have power outlets

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            @jayboi: My kitchen island bench does not. So if I plan to use it the cable will have to stretch across the room which will be a trip hazard

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      I agree with part of your sentiment.

      If this has a rechargeable battery the use of it would be served as either a portable screen/speakers.

      I have one plugged in the kitchen and works well but imagine listening to some music which you want to quickly take outdoor and listen in the patio for a short time, simply unplug and voila.

      Think Amazon can improve on this aspect but probably a costing Vs warranty issue as batteries etc would have more warranty/returns issues. (I'd assume).

      Ps. It's not lame, just not a feature of the product.

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    Can someone give an opinion which one is better ie Echo Show 5/8 or Google hub? TQ.

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    Echo Show was one of biggest purchasing mistakes. Touch screen is pretty useless - wanted it for IOT control.

    • Touch screen is pretty useless

      Works fine for me. 🤷‍♀️

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    This or a Google Nest?

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      Alex is pretty good ecosystem for smart home controls.

      Echo and Echo Show (10") have hubs for wireless control of lights, locks, sensors etc. Google nest has no function other than a screen with smart speaker.

      • I can do the same smart home controls with Google as I can with Alexa.
        Don't buy both cause you forget what room has which.

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          You just have to say "Hey Google Alexa"

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            @lunartemis: Customise the Alexa voice command to be 'Hey Google' then you just speak Google to everything

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          Google have cheaped out on all their hardware so nothing in their line-up have hub functions. Some Echoes have Zigbee integration and that is why they have "smart home" controls.

          • @fuzor: Aren't the Echo Zigbee hubs more limited, though? eg for Phillips Hue products, you need the Hue hub to be able to set up accessories etc?

  • Can this device be used for microsoft teams / zoom meetings?

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    Too late for Amazon…

    Already have five Google home/nest who took over the house… They said I can't buy an Amazon Dot… 🙄

    • Of course it's google.

    • I was a big Google device person, but got a free Echo Dot with a purchase sometime in the past year. Now I prefer my Dot over my Google Nest Minis, but I think it’s to each, their own kinda thing with these…

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        Agreed. I love Google but find Alexa is better at understanding you. Google would trip up with similar commands but Alexa is near faultless. I moved from Google and use Alexa for voice commands at home now.

      • I've only bought one of them, the other four were gifts from Google so it can keep spying on me in every bedroom/bathroom. Had Amazon offered me a free Echo Dot, story would be different.

        Although I've been a Prime member for years and buy lots of stuff on Amazon, they've never given a free gift with my purchases.

  • don't forget the 7% cashback

  • I read the 2nd gen Echo Show has Smart hub built in. Does that mean I won’t need a bridge to control Philips Hue lights?

    • I think thats only the 10inch model. If you are looking for one without screen, you could get the Echo 4th gen with premium sound.

      • 2nd gen Echo Show is the 10inch model. So yes it would work.

  • Is there a way to stop the news that gets displayed on Echo show 5? It's American news and not relevant.

    Also, the Facebook integration has stopped working for last few months.

    • When I ask for news I get ABC news. Go to skills and install some new ones and voila.

      • Ta. Will try that.

  • Looks like Fire TV stick lite is 10 bucks cheaper now.

  • Echo show 8 or Google nest hub/max? I have ring devices, Netflix and only Android mobile devices if that matter. Thanks

    • Ring is only compatible with Amazon.
      Netflix with Google. Go figure.

  • Google needs a lesson on how to price their smart home products for black Friday.

    This is making me seriously switching everything over to Amazon

    • Google have too many fingers in too many pies to worry about sales.

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    I used code apponly10, and got $10 off the show 5.
    $39 delivered

    • I got mine for $19, $30 off coupon from Amazon Customer service

  • Just got mine delivered (one day shipping now wohoo) and set it up. Bass response blows google nest out of the water but nest has slightly better clarity. I mainly wanted it for a bedside speaker/clock so I'm happy.

    • Did you get the 5 or 8?

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    for those that use the echo show 8 in the kitchen, are you manually searching for recipes directly on the device (i.e. voice search or using web browser) or are you finding it on your phone and casting to the device?

    I like to find recipes on sites like taste.com.au and similar. Have quite a few bookmarked, so I'd prefer not to voice/manual search each time.